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Using Wood decking material is a great way to boost up the worth of your home and add space where you can fall out, relax, and even cook the barbeque. If you choose to install a wooden deck, one of the most important mechanisms is the deck flooring. Installing the deck flooring is fairly easy. Here are the few steps to follow. 1. Place the wood to dry: First of all, you should make sure that the wood that you choose should kept completely dry. Even the small bit of moisture inside the wood planks will be quite unsafe to use that wood. If there is moisture in the wooden planks, they are likely to damage and distend over time. At this point of time when you install the wooden planks, the planks may look okay. But within a couple of days or weeks as the climate heats up and cools down, the planks will start to grow and minimize irregularly, finishing up in cracks. As much as promising, you should schedule constructing the wooden deck floor during summer so that the wooden planks have a possibility to dry completely. 2. Calculate the Number of plank: Next, obtain a tape measure and start measuring the length of planks that you want to use. If the treated timbers decking is very long, you can use up to three planks. Usually, lengthy wooden decks have multiple joints to grip the planks in position. A plank measure should not be more than five feet in length. Use a saw to slice the board into the correct size. 3. Insert the pilot holes: Once you finished cutting and measuring the planks, you need to make use a small drill to make pilot holes on the surface of the wooden planks. The pilot holes will preserve the Wood decking material from cracking when you hammer the board into place. Make sure that the pilot holes are bored into the places where you eventually set the nails to protect the wooden planks and the joints. Again, use a tape measure to verify the pilot holes are located properly, in relation to the joints. 4. Affix the joints firmly. After you have drilled in the holes, it is the point to place the wooden planks over the joints and the make treated wood decks. Ask someone to grip the other end of the plank as you begin to nail the joint firmly. Ensure that you use penny nails to join the planks into the joints and the wooden connections. Any larger nails can crack or break the wood. If smaller, the nails may not be adequate to sustain the floors secure. 5. Screw the nail into place. Once you fixed the initial plank, all you need is to keep fixing more planks to the wooden deck frame and connect those securely using nails. After you done connecting the whole Wood decking material for flooring, you can start installing the fence and the stairs for the wooden deck. With these steps, you can be able to simply fix deck flooring to the new porch of your home. Author:

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Steps to Set a Wooden Deck Floor  
Steps to Set a Wooden Deck Floor  

Using Wood decking material is a great way to boost up the worth of your home and add space where you can fall out, relax, and even cook the...