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Though utility poles and fence posts are ubiquitously seen wherever you go, people seldom bother to find out its origin and its manufacturing process. These are poles specially treated to withstand the sun, monsoon, storms and gales as also destruction by insects. The background information of timber pole processing is quite interesting. The very first step is to harvest the wood and for this purpose, trees are meticulously nurtured to promote vertical growth. The branches are chopped off as they appear and the tree is left barely with a top canopy needed for survival and growth. The tree is axed off all the redundant branches as also the overly narrow tops and trimmed to right length when it attains the acceptable height and maturity. The raw poles are thereafter loaded into flatbed trucks and sent for the processing unit. The raw poles are debarked and reduced to appropriate size and shape to serve as utility poles, fencing or railroad sleepers. This job calls for professional skills as, any careless treatment can leave the entire pole unfit for use. There are several suppliers of treated poles but it is preferable you check them out while buying. You have to make sure that the company that you are buying treated timber poles from is for sure reputed and reliable. The poles have to be air-dried or kiln-dried before it gets to be treated with preservatives. Both types of drying have demerits- in the sense, air drying will take several months and kiln drying will be relatively expensive. Unlike earlier times, the present day pole treatment process is regulated by computers to ensure that the right quantum of chemical is forced into the wood. This monitoring by computer ensures that the quality standards of the wood are maintained and the timber poles are endowed with greater durability and longer life. The seemingly simple timber poles abundantly found everywhere takes many years of preparation- right from the initial stage of growing the trees to final treatment before becoming serviceable. Certainly, it is essential that you make sure that the treated poles are sturdy and preferably made from right trees and are of accepted standards. The role of pine timber products is very crucial as they are meant to fulfill different purposes - carrying telephone wires and electrical transmission wires, use in construction activities and put up as backyard fences. It is therefore absolutely necessary that while buying, you look for high quality, strong and durable and scientifically treated poles. Author Andrew Brown is a SEO copywriter for He has been written many articles like vinyl sheet piling, utility poles, pine timber products, wood decking material, dragline mats, pipe supports, poles & pilings, post & columns, timber trusses, vinyl bulkhead. For more information contact us at

The Life Stage of Timber Poles  

Make sure that the company that you are buying treated timber poles from is for sure reputed and reliable.

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