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Rules of Feel Good Drinks

If you like deliciousness fruity, gorgeously natural soft drinks, then you’ve come to the right place. All of our drinks are packed full of good stuff and absolutely no added sugar or artificial nasties so they’re overflowing with feelgoodness.

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The most important part of making any Feel Good Drink is making sure it’s of the very highest quality. That is why we always make sure to work with the very best people and buy the very best ingredients. Viva feelgoodness!

The Feel Good Drinks Company is an exciting company set up by three guys with one mission - to produce great quality drinks that make you feel good, and offers a range of five 100% natural juice drinks, to energize, relax, uplift or cleanse. Dave Wallwork and his co-founders achieved that mission, in just 18 months they’ve achieved a target turnover of £2.5million, forecast to grow to £10 million over three years and have increased the number of outlets stocking Feel Good by a third in the last three months. Feel Good is an appropriately named company. Not only are its products both healthy and tasty, but the working atmosphere at the business is similarly refreshing.

All of the staff get on great ,so well that they reportedly often go on spur-of-the-moment picnics and hold ‘Feel Good Days’. Clearly, David Wallwork, along with the other two co-founders of Feel Good Drinks, has ensured that the business is powered by happy staff, to go along with healthy profits. The firm’s motto, appropriately, is to Live Life, Laugh Lots and Feel Good. “Feel Good Drinks is a great team that are doing something which is satisfying, building a healthy brand which the consumers as well as the retailers love.” – Dave Wallwork As well as setting very high quality in products and productivity, a good reliable team is what Dave feels is the company’s key success factor.



not sugar Would you make a natural fruity soft drink and then heap in spoonfuls sugars and sweeteners to it ? No, well we wouldn’t either. Instead we sweeten our drinks naturally, by using only the freshest of fruits to get to the perfect taste.

There’s been quite a bit in the press recently, about yet another soft drink brand that has been banned from using ‘misleading’ adverts by the ASA. One of the reasons was that there ads were considered to be misleading. Consumers may have thought the ads implied the drinks were ‘healthy’, when in fact, just one 500ml bottle was found to contain up to 23gms of sugar – 26% of your RDA. This is way too much sugar in just one bottle don’t you agree? That is why all Feel Good Drinks contain No Added Sugar.

Here at Feel Good Drinks we think it’s really surprising how many other soft drinks, that you would think are full of really good stuff, are in fact heaped full of all sorts of nasty sugars and artificial sweeteners. We want you to be assured, We do not add any sugar to any of our Feel Good Drinks! Adding spoonfuls of sugar or artificial sweeteners to our lovely, natural juice drinks just wouldn’t make us feel good, and more importantly, we know that it wouldn’t make you, our drinkers, feel good either.


Make sure they’re

Fruity & Gorgeous

We love fruit. All our drinks will always be big, bold fruity flavours because that’s what tastes best. So we leave the boring flavours to everyone else. Simple. But delicious.

As you now know, all of our drinks are 100% natural, and contain no added sugar whatsoever. But did you know that one 275ml bottle of a Feel Good Drink counts as 1 of your ‘five-a-day? No, well it does.

Our core range of 375ml drinks has had a presence in the on-trade for a number of years. However, our new 275ml range brings us directly into competition with Britvic, which has had a strong juice drink presence.

By working with the Orchid Group as a team, we at Feel Good Drinks have unveiled a new 275ml juice drink range. We launched this range across Orchid’s 289 bars, restaurants and pubs across the United Kingdom this year, and they have proved to be a great success.

The new 275ml bottle of Feel Good constitutes one of a consumer’s ‘Five-a-day’ and is available in the six flavours: Orange & Mango, Apple & Blueberry, Cloudy Lemon still juice drinks, and Cranberry & Lime, Cloudy Lemon still, and orange and Passion fruit sparkling juice drinks.

4 Be Planet Friendly We’re working hard to be planet friendly where we can. At the moment, all our bottles are 100% recycled materials and we’re working on the rest. In our office we recycle all our paper, glass, plastic, and cans and we’re always looking for new ways to do our bit. We’ll keep you posted on how we’re getting on.

Here at Feel Good Drinks we think planting trees is a really good thing and is something we are always keen to get involved in, and encourage our drinkers to join in too. So, we’ve teamed up with Trees for Cities, an independent charity that works to transform urban wasteland into green spaces, by getting the local community involved in the tree planting, we’re holding five different Feel Good Carnival Planting Days throughout the year. A fantastic way to spread some feelgoodness and do our own bit for mother earth.

The second of our 5 Feel Good Carnival Days was in March earlier this year at King Edwards Memorial Park in East London. We didn’t plant any trees this time (it’s not tree planting season at the moment!) However I think all who came along on the day will agree that it was a great day out. Tree planting season kick off again in September and we have three more Feel Good Carnival Planting Days too look forward to. Check out our Feel Good web site for lots of information on how you can become more planet friendly.



Ingredients Feel Good drinks are made using natural ingredients. We don’t add any artificial nasties to our drinks and we never will — because they definitely don’t make you feel good.

Feel Good Drinks are a small company doing a simple thing… we put a lot of love into making lusciously delicious and natural Feel Good Drinks just for you. Feel Good Drinks are all natural with no added nasties, just delicious juices, water and Mother Nature’s goodies. We’ve blended vitamins & natural healthy ingredients into each Feel Good Drink to help you chill out, feel energized, be happy or look fantastic – whatever you want. Feel Good Drinks are all enjoying people and enjoying life. We love to ‘feel

good’ and know that you do too. We love our drinks and hope you do too…try them, enjoy them, let us know what you think, by contacting us through our webiste or blog. Dave Wallwork, Managing Director of the Feel Good Drinks Company, said, ‘We spend a lot of time and effort creating delicious drinks that offer 100% natural refreshment with no additives and unlike many other ‘premium’ juice drinks, absolutely no added sugar, something which is so important to consumers.

Percentage of your RDA of Sugar (Recommended Daily Allowance)

Feel Good

0% There is always 0% added sugar in any of our Feel Good Drinks



26% One 500ml bottle can contain up to 23gms of sugar – 26% of your RDA

The Feel Good Facts 275ml of Feelgoodness.

We offer a range made from100% natural juice. Our products are now sold in 14 different countries. Our bottles are made from 30% recycled materials. All products contain no added sugar, and some have added Vitamin C.

Hi, We are Feel Good Drinks, an independent soft drinks company based in the United Kingdom. We where originally founded by three executives from Coca Cola UK, and our products are now sold in more than 20,000 outlets in 14 different countries from all across the globe.

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