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Eat Natural Foods Natural foods are gown on organic and fertile soils. The foods are then consumed in an unprocessed form. Un-natural food is chemically treated and picked prematurely and processed by heat. This then allows the food to be transported long distances but still looks good at then end of it's journey. So un-natural may look better but their nutritional value has been greatly reduced. Even within organic foods the soil quality will vary so much sure you get a good cross section of vegetables nuts seeds and legumes from a variety of sources. The use of fertilizer on foods to speed growth has increased the harvest of food and allowed the world's population to increase massively over the last 30 years. Yet most of the fertilizer used is made from fossil fuels, which are fast depleting. The harvests we have seen will start to fall. The chances of substantial population decline are becoming more likely. So you must educate yourself on how to grow food and then start growing it. Turn your garden if you have one into an allotment. That perfectly flat very green lawn at the back of your house is good for nothing. Do something useful with that land and grow your own food. If you have no experience with growing food then find someone who does and offer to go 50/50 on the produce if they help you. What is touted as improvements to food in terms of ease of cooking are only done to increase the profits of the food manufacturers. The mark up on just unprocessed food is just not as great as those ready meals you stick in the microwave. It is often pointed out that a meat free diet contains very little Vitamin B12 yet the organisms that grow it are often found on the surface of organic vegetables. If your veggies are raw just rinse off the soil and the B12 stays in contrast to chemically treated vegetables that where more intense cleaning is required.

Juicing is also an important part of a natural food diet. Juices bring to the body live enzymes and vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and an alkaline force, which counters the acidic nature of so many other foods. If you do make a juice ensure it is consumed straight away as much of the enzymes are destroyed within an hour of juicing. So switch to a natural food diet and watch your health improve.

Eat Natural Foods  
Eat Natural Foods  

An articel that looks at how eating natural food is a better option to processed foods,and how growing your own natural food will help you i...