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On 30th January 1958, a new name appeared on the fashion scene. Yves Saint Laurent was a young man of 22 and he held his first fashion show in Paris. He had been apprenticed to Christian Dior at the age of 18. When Dior died in 1957, it was Yves Saint Laurent who took over the running of the famous fashion house. He was regarded as a genius. Individual items from the big fashion houses in Paris were beyond the reach of most women. Both Dior and YSL, as he was often called, influenced high street shops. Remember Dior’s New Look?

Monday 30th January 2012


I could never understand why grown-ups talked about ‘boiled sweets’. When I was a child you had boiled vegetables, or you boiled dishcloths, but I couldn’t see the connection with sweets. I was happy enough to eat them of course, if they were offered! My favourites were fruit drops, especially the sharp citrus-y lemon or green lime flavoured ones. They made your mouth water when they were both sour and sweet at the same time. Later, when I was a bit older, and was allowed to make toffee, I understood about boiling the sugar.

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Dear Mary and Jimmy

The green shoots and simple white flowers of the Snowdrop are so delicate. They poke their heads up through the remains of a snowfall, and appear to herald the first signs of spring. I love them. When Betty and Chris were young we competed to see who could find the first Snowdrop of the year. Now they do this with their children. Me and Angie have a special place for our Snowdrops under a tree in the garden where they catch the morning sun and can be seen from the kitchen window. Snowdrop time is the one time I am happy to do the washing up!

Did you have a favourite teacher when you were at primary school? What a difference it made to the start of a new term if you felt you were going back to a familiar teacher who you liked and wanted to please. At my school, everyone’s favourite was Miss May. She was young, and pretty, but best of all she always made you feel that she liked you and was proud of you. If you got sums or spellings wrong she praised you for trying before she made you do the corrections. Not like Mr Tipping who hit you with a ruler! Best wishes from Eileen

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Name these spring flowers:

I'm wild again, beguiled ----

1. One of the first signs of spring.

A simpering, whimpering ---again

2. Birds like to peck them. 3. You might associate these with Amsterdam. 4. These have a sweet perfume.

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I Couldn't sleep and wouldn't sleep When love came and told me, I shouldn't ---Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I Lost my ----, but what of it He is cold I agree He can laugh, but I love it Although the ---- on me

5. Named after a Greek legend.

I'll ---- to him, each spring to him And long for the ---- when I'll ---- to him

ANSWERS 2. Child 3. Sleep 5. Laugh's 6. Sing 8. Cling 9. am I


Bewitched, bothered and bewildered ----

1. Again 4. Heart 7. Day

6. Wordsworth wrote a poem about these. 1. Snowdrop 3. Tulip 5. Narcissus

2. Crocus 4. Hyacinth 6. Daffodils

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