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“We get websites more visitors, by making them rank highly in the search engines. We can increase your sales, by helping potential customers to find you ……….online.”

Get To The Top Of The Search Engines Everyone loves successful search engine optimization, because, you can get lots of traffic…and…it’s free! The problem is, that no one really knows how Google decides where to rank your site and when it will show up. Any expert who tells you that they know exactly how Google’s ranking works and/or guarantees that you’ll get into the top spots (for a fee, of course), is being less than truthful. Even so, there are proven techniques that you can employ to get your site into the top of the listings. We believe in being very transparent about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, so we’ll show you exactly what we’re doing, and why it helps to skyrocket you right to the top!

Get More Website Visitors Search Engine Marketing can deliver large numbers of visitors to your website and so boost your business. Getting ranked on the first page of the search engines means people, who for example search Google for your product or service, will see your company on the first page of the results. If they see your company first there is a good chance that if they are looking to buy something they will consider buying it from you.

Site Promotion Many organizations think that the process is complete once a site is launched. This is not true you need to actively promote your site and build links to it in order to get visitors and search engines rankings. It does not matter how well designed your website is, if no one knows about it, then you will not get any business from it.

Cost Effective Marketing Search Engine Optimisation remains the most cost effective form of marketing available. The return on investment for SEO tends to be very high because once you have gained a top search engine ranking it can provide you with new customers every month without any additional marketing costs.

What Is Stopping You? Business owners have big challenges when it comes to search engine optimization: Often, Google doesn’t even know the owners website exists (this is VERY common). Even if Google does know about their website, it never shows up in search engine listings. Even if their website does show up in some kind of search, it’s hardly ever the “keyword phrase” the owner would like. Even if the owner could dictate to Google when to display its website, most business owners don’t know which words and phrases are the money makers! We use proven techniques to overcome each of these barriers.

Spyn Boxe Can Be The Solution At Spyn Boxe we believe that the search engine optimisation process can be explained in detail and purchased with confidence. We believe in sharing exactly what we are doing and explaining why we are doing it.

What Does Search Engine Optimisation Involve?

We use a process called Search Engine Optimisation to get websites highly ranked in Google and the other search engines. The Search Engine Optimisation process can be split into three steps: Picking the right search terms (keywords). Making minor on site changes to help the search engines find and navigate the site. Building one way back links using the target keyword as anchor text where appropriate.

Keyword Research Selecting the search term you wish to rank for, can make a big difference to the success of your SEO campaigns. When selecting keywords it is important to look at the differences between the available keywords in terms of search volume, competition and relevance to your company. People search some search terms more than others. It is possible to extract the search volume data from the search engines and so have a clear idea which search terms can provide lots of

visitors to your website and which will not. This is important as the popular terms are not always what you might expect. The different levels of competition mean that it is easier to rank for some searches than others. For instance ranking for the search term ‘credit card’ would be very difficult as some very big firms spend lots of money to get their websites to be the number one result for this search term. Unless you are going to spend comparable amounts of money as these firms you are probable wasting your time. Spyn Boxe can measure competition volume before we start and direct our resources to areas where we are likely to succeed. It is also important to look at differing levels of “consumer intent” when deciding which words you would like to rank for. It does no good to rank for a term that does not result in sales. Spyn Boxe takes into account all these factors when advising its clients, providing free keyword research. By pulling information from a range of data sources we make sure that our clients campaigns are focused on the area that will lead to the highest return on investment.

On Page Optimisation Search engines want to deliver relevant results to searchers. It is therefore important that you make the content of your web pages appear to be about the words you wish to rank for. This process is called On Page Optimisation. On Page Optimisation is not nearly as important as it used to be when it comes to gaining a ranking. There are however a few things that you should be concerned about and Spyn Boxe can ensure they are quickly identified and corrected (if needed).

Link Building The single biggest factor for a search engine ranking is the number and type of one way backlinks with appropriate anchor text.

For search engine rankings links between websites act like votes. So the more links you have the higher up the search engine rankings you will be “voted”. After choosing the keywords our process focuses on massive link building campaigns from many different sources. Each campaign can target up to three keywords at one time. Multiple campaigns can be run in parallel. The links we create come from the following sources: Forum Posts – We will create forum posts on appropriate sites. All forum posts are done by hand rather than using automated software. Blog Post Links –Spyn Boxe will obtain links from other blogs from within the post content. Please note these are not comment based links. Yahoo Answers – Questions and answers are posted here by hand. These allow links to your site through the resource section. Where possible we will also obtain “votes” for the answers to be listed as the best answer. Social Bookmarking – Website such as Stumble and Delicious are increasingly popular. We will get other people to bookmark your site. This will result in back links to your site. Article Marketing – Articles are written and submitted to article directories using a specialist tool to provide hundreds of back links without a duplicate content penalty. Hub Links –Spyn Boxe will analyse the top ten competing sites for your chosen keyword/phrase and see if any of these sites obtain links from the same source. If they do we will aim to get links from these sources as these link hubs can have a disproportionate influence on ranking. Link Wheels – Web 2.0 website such as Squidoo and Blogger transfer high levels of trust to the sites they link to. Spyn Boxe will create a series of Web 2.0 links and interconnect the Web 2.0 pages to magnify the value of the links created Follow Only Links – With the exception of Yahoo Answers all links will be created on sites that have ‘follow’ links. We do not create links which are ‘no follow’ as they would provide no value to the SEO process.

Timescale While no one can ever guarantee search engine results, it is reasonable to predict that significant improvements in “medium” competition keyword target’s rankings would show within three months of link building and 6 months of link building for more competitive terms.

Return On Investment One of the advantages of SEO is that we can analyse the costs and potential returns before we start. We advise clients how to select profitable search terms that are obtainable within a reasonable time scale and which provide substantial numbers of website visitors. For instance, getting ranked for the search term “credit card” would take over a year and require lots of investment. However ranking for a related term is far more achievable. A top listing in Google for a term like “balance transfer credit cards” should take about six months. This search term could provide up to 1000 website visitors per day using SEO. If you purchased these visitors using pay per click this “free” traffic would cost in excess of $10,000 (approx £6000) a day. The cost of gaining this traffic through SEO would be $435 (£265) per month for approximately six months. Once the search engine result page ranking was obtained it would provide website visitors each day, without ongoing marketing costs. This example is exceptional however it does illustrate the potential of SEO for high returns. To see the in depth SEO analysis relating to this example click here.

We Value Communication A key part of Spyn Boxes’ service is the communication with its clients. We spend time getting to know each clients individual business. It is only by doing this that we can develop a level of understanding that allows us to offer our clients a service that converts into business for them in the real world. Spyn Boxe provides monthly reports so that our clients can see exactly what work has been done and track their progress online.

You Don’t Need To Learn To Be An SEO Expert We understand that not everyone has the desire or the time to work out all the intricacies of how to do effective Search Engine Optimisation themselves. Spyn Boxe has therefore developed some simple to understand SEO Packages to help you to get to the top of the search engines without having to become an SEO expert yourself.

SEO Package Details These packages are specially designed to combine a number of different techniques and methods in order to provide strong and effective SEO for higher search engine rankings. If you want more website visitors, take advantage of one these packages.

Starter Package This package is suitable for new websites. Websites with a domain name of less than one year old. Or websites that are targeting low competition keywords such as local search terms. Monthly Link Building Plan 40 General links 5 Text Links 7 Blog Links on Private Network 1 Unique Article Submissions to Ezine 1 Spun Article Submissions [470 links] 1 Linkwheel

Premium Package The premium package can be utilised by both new and established websites. It is ideal for websites which have already undergone some SEO link building or for owners of new websites who wish to take an aggressive approach to gaining search engine rankings. Monthly Link Building Plan 76 General links 10 Text Links 15 Blog Links on Private Network 2 Unique Article Submissions to Ezine 2 Spun Article Submissions [470 links each] 1 Linkwheel

Super Charged Package This package is for the more aggressive business owner who wants to build the maximum number of links in the shortest space of time. This package aims to gain first page rankings in the search engines as quickly as possible. Recommended for established websites, which have a domain name, that is older than one year of age. Monthly Link Building Plan 120 General links 15 Text Links 15 Blog Links on Private Network 2 Unique Article Submissions to Ezine 2 Spun Article Submissions [470 links each] 1 Linkwheel

Set Up We are currently running our spring promotion. There is currently no set up fees applied to any new campaign due to start before the 30th of March.

No Long Term Contract We are confident that our service is effective. We therefore do not tie our clients into a long term contract, like many other SEO firms. You can if you wish cancel at any time. To view our terms and conditions please click here.

Bonuses Free On Page Optimisation Spyn Boxe provides basic On Page Optimisation for the target webpage with all our SEO Packages. We will analyse your webpage and if necessary advise you of any improvements that could be made. Free Competitor Analysis By analysing your competitors’ websites we can determine how actively they are competing for specific search terms. We can also establish how difficult it would be to rank for any given search term. This allows our clients to make more informed choices and so get better results. Free Keyword Research To improve our clients’ results we now provide free keyword research with every package. You may, if you wish, leave the keyword section blank on the order form and we will simply select the best option for you. This is done by carrying out keyword research, based on your website content. Alternatively you still have the option, when signing up, to choose the keywords (up to three keywords/phrases per package) which you wish to rank for. If you wish to change your URL or chosen keywords just email us and let us know.

Guarantee We guarantee our work. If you don’t get, a page one listing in Google within three months for your chosen search term we will set up an advertising campaign and pay to send 10,000 targeted visitors to your website. Then for every month after that, while you are using the service and still have not got on page one; we will pay to send an extra 5000 visitors to your website.

Get In Touch If you any questions or would like to contact us please click here. Or go to our website for more information.

Order Online For your security and ours we use Paypal for payment. Order online today. Select your package below.

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