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Issue 21 • We aim to be Christ centred, communal and creative • Spring 2014

Pastoral Letter Welcome to this new edition of The Link! Once more we are grateful to those who have taken the time and effort to produce it. Jesus, in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25), teaches us about how the Kingdom of God works. In the parable three servants are given different amounts of talents or money by their master. The first two servants use what they have been given for the blessing of their master, but the third buries his talent. On his return the master blesses the first two, but is furious with the third and takes that single talent from him. Part of the Kingdom meaning of this parable is that when we try to hold what we have - we end up losing it. But when we use what God has given us, it results in blessing. This year is one of challenge and opportunity for Central. The fact is that God has blessed us with many ‘talents’. The test before us is how we will use them. Will the Master be pleased with us?

We urge you to join with us as we seek to see the work of the Gospel progress in Dundee and beyond. This is God’s work which he brings to pass by the power of the Holy Spirit, and he has given us the privilege of being part of it and the ‘talents’ to be used in it. Let’s not be found wanting, In Him, Jim For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. 2 Chronicles 16 v 9 (NIV)

Christianity Explored met at Caffé Borsa for every Monday evening for seven weeks between October and December 2013.

We started off with seven participants and five leaders, and we had another three join the course as time went on. The material is superb, and led to some really interesting (and stretching!) discussions. Everyone (including all of the leaders!) learned something new and refreshing

as we studied Mark’s gospel in depth and wrestled with Christ’s identity, mission and call. Please pray for all of the participants as they mull over the discussions, and as the leadership team follow-up with them over the next few weeks.

Christianity Explored


Youthwork @ Central What is a


What do our Youth actually do when they leave our morning services?

Scottish Christian Broadcast With Broadcast now into its 5th edition as a national magazine (the latest Spring Summer 2014 edition has a 16,000 print run) Scottish Christian Broadcast (SCB) has also been busy over the past six months launching a new initiative, a media training day for the church in Scotland titled ‘Church Publicity and Communication on a Shoestring’.

What else do they get up to during the week? What can you do to help us? A youth is any young person who is at secondary school - so basically in S1-S6. At present that means that on a Sunday we see around 20 young people, with a total of somewhere between 40 and 50 associated with our youthwork.


On a Sunday evening after the service we have Youth Fellowship which is a time to come together and chill out. Once a month we continue to have Café Central, where the young people can invite their friends to an evening of fun. This year we are delighted to have had the opportunity to set up three Cell Groups that meet on a Friday evening for Bible Study. There is a mixed group for Juniors

engaging with the local press. Courses have now been held in Glasgow at Whiteinch Church of Scotland, Edinburgh Elim and Dundee Steeple with a forthcoming day at Culduthel Christian Centre in Inverness on Wed 26 March.

We couldn’t do all of this without our group of fantastic leaders – so a massive thankyou to all of them – and a particular thanks to those who have volunteered to open their homes to the Cell Groups every week. At present we are only able to have one Youth Weekend in 2014, and this will take place at the Compass Christian Centre on the weekend of 14/15/16 March. We’re hoping for not too much snow! We are delighted that our main speaker for the weekend will be Jake Cowpland – a former member of our youthwork, but now working with his church in Edinburgh as well as a visiting speaker at Teen Ranch (and many other places!).

This is a one day training event designed to better equip the church to make the most of the media as together we seek to communicate our message of good news as widely as possible.

So, what can you do to help us? Well, if you’re interested in giving some time to become a Youth Leader please seek out Niall Joss or Susie Ford at any time – we can always find space for another! If you don’t feel that you can be involved as a leader, please pray for all of the work, our leaders and our young people – we really appreciate your prayers.

The day covers social media, advertising, press and press releases, video, print & design, web presence, partnerships, e-newsletters, photography and more.

The day is tailored specifically for the organisation that says, “We can’t do publicity - we have no marketing budget”, as together we then look at how much can be done with a limited, or ‘shoestring’ budget.

I have been greatly assisted hosting these training days by Niall Joss with his in-depth knowledge of the media, in particular writing press releases and

Feedback from the three events held has been very positive with comments such as: “GREAT content!” “Excellent day” “Very helpful getting insights on how local/national press works” “Social media has become less scary as result of today’s session” “Found stuff on Press releases and social media very helpful” “Whole day was good”. With interest expressed in SCB running a social media specific training day and also on ‘Digital parenting - internet safety for parents’ please pray for the way forward for these media training days. Thank you

Ian Black

On a Sunday morning we have two groups running - Bible Class for S1-2, and Bible Class+ for S3-4. Bible Class are following material developed by Youth for Christ called “Mettle”. Bible Class+ have used “The Blazing Centre” by John Piper and are listening to a series of sermons on Leviticus by Mike Reeves of UCCF. The idea is that we listen to the sermon and then discuss the points made, in an attempt to give the young people the opportunity to learn ways in which to gain from sermons when they ‘graduate’ and are in our services full-time.

(S1&S2), a group for Senior Boys and one for Senior Girls. These have been really successful…the young people have been really committed to coming along and in taking part.


g Digest Deacons’ Meetings g The following is a summary of what was discussed at some recent Deacons’ Meetings. Deacons’ meetings start with a reading and time of prayer. Finances were discussed and the following points noted. • Need to “Take the issue to the Lord” in prayer. • Communication of this issue to church will be key – both in meetings and in bulletin. • Church should be challenged to support this budget – by having a specific “Gift Day” early in 2014. • Reducing expenditure will include reducing staff costs as this is by far our largest expense. • What is God telling us / teaching us in this situation? We want to be in step with the Spirit so how do we discern what He is saying? • Is it apathy? Are we being tested? • Do we call the church together to find out what God is saying? • Do we as the leadership discern what God is teaching us in this circumstance?


• The prayer life of Central is currently at low ebb. We, as leaders, need to set the temperature and the example in this regard. • Communication was seen as key to any turnaround. Communication to deal with: • What are the figures? • Where is our money spent? • What does the future hold - “where are we and how do we get to the future”?

• As Deacons we do not wish to be seen saying “no” to the ideas developed in the support groups. • Deacons want to encourage support groups as much as possible within present constraints.

Analysis of Deacons Involvement in Ministries

This is now compiled and as indicated when launched this analysis has been provided to the Elders for consideration.

Thursday Club Leadership

Deacons were reminded that we had an issue raised in August meeting regarding the leadership of the Thursday Club. It was decided that this would be included in the review above. The club has scaled back to monthly from weekly and will continue at this level for the foreseeable future.

Keeping it Central

Keeping it Central has been issued – one copy for each household. This year there will be studies issued for Home fellowships to work through. This will be the focus of the 2014 Church Conference.

Deacons’ retreat

Deacons’ retreat planned for 21 February 2014 - Pitlochry

New Logo

New Logo issued and in use. Colours reversed in certain places to reduce the ink used.

Items for sale

Items for sale in welcome foyer must be agreed by deacons prior to event.

Carnoustie Community Church

Several new members have joined the church, Christmas events were planned to help reach out in to the community, and the process of registering CCC as a separate entity / charity with OSCR has been launched,

Lochee Church Plant

It was reported that contact had been made with 20 Schemes regarding the potential candidates in the pipeline.

In discussion the following points were raised / clarified:

Prayer life of Central Baptist The Elders propose that we need some “co-ordination” to the prayer life in Central. It was proposed that two or three people – who are currently part of the prayerful “hub” of the church - be asked to “co-ordinate” the prayer life of the church. The tasks envisaged in this role are: • liaison with Pastors to establish what are the current prayer points in regard to the fellowship • disseminating this information around a network of church family to allow prayer to be focussed. When asked why the Elders felt this co-ordination was necessary the reply was – to give more drive – vision – and a sharing of prayer points.

We need to be open to the leading of God and consider how we can treat candidates “generously”. The meeting was advised that the search committee is now “formed” and ready to play its part whenever required. Elected Members – Sarah Bertram, Margaret Low, Kirsty Wallace. Elected Deacons – Mike Hayes, Joan Deering, Bryan Bennett.

• This is another chance for us to show our complete dependence on God.

• Communication to have “Visual Impact”?


Book Review Glory in the Glen Tom Lennie

Published by Christian Focus

“Just as Pentecost was desperately needed at the beginning of the Christian era, so another season of God-sent revival is the urgent need of this hour. A careful reading of “Glory in the Glen” will help in many ways.” Richard Owen Roberts (International Awakening Ministries)


The book covers the period from 18801940. It is exciting to read how many people were so drastically changed for our Lord. It is an inspiring book to read and certainlyone to encourage me to pray for revival.

Reviewed by Fiona Mackay

1-2 February 2014


Central’s Mission weekend aimed to give an opportunity for the whole church family to consider afresh Jesus’ call to his disciples in Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV), “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded of you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” in Thailand) and Keith and Joyce Wood (Diaspora Ministries Manchester). They all work with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) and shared about their current challenges and joys as they serve God and brought the word which God had laid on their hearts.

As a number of our Central missionaries are currently serving in Asia, the event on Saturday had an Asian theme with fab Chinese food, chopstick challenges and Chinese themed kid’s activities. It was a relaxed evening where about 80 people of all ages ate, talked, prayed and learned more about how God is working overseas. It was also an opportunity for people to think about whether God may be asking them to serve him overseas, or support those who are called to do this. So it was fantastic to have folk from OMF, WEC, Open Doors, BMS and Esperanza, spend time with us informally, pray with us and talk about how God is working in different places. At church on Sunday, it was great to have three of our own Central missionaries with us, Scott Murray (Kwai River hospital

As we look forward over the next year, although there will be challenges that we face as a church, it is great that we can have a global perspective and to take time to focus on what God is doing by his grace, through his people in his world. If you are interested in finding out more about the overseas mission work Central is engaged with, or are thinking about either long-term or short-term overseas mission please contact Matt Lock:

I found this an exciting book to read as it reminded me that God can and does work with the most feeble of people and in the most unexpected of ways. In 1877 C H Spurgeon preached to a crown of 3000 on Oban Hill. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to see a crowd of 3000 on the Law! People were turning to Christ without any apparent human intervention or witnessing. Our God has the power. Change was immediate and unrestricted to any particular group of people. Factory girls in Pollockshaws, fishermen, crofters in Caithness, all from childhood to old age were all touched by the Holy Spirit. Dance halls were abandoned through lack of interest. People were hungry for God’s Word.

Mission Weekend @


Diary y March Sat 8 March: Wed 12 March: Sat 22 March: Wed 26 March: Fri 28 March: Sat 29 March:

Men’s Breakfast Prayer & Fellowship evening Baptist Union – Women’s Fellowship Prayer & Fellowship evening Club Central & Club Central Lead Partners Teaching Day

April Wed 9 April: Wed 23 April: Fri 25 April: Wed 30 April:

Prayer & Fellowship evening Prayer & Fellowship evening Club Central & Cafe Central Men’s evening

Any y thoughts? g Please send us an email if you would like to comment on any article in The Link magazine or if there is something you

would like to see featured in a forthcoming issue. Email:

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