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Meet Newark’s Authorized Car Service: Evergreen Limousine Summary: Evergreen Limousine, servicing airports throughout NJ, NY, and CT, has been authorized by Newark airport as an official EWR car service. Based out of Jersey City, Evergreen Limousines is located conveniently down the road from Newark International Airport, providing their services to its clientele for years. Newark, better known by its acronym EWR, provides a variety of transport options for its passengers, from shuttles to taxis to train, leaving companies like Evergreen to provide both luxury car and limousine service. Whether you’re arriving or departing, Evergreen Limousine’s patiently waiting for your call, like an old friend excited you’re here now, ready to provide you comfort and luxury in their EWR car service. The drivers, also known as chauffeurs, show up on time, dressed to impress, with a plethora of experience and knowledge regarding the city and its surrounding areas to answer any questions you may have, acting as guides during your ride.

A veteran in airport transit, servicing airports throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, Evergreen Limousine accepted its place as an authorized EWR car service with excitement, loading up its vehicles with the latest techie trinkets, such as satellite-monitored flight tracking software which grants Evergreen chauffeurs with instant access to the latest flight information. Filled with pride for their company for “being on time, every time,” this EWR car service doesn’t mess around. Providing door-to-door service, 24-hours a day, that’s committed to safety, comfort, and professionalism, this service is for those who crave dependability, punctuality, and grace. And feel free to choose your gracious form with this EWR car service, offering chauffeured sedans from BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Mercedes, and, for larger parties, Cadillac, Chevrolet, or Lincoln SUVs. Conveniently priced, Evergreen offers a flat taxi-style rate for all its airport service, as well as discounts for repeat visits.

Inbound passengers just getting to the city—call this EWR car service if you don’t have interest waiting in line to hail a taxi, hustling around to find the train, or searching to find out which shuttle goes which way. Evergreen’s staff finds you, waiting conveniently outside your terminal, ready to help unload your luggage into the car. Once there, sit back, relax, and enjoy your luxurious ride, taking in the scenes, feeling free to daydream. If there’s a stop you’re craving, or if you find yourself curious about your surroundings, simply ask and enjoy the knowledge of your guide.

Those heading out of Newark, book with Evergreen and spend your last Jersey moments comfortable and stress-free, set to an airport schedule of pros. This EWR car service boasts “missing your flight or arriving late at the airport will never be something to concerned about in our part,” leaving worry to the wind after booking. Once you arrive at the airport, the chauffeur will assist you with y our bags, making sure you’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right stuff. Evergreen understands that airport travelers have a variety of options for their EWR car service, providing more than transit in every encounter in hopes of making the decision clear. For More Information: -

Meet Newark’s Authorized Car Service: Evergreen Limousine  

Evergreen Limousine, servicing airports throughout NJ, NY, and CT, has been authorized by Newark airport as an official EWR car service.

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