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Promises, Promises Flyer

Babes In Arms Flyer


Flyer created for Trinity Player’s Stage performance, Babes In Arms. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Flyer created for Trinity Player’s stage performance; Promises, Promises. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.


Wild Children Playbill Cover

Death of Salesman Flyer created for Death of a Salesman play by Trinity Players. Created in Adobe Photoshop.

Playbill cover created for Wild Children. A play written by Vincent Pastore, of Soprano’s fame, and produced by the Nyack Village Theatre. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign


Steve Zarro

Dana Duff

Peter Evangelista Jonathan Baldwin

Ted Odell

Leigh Pupps

Wild Children Playbill Credits And Cast


Two-Page layout of the described above Wild Children playbill. This shows the credits and cast involved in producing the play. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Dr. Sam Waymon

Warren Bub

Anthony J. Ribustello

Rocco Parente Jr.

Wesley Laga

Vincent Cueva

Al Sapienza

Dominic Marcus

Shana Lin

Joe DeSpirito


WHO’S WHO Steve Zarro (Frankie) has appeared both locally and regionally on stage and screen. He has been seen in three consecutive seasons of Shakespeare on The Green in Wilmington NC (As You Like It-Corin, Taming of the ShrewBaptista, Merry Wives of Windsor-Sir Hugh).  The Thalian Association, NC’s official community theater, also nabbed him for three eclectic roles as well (A Wonderful Life-The Musical* as Mr. Potter, Little Women as Prof Bhaer, and You Can’t Take It With You* as Boris Kholenkov (*Best Supporting Actor nominations for each).  Steve has also provided his talents for Indie films such as On The Market and Justice, and is currently venturing as Leo and two separate productions of the Steinbeck classic Of Mice & Men, where the big galoot got to play Lenny to his heart’s content. “It’s a humbling privilege to be a part of this cast and crew and I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity. This one’s for my beautiful wife, Laura.  By your side I am already a winner. Thank you, baby!” Dana Duff (Maggie Bennett) made her professional debut with the Centenary Stage Company as The Funeral Director in Marvin’s Room, Clara in Pygmalion, Mrs. Los Angeles in Mrs. California, and Tricia in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. Other favortie roles iclude Chris in Dancing at Lughnasa, Wicked Stepsister & Elmer the Elf in Cinderella Confidential, Doofy in Snow White and Sheila in Jakes Women. Dana’s film credits include; Kim in Little Bart Needs a Job, Lisa in The Weekend, (nominated for the Rotterdam Film Festival), and The Airline Clerk in Leela. She performed Stand Up at the New York Comedy Club, Scene performance nights at Theater Row Studios in NY, and studies at Uprights Citizens Brigade. Dana is co-founder of Ship of Fools

Productions based in Nyack, NY. She writes, directs and performs in Antics Roadshow, a Ship of Fools all-original sketch comedy troupe. “Thank you to Vincent for sharing his play, to Richard for helping it breathe and Brooke for her ongoing support. Big hugs to the cast and crew, talented, fun and dynamic human beings who have all touched my life in different ways.  May you always live your dream.  ‘You Know How To Whistle?’ James, thank you for supporting my dreams always.” Anthony J. Ribustello (Wally) is a born and bred NY actor who has been seen on Television, the Big Screen and walking the Boards. “It is a privilege to do what you love and I am truly blessed.” Al Sapienza (Carmine “Smash”) is a native of Rockland County and graduate of Spring Valley High School, Kakiat Jr. High School, and Elmwood Elementary. Al is thrilled to be performing back home. After Graduating NYU he began his professional career on Broadway Playing Ringo Starr in Beatlemania at the Winter Garden Theatre. Next was Got Tu Go Disco at the Minskoff. He then returned to Beatlemania to do the American and Canadian Tours. Most recently he starred as Dr. Jake Housman in the Broadway bound North American Premiere of Dirty Dancing at the Royal Alexandria Theatre in Toronto. During his sixteen years in Los Angeles he was one of the original founding members of The Alliance Repertory Company where he performed in or directed over 20 original productions or West Coast premieres which garnered twelve Drama Logue Awards and eight Theatre League Awards. He also starred in The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun at the Coast Playhouse

directed by Charles Randolph Wright, the world premiere of Ladies Room written and directed by Kim Freedman at the Tiffany Theatre, the West Coast Premiere of Are You Now Or have You Ever Been directed by Allen Miller at the Back Alley Theatre, and the world premiere of Screen Test Take One which was Doris Robert’s (Everybody Loves Raymond) directorial debut where Al was her leading man. Most recently in New York he starred in 2006’s critically acclaimed hit Susan and God at the Mint Theatre directed by the Mint’s artistic director Jonathan Banks, and in 2005 he starred in Wild Mushrooms at the Arc Light Theatre. TV audiences best know him as Mikey Palmice, Uncle Junior’s Hit Man and Consigliore who had the dubious distinction of being the first series regular to get “whacked” in the first season finale of The Sopranos while taking that fateful jog! He is presently playing union leader Martin Spinella in House Of Cards, and Detective Raymond Terney on Person Of Interest. He also was Paul Koplan in 24, Mayor Frank Panzerella in Showtime’s Brotherhood, and Philly Falzone in Prison Break. He also starred in the Lifetime Original Movies Till Lies Do Us Part, Home Invasion, Walking The Halls and Her Secret Life. Look for him in the new film, The Dark Truth with Andy Garcia and Forrest Whitaker. Peter Evangelista (Manny) is a 2010 graduate of The Acting Studio Inc’s two-year conservatory program under the tutelage of James Price. Some of his credits include Theater: Romeo (Romeo & Juliet, Chelsea Repertory Company), Rocco (Band of Brother In-Laws), Frankie (The Guido Monologues), Larry Westcott (Stage Door, Chelsea Repertory Company). Film: Eddie Brigati (The Rascals),

Brock (Ninny, New York Film Group), Ashraf (The Countdown, Makarna Films). “Special thanks to the team behind this production as well as family and friends who keep me going.” Jonathan Baldwin (Rock) making his stage debut. Jonathan emerges from Syracuse but calls Brooklyn his home and is the youngest out of a very vibrant family. He knew early on he wasn’t like his peers; he had creativity in his soul. He dabbled in theater, film shorts & courses. Diverted from his true passion, he ended up winning 4 gold medals in the Olympics for Lacrosse. After that, the stars where aligned were he submerged himself into studying the complexes of acting & directing. He has yet to make an appearance on Boardwalk Empire or Law & Order. Nor has he been cast for Gangs of New York the TV series. Jonathan, currently is working on character development projects, exploring the art of direction, along with his unending quest for finding “the truth” in acting. Jonathan most importantly enjoys the right to remain ridiculous at all times. Rocco Parente Jr. (Alex/Carmine “Smash”) was born in the Bronx, New York and became a Rockland County resident in 1973. One of Rocco’s first professional acting jobs was playing a mobster in the soap opera One Life to Live alongside the writer of this amazing play, Vincent Pastore. It is an honor for him to be doing a play in his home town written by the man whom has inspired him to stay in the business for as long as it takes. Rocco has appeared in the movie A Bronx Tale and has been cast on all of the New York soap operas as well as the FX show, Lights Out and NBC’s Mercy Hospital. Most recently, Rocco has also appeared in the HBO television series Boardwalk Empire

Wild Children Playbill Two-Page Layout


Two-Page layout for the described above Wild Children playbill. It was created in Adobe InDesign.


The Healing Patch: A Child’s Guide to Happiness Cover Illustrated Children’s book cover published by ALVA Press Inc. Created in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

The Healing Patch: A Child’s Guide to Happiness Two-Page Layout Two-Page layout for Healing Patch. Created with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

Adirondack Paper Girl Cover Book cover for a poetry book published by ALVA Press Inc. Done in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Text Design by Andrew Blau Editor, Editor in Chief: Roberta M Roy Poems by Jean Arleen Breed Photographs Permissions of Jean Arleen Breed Adirondack Paper Girl. © Jean Arleen Breed 2013 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced without written permission from the author, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages or reproduce illustrations in a review; nor may any part of this book be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording, or other, without written permission from the author. ISBN: Hardcover:978-1-938729-06-5 Softcover: 978-1-938729-07-2 ePub: 978-1-938729-08-9 ePDF: 978-1-938729-09-6 This work is a collection of poetic autobiographic recollections written by the author, some of which have appeared in earlier forms in some of her other books of published poetry. The characters, dialogue, and events are products of the author’s recollection and imagination. Any references to actual locales, establishments, and organizations are intended only to give the story a sense of authenticity. The settings and activities as described in the poems herein are creatively speculative and not meant to represent the official policies or actions of any organization. Electronic Copies of this book may be purchased online at:

Press, Inc. 214 Hooker Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 SAN 256-6015

Contents I. Where Now? - First Move


New Kid First Move Were You There? Grover Hills School Casper Tomorrow

3 4 5 6 6 7

II. Pulling It All Together - Second Move


Second Move Bless This Dog Christmas Song Symphony Dad’s Song Moving Day

11 12 14 15 16 17

III. Looking Forward - Third Move


Third Move Another Sometimes Just For Luck

21 22 22 23

IV. Then, Now, and the Future - Fourth Move


26 27 28

Moriah Where Do I Fit In? My Song

Adirondack Paper Girl Copyright and Content Pages Copyright pages and Table of Contents for Adirondack Paper Girl. Created in Adobe InDesign.

Pulling It All Together

Jean Arleen Breed

Each year I wrote a Christmas song and I sang it to my doll. I wanted to sing about a miracle, I wanted to sing it all.

It blended in and looked beautiful, just the ribbon and the bow stuck out. I felt happier than I had ever been. I just wanted to give a shout!

I didn’t know how to write the notes; I didn’t know what they said. But I hummed my song and the words came to me; I could hear them in my head.

Still I kept quiet when the mass was over, just happy I did something right. A present for the Babe. He had one of His own, that long-ago Christmas night.  


I wrote the words on a pretty paper, I drew on a Christmas tree. I took some ribbon from my summer hat; it was just what I needed, you see. I tied the ribbon around my song and made a pretty bow. I wanted this to be beautiful. I wanted the Lord to know. This present was for him on his special day. This present came from my heart. I took it with me when we went to church, which was the hardest part.

I liked to ride my bike down there and watch that water spray. I used to pretend I was a conductor as I whiled some time away.

I wanted to put it in the manger; but I didn’t want anyone to know. Just a little present for the brand new babe, except I didn’t want it to show. I got the chance when we went to communion; I decided to do it right then. As I walked by, I just tossed it in and then I said “Amen.”

When the water shot up, I’d lift my wand and my orchestra would go wild. The cymbals would crash inside my head. I was a happy child.

I sat back down and looked around but nobody seemed to see. I glanced at the manger and my present was there, it was:… tucked right near his knee!

Like a metronome that was out of control, I’d jump all up and down. If anybody happened to be passing by, they’d think they saw a clown! 15


Adirondack Paper Girl Two-Page Layout Two-Page layout for Adirondack Paper Girl. Created in Adobe InDesign.

CDHCA PowerPoint Cover PowerPoint Cover for Capital District Health Care Associates (CDHCA). It was created in Adobe Photoshop.


College WWE Promo Poster

Metal Band Album Cover And Logo

Promo poster for WWE Live Event. Created in Adobe Photoshop

Album cover and logo for the heavy metal band, Echoes in Radiance. It was created in Adobe Photoshop.


Pawfect Pets Website


Website for a dog grooming business called Pawfect Pets. It was created within Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Bon Jovi Band Website

Unofficial fan website made for the Bon Jovi Band It was created within Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver










eo he P





he P

he P eo




he P






he P eo




he P eo


State Of The Union Playing Cards (Obama Administration) Playing Cards created for the State Of The Union. The three most powerful figures in the United States, at this time, are Biden, and Michelle and Barack Obama. They are the Jack, Queen, and King respectively. They were created in Adobe Illustrator.




eP e Th







e Th eP


State Of The Union Playing Cards (Bush Administration) Vector Playing Cards created for the State Of The Union. Being that the time of creation was 2006, the three most powerful figures in the United States of the time were Cheney, Rice, and Bush. They are the Jack, Queen, and King respectively. They were created in Adobe Illustrator.




e Th eP



eP e Th



eP e Th




e Th eP


Vector First Couple Vector illustration of the First Couple of the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama. This is a working project where I intend to make a vector illustrated children’s book of all the United States Presidents. They were both created in Adobe Illustrator.



Benedict Arnold Thesis Cover Cover Page for a Benedict Arnold Thesis I wrote. The thesis examined if Arnold was a traitor or misunderstood hero. It was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Review!!! Also!!!

an Exclusive Super Smash Bros. Brawl Preview

Issue 163 November 2006

Plus!!! •Super Mario Galaxy •Metroid Prime 3 Previews

Nintendo Power Magazine Cover (Fictional)

Benedict Arnold Dollar Bill United States Dollar Bill with Benedict Arnold replaced for George Washington. This was used as an example in the thesis I wrote for Benedict Arnold. It was created in Adobe Photoshop.


Fictional Nintendo Power Magazine Cover created for a school project. It was created in 2006 and emphasizes the new and upcoming releases at the time from Nintendo. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

O b je c tiv e ly sp e a k in g , it’s still a li ttle d isa p p o in tin g th a t th e se r ie s h a s n ’t e v o lv e d m u c h a t a ll w ith th is la tes t in sta llm e n t. c e r ta in ly

By: Nintendo Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure Release Date: Nov 19, 2006 Players: 1 Player


ol der gam es wh i l e p ro p e rl y u p d a t i n g t hem i n exciting a n d i m p re s s i v e n e w wa y s . 1998’s T he L eg e n d o f Ze l d a : Oc a ri n a o f Ti m e w as a p ri m e e x a m p l e o f t h i s . It featured a more realistic take on the series’ f ant as y w or l d t h a n e v e r b e fo re , wh i l e i m pl em ent i ng i n n o v a t i v e n e w c o n t ro l s and off er i ng a g o o d s e n s e o f fre e d o m w i t hout m aki n g t h e p l a y e r fe e l l o s t . I t ’s one of t h e g re a t e s t g a m e s o f a l l t i m e, s o i t ’s h a rd t o fa u l t Ni n t e n d o fo r r evi s i t i ng t hat s a m e fo rm u l a . An d t h a t ’s pr eci s el y w ha t t h e l a t e s t g a m e i n t h e s er i es , Tw i l i g h t P ri n c e s s , d o e s . F o r t he m os t par t , t h a t ’s a v e ry g o o d t h i n g , becaus e Tw i l i g h t P ri n c e s s i s a l e n g t h y advent ur e packed wi t h many

e n jo y

w ill

th e

a lmo s t




terrific puzzles, colorful characters, and c o m p e llin g sto r y, b u t a t so m e p o in t t h e Like


Princess basic

hen gam e c o n s o l e s t ra n s i t i o n e d f r om offe ri n g p ri m a ri l y 2 D g a m e s t o pol ygonal 3 D g a m e s a b o u t 1 0 y e a rs ago, al l of t h e t ri c k s a n d g a m e p l a y i deas t hat dev e l o p e rs h a d b e e n re l y i n g on f or year s f l e w ri g h t o u t t h e wi n d o w. D ur i ng t hi s time, Ni n t e n d o qui ckl y f ound i t s fo o t i n g a n d re l e a s e d m as t er f ul t akes o n i t s o l d fra n c h i s e s t h a t r et ai ned t he fu n a n d fe e l i n g o f t h e

Yo u














same is


without its twists. There’s a princess named we l l -d e s i g n e d



so m e

Zelda, a land called Hyrule, and a world that’s

i n t e re s t i n g c h a ra c t e rs . B u t o n c e y o u g e t

on the verge of destruction if you don’t do

ove r the rus h of e xc ite m e n t f r o m a big, ne w Z e lda ga m e ha v i n g f i n a l l y


a r r i v e d , i t ’s h a r d n o t t o f e e l a t i n g e o f

f e e lin g o f n o sta lg ia c r o sse s th e li n e a n d h o ld s th is g a m e b a c k f r o m b e in g as u n b e lie v a b ly


p r e d e c e sso r s.


as as

so m e



im p r e ssiv e


a g a m e a s it is, Tw ilig h t P r in c es s

something to save it. In this installment, a





land, locking it in the eternal dusk of the twilight realm. You play as Link, a humble, pointy-eared boy who lives in a far-off village and herds goats for a living, yet he ends up getting involved in the conflict. The twilight that’s infected the land is an alternate reality of sorts, serving as the game’s equivalent of A Link to the Past’s dark, alternate world, or in some cases, serving the same purposes as the adult Link/child

noticeable lack of evolution here, which makes aspects of the game seem more dated than classic. Even so, there isn’t much out there that compares t o Tw i l i g h t P r i n c e s s , e x c e p t f o r t h e Zelda


before it.




se e m s lik e it c o u ld h a v e b e e n so m u ch more w i t h a f e w p r e s e n t a t i o n a l updates




here is that when you’re in the twilight, you’re

unique control scheme. But even

tr an s fo rmed into a blue-eyed wolf.






Link differences in Ocarina. The difference

da l e t Z te” s e B a e D h o “T me t —Andrew Blau Ga




W i i ’s

Tw i l i g h t

Princess is a great game that stays extremely Zelda




f r a n c h i s e ’s


T h a t ’s

excellent series,









Tw i l i g h t

Princess a true-blue Zelda game with updated visuals, some new twists, plenty




and a faithful dedication to the series’ roots. — Jeff Gerstmann

Nintendo Power Magazine Two-Page Layout (Fictional) Fictional Nintendo Power Magazine two-page layout. It was created in late 2006 and emphasizes the new release of the Wii at the time as well as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It was created for a school project and created in Adobe Photoshop and Indesign.


Three Moons Fantasy Poster Fantasy Poster that displays a fictional three moons over looking a mountain. It was created in Adobe Photoshop.

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