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Monday, 27th October, 2014

The Way We Were

Today in History

Glenn Hoddle

On 27th October, 1957, Glenn Hoddle was born in Hillingdon, London. He became one of the UK’s best known footballers. He was playing for his school football team when he was spotted by a football scout.

During his footballing career he played for Tottenham Hotspur for 12 years. In 1987 he left England to play for Monaco, but returned after a few years and played first for Swindon, then for Chelsea.

Glen Hoddle played for England in international matches. He now runs a football academy in Spain. © 2014, Daily Sparkle

All rights reserved.

Boys and Guns

What is it about boys and guns? I was in the park recently, and was fascinated to watch two little lads playing. They were probably about 5 or 6. They had both found bits of bent stick, using them as make-believe guns.

They made an amazing range of shooting noises, from a quick bullet shot to full scale explosions! Where do they learn such things?

All the boys I knew at that age were the same. Cowboys, soldiers, or just unidentified characters shooting each other. Even if parents don’t allow guns, they improvise!

27 October, 2014

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Over To You

Do You Remember?

Missing Buttons

I don’t know about you, but I am forever losing buttons these days. Shirt buttons, trouser buttons, they all seem to fly off with the least little thing.

Then I ask my wife, Angie, to sew them back on. ‘Well, where is the button?’ she will ask. Of course, I’ve no idea. It could be anywhere. ‘Well, where did the button come off?’ asks Angie. Nine times out of ten I can’t remember. ‘At least have a look for it,’ says Angie. So I end up scrambling about, peering under the bed, under the sofa, under the table. ‘This isn’t doing me any good,’ I tell Angie, ‘not with the way my back is!’ © 2014, Daily Sparkle

All rights reserved.

Swift Annual

Dear Mary and Jimmy My brother and I were rather reluctant readers when we were young. One thing our parents did to encourage us was to give us comics. I had The Eagle, and my brother Harry, had Swift Comic because he was younger. We both read the picture strips first, but there were some longer articles too. I remember Harry getting Swift Annuals every year, and reading them from cover to cover. There were articles about model making, and kites, and painting your own totem pole. It was a jolly good read. Best wishes, from Bernard

27 October, 2014

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Eating Your Way Round

For Me and My Gal

The bells are ring _ _ _ for me and my g _ _ The birds are sing _ _ _ for me and my gal

All these foods are linked to places in the British Isles.

Everybody's been knowing to a wedding they're going And for w _ _ks they've been sewing, every Susie and Sal

2. A stew of mutton, potatoes and carrots. Irish or Welsh

They're congregating for m _ and my gal The Parson's waiting for me and my gal

1. A meat and potato pasty. Cornish or Cumbrian

3. A round currant cake. Salford or Eccles

And sometime I'm goin' to guild a little ho _ _ for two For three or f _ _ _ or more In Loveland for me and my gal

4. A batter pudding. Lancashire or Yorkshire 5. A Derbyshire tart. Buxton or Bakewell

6. A sweet bun from this spa. Harrogate or Bath

All rights reserved.

2. gal 4. weeks 6. home

1. Cornish 3. Eccles 5. Bakewell 7. Kendal

2. Irish 4. Yorkshire 6. Bath Š 2014, Daily Sparkle


1. ringing 3. singing 5. me 7. four


7. The home of mint cake. Kendal or Kent

27 October, 2014

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Daily Sparkle


27th October – 2nd November, 2014

Carer’s Notes

Each week, our writers Mary and Jimmy, bring their memories and reminiscences to life, in a variety of columns that are written especially for your residents. Use these pages to encourage your residents to relive their own memories. Ask questions, listen, reassure. Acknowledge each person’s contribution, as this is a great opportunity to give quiet people a chance to express themselves.

Monday, 27 October, 2014 PAGE 1 ~ TODAY IN HISTORY ~ 2t October 1957 ~ Glenn Hoddle Background: Glenn Hoddle has had a very successful career in football, starting early as a schoolboy footballer and playing for the England Under 21 team. From 1991 he has been a football manager. You often see him on television commenting on international matches like the World Cup series. Questions: Do you remember Glenn Hoddle? Did you see him playing on television? Have you heard him commenting on football matches? Who do you think was the greatest footballer in your lifetime? Did anyone in your family play football? PAGE 1 ~ THE WAY WE WERE ~ (from Mary’s point of view) ~ Boys and Guns Background: Traditional toys for boys often included guns, bows and arrows, toy soldiers, tanks and all kinds of military or fighting based items. Lots of peace loving parents say that they will not let their children have guns, but then they just pretend – even using fingers as pistols! Questions: When you were a child, what sort of toys did boys play with? What sort of toys did girls play with? Did you ever wish you could have a toy that was considered to be for the other gender? Did the boys in your family have toy guns? What sort of games did they play with them? PAGE 2 ~ DO YOU REMEMBER ~ (from Jimmy’s point of view) ~ Missing Buttons Background: Most people will recognize Jimmy’s complaint that buttons are forever going missing. Questions: Do you often seem to lose buttons? Which of your clothes do buttons keep coming off? Why do buttons that come off always seem to go missing? Who used to sew buttons back on in your family? Are you a good sewer? Or do you leave sewing to somebody else? Did you used to keep a small stash of spare buttons somewhere in the house? Where was this? Some people prefer zips to buttons. Which do you prefer and why? What type of clothes use buttons? Which type use zips? PAGE 2 ~ OVER TO YOU ~ Swift Annual Background: Swift was a junior version of The Eagle, aimed at younger boys, and from the same publisher, Hulton. It was first published in 1954 and it merged with the Eagle in 1961. Like most comics, it had an Annual that came out just before Christmas. Questions: Did you read any comics when you were young? Which ones? How often did they come out? Did you or anyone in the family ever have Swift or The Eagle? Did you read Annuals? What did you like about them? Were you a keen reader or a reluctant reader? PAGE 3 ~ Quiz ~ Eating Your Way Round PAGE 3 ~ Singalong ~ For Me and My Gal

Copyright © 2014, Daily Sparkle

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