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SOCIAL WORK Andrew Carnegie Library Livingstone College

Finding Articles at Andrew Carnegie Library Articles in journals, newspapers, and magazines are found by searching an index. Search for a topic by using a keyword search or for a specific article by using an author or a title search. The databases listed below include articles on topics in sociology and social work. JSTOR Provides the full-text of articles from a collection of scholarly journals on sociology and social work. Generally, the most recent 2-5 years of a journal are excluded from this database. Available through NC LIVE: Academic Search Premier Includes articles from scholarly journals and magazines on a variety of topics in sociology and social work. Available in the Andrew Carnegie Library American Journal of Sociology – Print and Online American Sociological Review – Print and Online Journal of Social Work – Social Work – Print and Online Finding Books at Andrew Carnegie Library Books and reference books in the Library collection are listed in the online catalog, which is available from the Library home page ( Books may also be found by browsing under the following call numbers: 300-307 300 302 303

Social sciences, sociology, & anthropology Introduction to Social Work Social interaction Social processes


Social Sciences Social Interaction


Human Behavior


Factors affecting Social Behavior; Human Ecology


Minority Experience: Racism and Sexism

BX, DU, DX, E, F

Social groups


Culture and Institutions


Collections of general statistics Labor, social, education & cultural law Social problems & services; associations Social problems & social welfare in general Social Welfare


Anthropology, Education, Family Statistics Law Social sciences (Gen.) Social sciences (Gen.)

Other Social problems and services


310-319 344 360 361 362 363


Information technology – social effects

Public Health, Medical Services Accident and Injury Prevention

Books and e-books from other sources are listed in two databases available through NC LIVE: World Cat Union catalog that lists books available through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and availability in the Andrew Carnegie Library. Net Library Source, NC LIVE, which offers access to e-books, including monographs on various aspects of sociology. Selected List of Reference Books at Andrew Carnegie Library Reference books are a good place to start a research project. They can provide an overview on a topic, as well as background information and statistics. Many include suggestions for further reading. For help with choosing a research topic, browse a reference book for ideas. Some recommended titles are listed below: General Social Work Resources The Social Work Dictionary. (2003) Ref. 361.303 B244 2003 Encyclopedia of Social Work 19th ed. (1997) Ref. 361.303 En19 1997 v.1-2 Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America (2005) Ref. 361.97 En19 2005 Social Work/Sociology Resources Adolescence (2001) Ref. 305.2350 (7303 L562 2001 v.1-2 Adoption Choices (1991) Ref. 362.734 P281 1991 Aging in America (2000) Ref. 305.26 Ag47 2000 Aging (2000) Ref. 305.2603 R543 2000 v.1-2 America’s Youth in America.(1995) Ref. 305.235 AM35 1995 American Family: Reflecting a Changing Nation (2005) Ref. 306.9 Am35 2005 American Immigrant Culture(1997) Ref. 305.8 AM35 1997 v.1-2 American Women’s History (1994) Ref. 305.4 W378A 1994 Annual Review of Anthropology (1995) Ref. 301 AN18 1985 v.1-4 Atlas of America’s Society.(1995) Ref. 310.0973 EN19 1995 Boyhood in America. (2001) Ref. 305.23 C591 2001 v.1-2 Complete Dictionary of Sexology (1995) Ref. 306.703 C738 1995 Cultural Diversity (1996) Ref. 305.8 C899 1996 Cultures of the World(1999) Ref. 305.8 EN19 1999 Death and Dying (1998) Ref. 306.9 H191 283 1998v.1-2 Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity and Culture(2003) Ref. 305.8 D561 2003 Dictionary of Sociology (2009) Ref. 301.93 Sco846 2009 Dictionary of Statistics and Methodology (1999) Ref. 300.1 V867 1999 Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics (2000) Ref.305.8 EN19 2000 v.1-2 Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology (1996) Ref. 306.03 En19 v.1-4 Encyclopedia of Homelessness (2004) Ref. 362.5 En19 2004 Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture (2004) Ref. 973.0468 En19 2004 v.1-2 Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family (1995) Ref. 306.803 En19 1995 v.1-2 Encyclopedia of Marriage and the Family (1995) Ref. 306.803 EN19 1995 v.1-2 Encyclopedia of Peoples of the World (1993) Ref. 305.8 EN19g 1993 Encyclopedia of Racism in the United States (2005) Ref. 305.8 EN19 2005 v.1-3 Encyclopedia of Sociology (2000) Ref. 301.03 En19 2000 v.1-5 Encyclopedia of World Cultures (1991) Ref. 306 En19 1991 v.1-10 Ethnic Relations (1994) Ref. 305.8 L578E 1994 Famous Works of Art in Popular Culture (2006) Ref. 306.47 Sp36 2006 Funding Sources for Children and Youth Programs (2004) Ref. 362.7025 F962 2004

Gale of Encyclopedia of Multicultural America (2001) Ref. 305.8 L578E v.1-2 Gay Right’s (2002) Ref. 305.9066 W179 2002 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Events (2007) Ref. 30676 G798 2007 v.1-2 Girlhood in America(2001) Ref.305.2309 7303 F765 2001 v.1-2 Guide to Social Work Practicum (2000) Ref. 361.3071 R631 2000 Handbook of Death and Dying (2003) Ref.306.9 H191 2003 v.1-2 Handbook of Popular Culture (1989) Ref. 306.4 H191 1989 v.1-3 Homelessness (2004) Ref. 362.5 EN19 2004 v.1-2 Homelessness: A Sourcebook (1994) Ref. 362.5 F217h 1994 Human Rights Encyclopedia (2001) Ref. 323.03 L587 2001 vol. 1-3 Human Sexuality (2002) Ref. 306.7 R188 2002 Let the People Decide (2004) Ref. 305.8 M873 2004 Marriage, Family, and Relationships (1994) Ref. 306.803 B796m 1994 Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect (1994) Ref. 362.76 P946 1994 Social Issues (1998) Ref. 301.03 En19 1998 Writing and Research Resources APA and MLA Writing Formats (2004) Ref. 808.02 An23 2004 Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology: A Non technical Guide for the Social Sciences. (1998) Ref. 300.15195 V868 Dictionary of Qualitative Inquiry 2nd ed. (2001) Ref. 300.72 Sch94 MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 6th ed. (2003) Large Print Ref. 808.027 G35 2003 Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. 6th ed. (2010) Ref. 808.06 Am357 2010 MAIN COLLECTION American Ethnicity. 2nd ed. (1994) E 184.A1 H76 1994 Evolution of Childhood. 2010 GN 482 K66 2010 Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Class: The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change. E 184.A1 H415 2003 Shades of Difference: Why Should Color Matter. 2009 GN 197 S524 2009 How to Change the World-Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas (2007) 361.2 B645 2007 Social Work and Human Services Treatment Planner (2001) 316.3 J733 2001 Social Work and Social Development (2010) 361.3 M5847 2010 Social Work Placements (2010) 361.3 D672 2010 Solution-Oriented Social Work Practice (2011) 361.3 L5177 2011 Taking Sides-Clashing Views on Controversial Social Issues (1999) 361 T139 1999 AUDIOVISUAL COLLECTION Aging Out – What Happens When You’re Too Old for Foster Care (2004) AV DVD 362.73 W434 American Cultural History-Racism (2005) AV DVD 305.8 A99 2005 Why God – Why Me? A sensitive personal triumph over the trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse (2006) AV DVD 362.76 H675 2006 Why of Doing: Theories for Social Work Practice Parts 1-3 (1990s) AV DVD 361.3 W622

Library Guide- Social Work  

A guide to the social work resources available to Livingstone College students.

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