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The Weekly Sparkle


The Reminiscence and Activities Newspaper


1st - 7th August 2011


IN THIS ISSUE Let me introduce you to the magazine! Here’s what you can expect to find: • Today in History, day by day, and what happened! (pages 1 to 4) • The “Way We Were” columns (pages 5 to 6) • A man’s point of view! (pages 6 to 7) • Readers’ Letters, “Over to You” - write in and we’ll print it! (page 8) • Your quizzes - have fun! (page 9) • A final singalong to enjoy! (page 10)

On 1st August 1941, the first Ford GP, better known as the Jeep, was launched. When it had become obvious that the USA was eventually going to get involved with the war raging in Europe, the US Army asked 135 companies to produce the prototype for a 4 wheel drive vehicle that could cope with rough terrain. Only 2 companies responded. Willy-Overland was one of them. They had demonstrated their vehicle’s capability by driving it up the steps of the United States Capitol building. How it got the name ‘Jeep’ is a bit of a mystery.

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On 2nd August 1921, the great Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso died. He was only 48. He was born in Naples, and started to have singing lessons at the age of 16. He performed in cafes and as a street singer, to earn money to help to support the family. He made his professional stage debut at the age of 22. He became famous as an opera singer. He performed in all the major opera houses in Europe and in North and South America. Caruso also made almost 300 recordings between 1902 and 1920. These were the early days of sound recording.


On 3rd August 1957, Tunku Abdul Rahman was elected for a 5 year term as head of state of Malaya. The Tunku Malayan for ‘Prince’ - was the brother of the Sultan of Kedah. He was educated in the UK where he went to two British schools and Cambridge University. He returned to Malaya in 1949. Tunku Abdul Rahman was chosen to lead the country to Independence. He led negotiations with the British Government for an independent Malaya within the Commonwealth.

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4th of August was the birthday of Louis Armstrong, the jazz musician. He was born in New Orleans in 1901. He was the grandson of a slave, and his family was very poor. As well as playing the trumpet and cornet, he was a singer. He had a deep and gravelly voice. His nickname ‘Satchmo’, was short for ‘Satchel mouth’.

On 5th August 1962, Marilyn Monroe died and the film world lost one of its most glamourous stars. She was born Norma Jean Baker in Los Angeles in 1926. She never knew who her real father was.

Louis Armstrong dropped out of school at the age of 11, and joined a quartet of boys who sang in the streets to earn money. Later he played on the riverboats travelling up and down the Missisippi. He described this time in his life as his ‘University’.

Norma Jean married her first husband when she was only 16. She worked for a while in the Radioplane Munitions Factory. During this time an army photographer took a picture of her that was published in Yank magazine. She signed up with a model agency. Blondes were more in demand than brunettes, so she bleached her hair and became the fabulous Marilyn Monroe.

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On 6th August 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped by an American aircraft. The target was the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Hiroshima was one of the main supply depots for the Japanese Army. It was impossible to tell at first just how much damage had been done because the whole area was obscured by a thick cloud of dust.

On 7th August 1964, the world’s oldest tree was chopped down. It was a bristlecone pine in America. These trees are known to be the oldest living plants in the world.

Official Japanese figures at the time said there had been over 118,000 people killed, but the figure was actually nearer 140,000. Three days later another atom bomb was dropped, on Nagasaki.

The reason it got chopped down was this: a student from the The University of North Carolina was taking samples from the tree’s trunk and the tool he was using broke. The United States Forest Service gave permission for the tree to be cut down. They found that it had 4,844 rings. Each ring represents a year’s growth making it very old indeed.

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Did you like gadgets in your kitchen? Or were you a one kitchen knife and a colander sort of cook? I was always a bit of a pushover for anyone selling things that would save work or save time. A lot of the things I fell for, just sat at the back of the kitchen cabinet taking up space. I had an orange peeler, an apple corer, an auto-chop, a mechanical sieve, an egg separator, and lots more I can’t even remember. I usually bought them when I had watched a demonstration in a department store.


If there is one piece of music that I remember really well, it’s the signature tune for Listen with Mother. I was too old to listen to it as a child - I was about 15 when it started in 1950, but my girls loved it. “Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin...” That was how it always started. There were songs - usually familiar nursery rhymes, and a story. Daphne Oxenford and Julia Lang were two of the names I remember as readers. My daughters even used to play at Listen with Mother. They lined their dolls up, lah-lah-ed the tune and ‘read’ a story.

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When I was running a household it was a matter of pride to have a good wellstocked store cupboard. I suppose it was partly necessity because shops closed at 5 pm and had a half-day closing during the week. There were no supermarkets, and no food shops open on a Sunday. It was important not to run out of vital everyday ingredients. I also liked to know that if we had unexpected guests, there was enough in the cupboard to be able to rustle up a meal. Tinned ham and tinned vegetables and fruit were always on the shelves.


One day Dad decided that our black car would look better red, so he painted it - with some normal household gloss paint! When he had finished it looked great. It shone in the sunshine and looked as if it would go much faster than the old black version. Well – it didn’t but lots of folks asked where he had got the money for a new car. We didn’t have a garage so the car sat outside in all weathers. The sun shone and the body work got hot – and the paint began to peel! Patches of the red paint fell off. We now had a red car with patches of black all over it. It was unique. NOONE had one like it!

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The first time I saw the new Canberra Bomber I was disappointed – it looked ‘ordinary’. I was in the Air Force cadets at the time and we were at summer camp in North Wales. From a distance the Canberra looked quite small but close up it was bigger – but still ordinary.

My friend Charlie was a keen, and pretty good, hockey player. He was a few years older than me and before I knew him he had played for his county. He was also a darn sight fitter than I was.


We had a flying display in the afternoon. There were half a dozen planes doing the normal things – coming across low, a bi-plane looping the loop and so-on. Then the Canberra took off and immediately went vertical until it vanished high into the clouds. It was no ‘ordinary’ airplane after all!

Then one day he came round to see me nearly in tears. He had been told he was too old for the first team – he would be playing in the over 35s from now on. You would have thought the world was coming to an end. Well it was for Charlie. I tried to calm him down and pointed out that he was, in fact, 42 years old! I can’t tell you what his reply was – but he definitely wasn’t happy about that fact either!

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Dear Mary and Jim

Dear Mary and Jimmy

Isn’t it funny how we remember school dinners after all these years? I enjoyed reading about other people’s comments about them in a recent Daily Sparkle.

I was amused by a recent article or letter about cooks who weigh ingredients and those who don’t. When I was at school we had a cookery teacher who gave us some useful tips.

One of the things I remember is the lengths we would go to not to eat something we didn’t like. I once forgot that I had wrapped a piece of very gristle-y meat in my handkerchief. Instead of throwing it into the hedge on the way home, it got left in my pocket until my Mum found it on washday. She wasn’t pleased!

We had to weigh everything of course, but Mrs Thomas used to say things like “Weigh out an ounce - it will be about as big as a walnut”. She said that an ounce of margarine was about a cubic inch. She was spot on with all her descriptions. It was useful because it meant we cut off or spooned out almost exactly the right amount to weigh.

Best wishes, Harold

Best wishes from Jess

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FILM STILLS QUIZ Can you name these iconic stars and the film they are appearing in?

Identify these washing products: 1.

1. Who do all these gentlemen prefer?

2. 2.Everything she loved was blown away by the wind.


3. He has a licence to kill

ANSWERS 1. Marilyn Monroe in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes‘ 2. Vivien Leigh in ‘Gone With the Wind‘ 3. Sean Connery in ‘From Russia With Love’

ANSWERS 1. Fairy

2. Daz

3. Sunlight

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WELSH CHOIR SINGALONG Far away a ---- is calling Bells of memory chime Come home again, Come home again They call through the oceans of ---We'll keep a welcome in the ---We'll keep a welcome in the Vales This land you knew will still be singing When you come home again to ---This land of ---- will keep a welcome And with a love that never ---We'll kiss away each hour of hiraeth When you come home again to Wales

RIDE ALONG SINGALONG Riding along in my automobile My baby beside me at the ---I stole a ---- at the turn of a mile My curiosity running wild Crusin' and playin' the ---With no particular place to go. No particular place to go So we parked way out on koko-mo The ---- was young and the moon was gold So we both decided to take a ---Can you imagine the way I felt I couldn't unfasten her safety belt. Riding along in my calaboose Still trying to get her belt aloose All the way home I held a grudge For the safety belt that wouldn't budge Crusin' and playing the radio With no particular ---- to go


ANSWERS 1. wheel 4. night

2. kiss 5. stroll

3. radio 9. place

1. voice 4. Wales

2. time 5. song

3. hillside 6. fails

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The Weekly Sparkle Carer’s Notes

The Weekly Sparkle • The Reminiscence Newspaper • Carer’s Notes • 1st - 7th August 2011

The Reminiscence and Activities Newspaper

1st - 7th August 2011

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"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #$%&'"()"*(+#$,'"-"!"%&'(")!"#)*#+%,

.&/0"1"-"#$%&'"()"*(+#$,'"-"123"&45423"1671 899: Background: ‘Jeep’ is used as a generic name for the tough army vehicle that first

appeared during the Second World War. Some early models were called GPs, which may account for the name. Questions: Have you ever ridden in a Jeep? What did it feel like? What other army vehicles can you think of? Why do you think they are usually dark green?

.&/0";"-"#$%&'"()"*(+#$,'"-";<="&45423"16;1 0<>?@A"BC>42A Background: Enrico Caruso was one of the most famous singers of the 20th century. He

had a rich voice, and although he sang a range of different kinds of music he was a particularly well-liked opera singer. It was unusual for someone to make so many recordings when the technology for recording was still in its infancy. Some people said that he did it because he had a good business head. Questions: Do you remember Caruso? Did you like his voice? When did you first hear him sing? Do you like opera? Which is your favourite one?

.&/0";"-"#$%&'"()"*(+#$,'"-"D>="&45423"16EF (<=9:9<=9<@9"GA>"HCICJC Background: The first steps towards independence for Malaya came with the election of

Tunku Abdul Rahman. Many Commonwealth countries were on the path to independence in the 1950s and 60s. Questions: Have you ever lived in another country? What was it like? Which other Commonwealth countries do you know?

.&/0"D"-"#$%&'"()"*(+#$,'"-"73K"&45423"16L1 MA4?2"&>N23>A<5 Background: Louis Armstrong was a famous and popular jazz musician, probably best

known as a trumpeter. Some records give his birth year as 1900, but 1901 is generally held to be the correct version. He made lots of recordings, both instrumental and vocals and had a long career. He died in 1971. Copyright © 2011, Everyday Miracles Ltd. All rights reserved.

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The Weekly Sparkle • The Reminiscence Newspaper • Carer’s Notes • 1st - 7th August 2011 Questions: Do you like Louis Armstrong’s music? Which of his tunes or songs do you like

best? Which other jazz musicians had nicknames? What kind of music did you like when you were young? Could you dance to it?

!"#$%&%'%()*"+%,-%.,/()0+%'%123%"45462%789: ;<=>?@A%;BA=BC Background: Marilyn Monroe took her own life when she was only 37. She was one of the

most glamourous film stars of the 20th century. She didn’t have a happy life even as a child when she was abandoned by her parents and her foster parents. She had unhappy marriages - all 3 ended in divorce. Questions: Did you like Marilyn Monroe? Have you seen her in any films? Which ones? Where did you see it? Who did you go to the cinema with? Where was your nearest cinema? What was it called? Have you heard any records of Marilyn Monroe singing? [Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend; Happy Birthday; I Wanna Be Loved By You.]

!"#$%D%'%()*"+%,-%.,/()0+'%923%"45462%78D1 .>=B63>E< Background: The first atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in

1945 caused devastating damage. Buildings were completely disturbed but the most disastrous effect was the long term radiation damage done to people. It was not just those who were there who were killed or injured, but future generations, who were affected. Questions: Do you remember hearing about the atom bomb? What did you think it was? Did you see pictures of the damage to buildings and people?

!"#$%D%'%()*"+%,-%.,/()0+%'%F23%"45462%789D GB=?HI6%B?HC62%2=CC Background: Bristlecone pines are native to America and typically live for centuries. You

can tell the age of a tree using dendrochronology, which means counting the rings when you cut a tree down. Each tree ring is a year’s growth. The very old bristlecone pine in the article was cut down because the research being carried out on it went wrong. Questions: Have you seen any very old trees in this country? What were they? Have you ever seen tree rings, eg in sawn logs? Do you think scientists should be allowed to carry out investigations on very old trees like this?


! ______________________________________________________

(.$%G"+%G$%G$0$%'%!"#$%&'"()*%+#,-.%#!%/,01 !"#$%1%'%J>2K3CA%5<H5C26 Background: Some people like gadgets, others prefer simple implements and utensils. In

the 1940s and 50s there were very few electrical gadgets, but a lot of low-tech items like egg slicers and cherry stoners.

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The Weekly Sparkle • The Reminiscence Newspaper • Carer’s Notes • 1st - 7th August 2011 Questions: Do you like gadgets? Which kitchen gadgets did you think were the most

useful? What were they made of? Were they easy to clean? Did they save time?

!"#$%&%'%()*+,-%.)+/%01+/,2 Background: Listen with Mother was broadcast on radio, on the Light Programme, aimed

at children under 5 who were not yet at school. The signature tune was Berceuse (‘Cradle Song’) from Faure’s Dolly Suite. In the picture, Daphne Oxenford is on the left, and Julia Lang is shown at the microphone, on the right. They were two of the most regular story readers. Questions: Did you or your children listen to Listen with Mother? What did they say at the start of the programme? Which did you like best, the songs or the stories? Did you sit still and listen? What did the adults in the family do while it was on? Were there any other programmes aimed at young children? What did radios look like in those days?

!"#$%3%'%4+12,%5678192: Background: Before the days of freezers and 24 hour shopping, and especially in rural

areas, it was necessary to plan ahead to avoid running out of basic supplies. For people with a memory of food shortages during the war, it was probably second nature to buy extra. Fridges were used, as many homes did not have a deep freezer until the 1960s. Questions: What were your favourite ‘store cupboard stand-bys’? What sort of foods did you have in your cupboard for unexpected visitors? How long did tinned foods last? What did people do if they wanted ice cream at home? Did you have a freezer?



;<%=<>%?$0$0@$?A%'%!"#$%&'$$()*%+#',-%#!%.'/0 !"#$%3%'%<62%2,:%9-:%8B95C%592 Background: By the 1950s more and more families were buying cars – mainly second hand

pre-war models. Keeping them clean and making them different from the rest were two of the key points of ownership. Repainting them, though, was unusual. Questions: Did you have a family car? What was the first one you can remember? What was it like? Where did people park their cars when you were a lad? Did they have garages?

!"#$%D%'%E/,%F9-8,229%@1G8,2 Background: The English Electric Canberra was a jet-powered light bomber manufactured

in large numbers through the 1950s. It could fly higher than any other bomber of the times and set a world altitude record of 70,310 ft (21,430 m) in 1957. Its power to weight ratio also meant it could out-fly most other aircraft of the time. Questions: Were you in the forces or cadets? What sorts of things did you do? Can you remember the Canberra? Can you tell me about any other airplanes of that time?

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The Weekly Sparkle • The Reminiscence Newspaper • Carer’s Notes • 1st - 7th August 2011

!"#$%&%'%())%)*+%,)-%.)/012 Background: In the years after the war men’s hockey was a game of growing popularity.

Most players learned the game at private schools or at college. It was fast, hard and energetic. By the 1960s it had become a young man’s game and clubs began arranging matches for their ‘older’ members. Questions: What sort of games did you play when you were young? What do you think about being too old to play a game you like? Did you ever play hockey? What do you think about sport today – football, cricket and the like? !

! ____________________________________

34$5%(3%637%'%!"#$"%&'()"**"%& !"#$%8%'%9/.))*%+:;;1-< Background: Lots of children used to find school dinners a bit of a trial. Many people will

remember particular foods they hated - and what they did to avoid eating them! Questions: Did you like school dinners? Was there any food you didn’t like in school dinners? What did you or your friends do to avoid eating things you didn’t like? What would your mother have said if you had taken food home in your hanky?

!"#$%8%'%=1:>.:;>%:;>-1+:1;?< Background: When you have made some dishes very often, it gets easier to guess what

quantity of each ingredient to use. Some people are good at guessing, others are meticulous about weighing. Questions: Are you a ‘weigher’ or a ‘guesser’? Did you follow recipes carefully? What kind of scales did you use? If you used balancing scales, what were the weights like? Did you have cookery lessons at school? !

! ____________________

@7ABB$9%'%+,%(+-. !"#$%C%'%D11E:;>%/*1F;%% !"#$%C%'%G:*H%<?:**< !

! ____________________________________

9AI#"J3I#9%'%*,(/%,0/*(%"1#22 !"#$%KL%'%=1M**%011E%F%N1*/)H1%:;%?.1%.:**<:+1 !"#$%KL%'%5:+:;>%F*);>%:;%H2%FO?)H)P:*1

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