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Briarcliffe College - The Queens Center ​the story goes bigotry hey friends welcome to today's video these are my hands they're my hand they're his Steve's hands everybody little young and we're done look Steve's in the studio and why are you in the studio Steve uh well because it was was it the last of the last collage video right that you did this so on the tutorial yeah an illustration that thing the James invited me to come to the voiceover and so I was so fascinated by what he was doing I wanted in on the action however and he was super sneaky and snuck it in at the end and said maybe I should give it together yeah and I thought well but didn't want to miss out I really liked it okay so yeah but the condition was that if you um that if we got 500 likes that I would go ahead and do it yeah and the reason I said that was because honestly I wasn't looking to give myself any extra work to do I've robbed this very busy weekend right and and I thought we wouldn't get there I know but in but the people have a hold the people have spoken people really wanted to see you doing so I am a man of my word and so I went ahead and I did it and it was fun it was not easy but well I just I think what's really cool but you're trying to give away you trying to tell everyone that it's not easy well it's not easy the thing is that I just you know I think you have such a really interesting fun quirky point of view and I would think I was a little bit more literal and I didn't know exactly what I wanted I know I wanted a dress but based on what I was like the materials given I couldn't really there wasn't one and so I just decided to build one and create one so I thought that was a creative way to do it yeah look being literal is not a huge problem being like having an inspiration and working off to something you know as long as you get to the end point the only reason I would tell people to abandon that sense of logic is if it's stopping them from creating okay so since you weren't hitting a roadblock you were just being very picky mm-hmm I would say that's kind of different okay well I think it was fine well then I guess I was picky I was just really specific with what I think I wanted and yeah pinky wasn't the right word you're just a very detail-oriented yeah and then like I thought you know let's work smarter not harder and I saw one of the faces that James had put out for me and I was like oh well one of my favorite movies is a live-action Cinderella so let's do something that's kind of Cinderella inspired because one of the faces already had the hair drawn out and I was like in okay so I just need to create a dress find a body put a head on done done simple done but the end of the bargain was I had to do the photocopying illustrator will trace it and paint it what was weird was that is like the proportions were off and James was like it doesn't matter like it's that's kind of the point so you just kind of go with it so I did well yeah you are I'm thinking for a while Steve was trying to look for the same head but just smaller and I guess you could have shrunk it in the photocopier but the point of this whole collaging and illustration is to get something a little unusual yeah it's something that would not be what you would typically draw or see or figure out for yourself right and just use of the materials that were given to you yeah so you are you I basically set Steve up from major success I had everything on the table he could cut up and glue and put in the book and it was some it was like old books like volume to misprints and prints that had registration errors and old orange grab bag fix that that little head is from an old Orange grab bag which I don't do anymore I think some people still ask it's weird I guess I never realized that having a video up on YouTube people could watch it a year later and still think that I was available yeah so I if anyone has missed out Orange grab bags don't happen anymore because there was super labor-intensive oh well you mean really it see this is Steve doesn't help so he doesn't understand how much you know I wasn't that step over to - yeah that was a while ago I will say that I did remember the first orange grab acts that you created we're all like and illustrated and drawn not all of well there was an element in there that was hand arrestor I saw James literally just sit there for hours drawing tracing the same thing and it was it was super simple but he was like a virus I ya know it was um it was a lot and even when I became you know I could use the guillotine to cut everything out I still had to get the bags to get the envelope guillotine the guillotine Oh like how the behavior trainer yeah Piper will give a team your guillotine for analysts and baleen yeah rolling no look it was it became super labor-intensive not necess if you looked at like making one bag I think you'd think well no it's not but times that by 200 yeah I think you'll realize that you know each age was eating into way too much of my time and I just thought we could be more efficient if I had a manufactured which is where the fragments came from it's just a subsidy same same idea it is it's just not so random I was a bit more precise with how a themed the fragments but I think I'm gonna loosen it up a little bit oh yeah yeah change it up I really want to do a sketch flicks fragments pattern but I'm not quite sure if I want to do what I just drew during the session or if I want to refine the ideas and make them what did you both know series delusion or it here lady you tell these literally things I have 400 hours in a day no I say you take bits and pieces that you want to refine

and then refine those right and this thing to gun mixture yeah that's what I'm saying okay both to me meant both here's a cicada this is a peek into our relationship James is incredibly literal logical black and white yeah so if you know that why would you say those well and if you know that I'm not that way that you would understand exactly what I'm saying it's not my job to interpret your English into my English stuff anyway back to the collage um see look now I went on and done five because since I set all that stuff up for Steve I was very jealous that he got to play so now you had a FOMO I had fur mafia and and I wanted to play it look I was work smarter not harder right I'm not gonna put all this away just to get it back out again and make you know sure apart to get it I wanted to play with it right then in there and you look like you having so much fun I was so I thought even if I didn't get around to illustrating some of these in the video I would at least have them for the next time I felt like participating in my own project I will say I did have fun it's just not it's not what I'm typically used to doing so I think after the one I was like alright I'm good I did it I bet I mean could you appreciate what the what it was for yeah because it the nerd of you would have ever kind of conceived that that that idea no I think it's fun I think it's also an interesting way to change up whatever you're typically used to doing and to use extra bits and bobs that you have lying around and it's just it gives it a like a new fresh start it's like fashion yeah and look it doesn't have to be you know literal exact I do the copy and I do the tracing just because I want to show you that it really doesn't have to be anything more than that I know some people see tracing as JD cheating you know I couldn't care less so it's a means to an end everybody traits traces even like animators they trace the today I like to create the cartoon like the movement in the cartoon they trace over the originals yes I don't know why there's such a big stigma about tracing but I pulled that light pad out if I here's the thing I have dedicated most of my life to drawing and being creative so I know that if I needed to draw it I could draw it and here's I mean the proof is in the pudding like literally the pieces that were collaging or pieces I didn't roll right so you once upon a time you're drawing over eons so yeah I'm essentially just tracing over my own drawings already so I know I could do it if it really bothers you and let's just say that I'm capable but I couldn't but I didn't want to spend four hours to replicate something if I could just that wasn't the point of this work smarter not harder yeah the point wasn't to you know improve my technique in drawing it was to actually improve the ideas and the concepts yeah and that's why we came you know well and I think the creativity also comes more on in like a more later on in like in the painting and the shading and everything that you do yeah we'll see a little bit let's talk about that okay let's talk about the headspace I got into so I heard the deep sight with Cinderella okay so you goes what is this I go well it's Cinderella inspired but do with it what you will thanks oh so I missed the do with it what you will but I was also thinking like Steve and Steve's very very refined very classic very true to foam like you wouldn't I wouldn't say he wouldn't say this is Cinderella and then I do it you know a green dress he'd be really angry yeah that would bother me but um I do like the how he on the fete the details in the face and the shot on the highlight in the face is really really pretty um and I know he added some like I like the the the dimension and the blue um I guess I was just thinking that he would add some like gold sparkle in there but he didn't and it's okay because it's so really pretty my theory is he saw the gold Sparkle and the other ones and then felt like he was missing out well yeah that too but here's the thing when I was doing this with this one it felt like a collaboration it felt like I was working for or with Steve and so my headspace was in that what would Steve won and it was less in what would I do kind of a mode so that's where I think we came to this weird happy medium which ended up being very literal which is something I haven't done in ages I don't think I've colored a woman like an actual woman in ages it's not very literal at all when it comes to his art I mean look at this one it looks like a kangaroo stuck in a cactus blossoms like interesting because you're so literal in so many other ways except when it comes to your art you're not this must be my release maybe well anyway so I did find it interesting when Steve pointed it out not so eloquently at first but it's interesting that I was much more reserved with the with the coloring style on his so I made it a bargain but a bargain a bargain okay well I thought it would be a good idea okay what's your idea because I didn't want to redo it at this point I had done a lot of great I thought I would scan it or scan your original I'm posting it in the back mates creative outlet Facebook group okay linked below okay and I will get anyone that wants to give it a go in there they'll have access to the original the original collage and let's see how how crazy they go okay just because and I mean what are we looking crazy or are we saying what we want literal but expand on we want the live-action Cinderella is your inspiration but we want that you know eclectic mixed media art journal girls style yeah okay next in their throat we want to take it to where this one is like what we're watching right now yeah like you can you can yeah a bit more uh expand on it a little bit I guess we're just looking to turn the volume up are you so if you want to give it a go I'm sure Steve would love to check it out well a lark mate he's always in that group finally I do I actually know that I read pretty much I read everything i watch the videos and i sends my screenshot I do like wow this is amazing yeah so I so I'm gonna put that in there if you if you want to give it a go I'm sure Steve would really appreciate it yeah yeah definitely please do I like this owl woman that you have see this is what's super

interesting because my brain doesn't work like this you took like an owl body and then the owl ahead as the as the purse but then you made the suitcase like the dress you know the dress of pants which is so creative in like total like fashion I can see it I really like it do you know what is he my brain doesn't work like that but needed his mind only in collage I wouldn't ever think to draw that ever why would I have a drawer a suitcase dress doesn't make sense to me and maybe friends are like see if you could make that like come to life like no I'm not doing it cuts a hole in his suitcase yes it does it puts it on a woman no the the last one that lost image my favorite part of it was the the headpiece the that you know the star in him piece mm-hmm I when I cut it off flipped it around any earrings that was my favorite part such a simple part of that but I think that this is the the best part of the tutorial this is why I wanted to share it because I think it really does unlock your brain to do some really really outside of the box things well I like even on this spin thing and the fin that you have here that you use part of the dress of the swatch doll and made like an extra fun little yeah like an epi strengthened yeah it's super duper creative I used the claw to be the fishtail of the crab claw even the little puffy stickers that I wouldn't use in an art journal because they bulk it up and I don't really use anywhere typically I don't use puffy stickers but they made accents on the head that became a little headpiece I just think that I feel like that's what this is for I wonder what this would be like what any of this would be like if we actually like brought it to life I think it'd be really difficult it'll be like a little zany and almost be like I feel like you're trying to hit something and I don't know I just my thing is like I try to think like what would it look like literally what would it look like if we brought it to life and I think it would be it would be really really zany and I don't know if it would work as well I think a lot of it is proportion yeah and I don't I think even when you do fashion illustration and you put that into a real garment you find that a lot of the proportion that was in the illustration that made it interesting doesn't translate into a human figure right so like you imagine this I mean just wouldn't work I didn't like that I didn't like the body on that are you kidding it looked like Catwoman I know it we're so fight for I know I just didn't like my buddy there's fine Japanese Japanese or sir IPS if you haven't seen the live-action Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh featuring starting Lily James and Cate Blanchet you should go see it it's probably one of my top favorite movies yeah I love that movie I love it I love it the costume design sandy pouchy when the costume Oscar she scares me a little bit oh she's intense but you can tell that brilliant mind we watched the features on the on the blu-ray about how she went designed every last ballroom costume for 500 extras and the then they were like oh themed and and the jewelry is what is it Tiffany's or is it there was some online a lot of it was yeah Dori but there was some special Swarovski swaps pieces yellow that's just incredible she's great you're always recommending movies on here well why not whether you're while you're drawing while you're doing art you can have a movie in the background and maybe you'll just stop to watch Cinderella because it's so great you just put that cat just like well I like the head didn't like the body you didn't paint it oh goodness alright thanks for watching everyone thanks for having me bye bye Cornell Tech, Manhattan.