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A home without any furniture’s is empty without a shred of a doubt. We all come across furniture’s in every nook and corner irrespective of the place and where we are. One thing is for certain and that is always buying furniture’s made out of treated timber. If you are manufacturing with the help of a carpenter, see to that you buy treated timber pieces for your furniture. Treating a timber is mainly means of taking measures to ensure its quality and prolong its longevity than usual. This procedure is commonly known as wood preservation. And wood preservation involves two aspects which are entirely a must when it comes to preserving any wood. One is structural wood preservation and the other is chemical preservation. This is a must to sustain the wood from general wear and tear as well as protect it from water, termites, insects and fungus. There are several hazards concerning unpreserved woods which mainly stress the importance of preservation procedure. All of them lead to complete damage of the wood. However, timber treatment also has certain hazards. Though they pose limited risk to the public, they ought to be disposed of properly. Various concerned boards have stopped treating of residential timber with arsenic and chromium also known as CCA. Now they have been replaced by copper based pesticides with some level of exception in certain industrial uses. And if you want to use these CCA chemicals for treating your timber or furniture, it requires an approval from the concerned jurisdiction before approving your request.

Though wood is treated with pesticides, preserving a lumber protects its quality and gives it longevity. Wood treated with modern preservatives is much safer to handle. But you still ought to take precautionary steps and other protective steps while you handle the treatment. However, treated wood do pose certain hazards during combustion or where lose wood dust particles and other toxic residues are generated. It is more so dangerous when treated timber comes in direct contact with food and agriculture. Thus this water treatment is absolutely necessary to sustain its life longer than usual. Considering the hazards posed by treatment of wood, it might create a concern amidst many. However, when handled well and safely, it causes absolutely no threat. In fact it preserves natural resources and sustains its longevity. Thus Treated timber is the best solution for better quality furniture. Author Andrew Brown is a SEO copywriter for He has been written many articles like pine timber products , wood decking material , vinyl decking material , Treated Timber Products, Vinyl Bulkhead, Utility Poles, Laminated Mats, Treated Lumber Cost, Vinyl Sheet Piling, Post & columns, Timber Trusses . For more information contact us at

Go For Treated Timber for Your Furniture  

One thing is for certain and that is always buying furniture’s made out of treated timber. If you are manufacturing with the help of a carpe...