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Issue 18 • We aim to be Christ centred, communal and creative • April 2013

Pastoral Letter Welcome to this latest issue of The Link. We trust that you will find this new format to be an enjoyable read and a stimulus to prayer. These have been busy days for the growing Central Team and the church family generally. We also had a good elders and deacons retreat in February as we looked at the future and where we need to develop organisationally. Our ‘big’ event was the Church Conference in March. There was a real sense of unity and purpose as we listened to the plans for the Lochee church plant and to Mez McConnell of 20 Schemes and our proposed partnership.

In these testing times we need to redouble our efforts in prayer and keep our focus upon the Lord and his word. The words of the psalmist give balance, encouragement and hope, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (NIV Psalm 27 v1). In Him, Jim

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Dates for church meetings/ events will now be provided at the beginning of each year so that we can get them into our diaries and make sure we are there. We were pleased at the good attendance at Conference – but also recognised

that there are still some in Central yet to ‘catch on!’.


Conference 2013 (continued) know what will work there but knows that God will guide. As a church we need to find a place for workers to stay, but otherwise they will fund themselves. This needs a lot of prayerful support.

success. We all had the opportunity for fellowship and plenty of time to put forward our own thoughts. If you didn’t make it this year, watch out for the date of the next one. It is a day not to be missed.

We had a great day at the conference and there are many people to be thanked for all the work that they put into making it such a

Central Baptist Church

Conference 2013

Central Baptist Church Conference was held in the Link on Saturday 2 March.


An opportunity to be creative will certainly come with the help of Mez McConnell. He has a wonderful testimony and is a real encouragement and reminder of what our Lord can do in lives. He also told us about 20schemes. This is a vision he has had for Scotland to raise up church plants in 20 schemes in Scotland with the poor and underprivileged. You may find out more on the website:

The goals are identified as the following: 1. Identify 20 schemes as priority areas. 2. Identify, where possible, church revitalisation partners in those schemes. 3. Recruit Church Planters, Female Outreach Workers, and Ministry Apprentices to send into those schemes. 4. Develop church partners to support and resource our work in the schemes. 5. Invest in indigenous leaders by providing training, resources and support. Mez is willing to set up the partnership with us to plant a church in Lochee. He does not

Rev Jim Turrent opened with reading, comments and time of prayer. Main points discussed below: • The development of the Coffee Bar was discussed and proposals will be taken to the Church AGM in April. • It was proposed to arrange a list of church business meetings a year ahead and publish in the bulletin. • Lochee – Backers of 20 schemes were in Dundee on 4 February. Elders and deacons will choose who will work as planters. Mez McConnel to come and speak at conference. A meeting of those involved in Lochee ministries was planned. • Deacons’ retreat is to cover resource and structure for future ministries. • Christmas Day offering to be split between Bethany Trust and Eagles’ Wings.

• £3000 had been received from the estate of the late Miss Elizabeth Henderson. • The children’s worker has resigned from the post for personal reasons. We will start search for a new appointment. Requests to be made for volunteers to run Holiday Club in the summer holidays. • Sound system to be looked at to check for efficiency. • New baptism and church membership classes to take place. • Missions Day planned for 16 March. • Appreciation voiced for the current series of sermons on Hebrews. • Six deacons are due for possible re-election.

There were opportunities to listen, talk and pray. Our pastor reminded us of the aims that we had adopted in 2009: • Christ-centred • Communal • Creative.

Deacons’ Digest g Dec 2012 & Jan 2013



What our students think of

‘Host family Sundays’ We asked some students, ‘What were the highlights for you from host family Sunday? ...and this is what they said.


There was the usual mix of activities and biblical input. Our speaker was Jim Turrent, who gave four talks entitled ‘God’, ‘Bible’, ‘Gospel’ and ‘New Birth’. We visited Pleasureland, went swimming, played Nerf Wars and even created our own ‘Harlem Shakes’. Thanks to Jim, to Linda, Judith and Janey our amazing cooks and to all of the leaders who attended and needed at least a week to recover from the lack of sleep! We pray that the memory of the weekend for our Young People will not only be the fun time that was had, but the messages that were given and how these affect their lives.

Also, on Friday 15 March a small group went to Powerpoint Edinburgh, a large worship event that is held every couple of months. An excellent message was delivered by Gavin Calver, director of Youth for Christ UK. He talked from James 1 on Perseverance – ‘Keeping Going’. Attending this event is now going to become easier as we and all churches in Dundee are benefitting from buses to Edinburgh provided by Brian Souter’s Stagecoach company. We are hoping that more young people will attend the next event on Friday 26 April.

and wiser people about things not at all related to uni. And they gave us cake to take away!’

‘Two helpings of one of the best lasagnes I have had in a while (sorry mum), extra helpings of garlic bread, two types of cheesecake, playing in the park with my new best friend (Joshua, 4) and your hosts not wanting you to leave (again Joshua!)’

‘Host family lunch was amazing, Such a lovely way to spend a Sunday and cannot wait for the next one!’

‘Loved it....Got to go to the beach in Monifieth. My family were great and their little boy is soo cute.’ ‘We had a great afternoon. All of us, after lunch, out in the field playing rugby in the warm sunshine.’ ‘We had a really good time. Comfy sofas, amazing food & a warm house! It was really good being able to just relax and chat to older

THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHURCH FAMILY! If you would like to be more involved in student hospitality @ Central, please speak to Joanne Ellis or Fiona Callaghan or better still... just invite some students for lunch next Sunday!

The weekend of 8-10 March saw 24 young people together with Youth Leaders and their families have a weekend away at the Windmill Centre in Arbroath.

‘Getting to know my hosts better, and also we got cake and tablet which is always a plus.’


Mission News

Mission Day in Central


Our aim for the day was to encourage people to find out about what God is doing through his people and various organisations across the world and we hope that this has sparked enthusiasm, so please do pray that this heart

for mission will continue to build in Central and in other churches across Dundee. Matt Lock Missionary Support Group

As a church, Central is committed to supporting overseas mission. On Saturday 16 March Central hosted a Mission Day, where organisations such as OMF, Vision Romania, WEC, AIM, Open Doors and MAF were represented so people could have the opportunity to find out more about mission.


Mission News (continued) Update from


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Yours in Him, Lovingly, Joan (Smith)

Dear Friends,

Joan Smith

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Member File

Jean Smith Jean Smith has been a member of Rattray Street then Central Baptist for a long time. She is and has been involved in many ministries throughout that time. She is sometimes known as the ‘sweetie lady’, as she can be seen every Sunday morning giving sweets to the children who come into church.


Jean was a Sunday school teacher from 1953 - 1980 and has a Bible, beautifully inscribed, as witness to her faithfulness over that time. Jean, however, ended up teaching for another 10 years. Jean also served with the Girls’ Brigade, was a training officer, treasurer and member of the National Training Committee. Involvement with the OMF prayer group shows Jean’s continuing interest in mission work. In our church Jean organises the BMS Birthday Scheme, and is part of

the missionary committee. Until recently Jean was also involved with the Thursday Club and Saturday Club, transporting as well as working within the club. She is also a representative for Traidcraft and supplies the Healthy Eating Café at Dundee West Church and also another two Dundee Churches. A lot of preparation of shoeboxes for Blythswood is done by Jean and she was mentioned in a thank you letter in the recent bulletin insert. Jean remembers fondly, the Christian Endeavour, Woman’s Auxiliary and singing in Rattray Street choir as well as the Association Choir. Jean is still working away within the church and is working with the Knitwits to make a banner. We wish all success with that.


Experiencing the resurrection life by Sam Allberry

Some things just are, and we don’t tend to question them: snowfall in March, Jim’s loyalty to Rangers, how incredible the book-ofthe-month bargains are. Some things just are, and we easily overlook them. We tend to think a lot about the cross, for example, but we take the resurrection in our stride. Sure we’re happy about it, but generally not greatly intrigued about what it means for us today. And so there are not many books on the resurrection. But ‘Lifted’, by Sam Allberry, is one of the best. If you read his book, ‘Connected’, you’ll know that Sam is selfdepreciating and has a quirky sense of humour. His goal is to make vital truth clear and readable. So why does he think the resurrection matters? Sam brings out four main implications, each taking only about 30 pages. The resurrection brings us personal assurance of being safe in Christ. It reassures us that we will be changed to be like Jesus. It casts our eyes and hearts forwards with

confident, grounded hope to our own bodily resurrection; to a new creation that is physical and real, enjoying all that God has made. And it sends us out in mission to bring others to know the goodness of the God we worship. Maybe some things just are. But this Easter, find out why the resurrection is far, far more lifechanging and hope-filled than you ever thought possible.

Reviewed by Mark Ellis

Jean spent two years in India while her father was doing a tour of duty. While there she came into contact with leprosy. She chose not to be baptised in India but to wait until she came home. Jean feels that she has known God all her life but felt then the need for public witness to her faith.

Book Review


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April 2013 CBC Link Magazine  

April 2013 CBC Link Magazine