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East Ham Ladies Enjoy Heated Up Cocktails In The Freezing Cold

Celebrating christmas in the East End is always a bit of a different affair. The area has become a hot bed for artistic influences in the noughties, so it’s no surprise to see people taking a novel approach to the festive season there. Gentlemen spend a crazy afternoon with East Ham escorts, ladies enjoy heated up cocktails in the freezing cold. So, in celebration of this alternate approach to christmas, here are 5 great, turkey-free centrepieces. 1. Beef A really good bit of beef is nothing like the mincemeat and roasting joints that many enjoy. That’s what makes it special enough to be a seasonal meal: it’s like rediscovering an old album and listening to it with a whole new perspective. Rib of beef is a beautiful cut, soft and tender enough to appease the skeptics, but juicy and thick enough to really reward the meat lover. Cooked perfectly, it will be deep brown on the outside, fading towards a reddish pink centre as flavourful as any steak. As an added bonus, any joint of meat like this can be ordered to a much more exacting specification than a whole bird, ensuring that there’s not too little and too much. 2. Goose Anyone who’s had goose will struggle to go back to bland and boring turkey. Rich, flavoursome meat peels away from the bone in beautiful ribbons, gorgeous crispy skin crackles as it’s peeled away and piled high in towers of indulgent delight. Fat from the bird is siphoned off to give a sensational crisp to any roast potato or to add a gorgeous complexity to balls of mouthwatering stuffing. Delicious! 3. Boar A slow roast boar is the kind of thing normally seen only in cartoon depictions of medieval courts and as a slightly dubious option at music festivals’ hog roast stands. However, it’s surprisingly available providing that one knows a good butcher. Boar is an incredibly robust, flavourful meat but it also shares much of the same sweetness as its cousin pork. Both go well with clear sharp flavours that can cut through the fattiness and add a touch of fruity flavour. Apples are ideal, but sharper berries like blackberry or even damsons. The latter can be very stark though, so it’s probably best incorporated through a vinegar or as part of a mixed compote. 4. Fish

Those seeking something a bit lighter should consider fish. Not only is the meat generally fresher and less rich, but it also opens up a whole new world of accompaniments. A fluffy dollop of fennel mash will delight both on its own and with the fish, whilst asparagus with hollandaise can give a little sprinkle of luxury to the dish. This is a particularly good solution if one is entertaining female guests, be they friends, relatives or local East Ham escorts, because the meal is generally a lot less stodgy and involves much less fat. That way, they can have some of the dessert without feeling guilty! 5. Mushroom Wellington A mushroom wellington is ideal for vegetarians and for those that are a little tired of meat over the festive season. Lots of mushrooms are served in a bland way, but the little gems really have a lot of flavour when cooked right. The trick is to avoid excessive liquid, allowing the wild goodness to become concentrated and utterly irresistible.

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Celebrating Christmas in the East End is always a bit of a different affair so if you are new to the city then Escorts In East Ham are the...

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