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Thursday 18th August 2011



On 18th August, 1969, the famous Woodstock Festival came to an end after three days and nights of non-stop ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’. It was the first real rock festival. Woodstock was just outside New York. The rainstorms didn’t dampen people’s exuberance, and they danced naked in the muddy fields and had a jolly good time!

Did you ever see children with purple patches on their faces when you were young? It was Gentian Violet that was used to treat Impetigo. Impetigo was a common skin disease that was easily passed from one child to another. Grownups always tut-tutted about it, but I suppose you couldn’t help getting it if you were in contact with someone who already had it.

Singers and musicians included Janis Joplin, The Who, Grateful Dead and Joan Baez. A film of the festival was released the following year hippies and flower-power had arrived!

Gentian Violet used to sting like mad when it was first put on. It was used for cuts and scrapes too because it was a strong antiseptic. It would have been better if it was skin coloured wouldn’t it?

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When Uncle Fred and Aunt Ellen came back from a holiday in Scotland they returned with something that surprised us all – the recipe for ‘Mince and Tatties’. It seems that the guest house they stayed at, served this every-other night for dinner while they were there. Dad said that was typical, because it’s a relatively cheap meal to make and it fills up the hungriest of tummies. Aunt Ellen got really annoyed and told him that was unfair and that he should try some. Dad had no option but to try some that Aunt Ellen had cooked. He loved them! ‘I should have known better than to argue with her’ was all he said.


Dear Mary and Jimmy What rich and interesting languages we have in the British Isles. I like hearing regional accents, and I like puzzling over slang words that you often hear in different parts of the country. In Cheshire an ‘attercob’ is a spider. ‘Baggin’ time’ is another way of saying ‘elevenses’ there. If you’re in Derbyshire, and you hear someone talking about the ‘dog-shelf’, they mean the floor. If they ‘bobby off’ it means they left in a hurry. In Devon and Cornwall, the locals call tourists ‘grockles’ and ‘emmets’. Aren’t they lovely colourful words? Best wishes from John

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What is the real meaning of these Cockney Rhyming Slang phrases? 1. Apples and Pears. 2. Titfer (tit for tat)

We shall overcome, we shall ----

3. Dog and bone

We shall overcome someday; Oh, --- in my heart, I do believe, We shall overcome someday. We'll walk hand in ----, We'll walk hand in hand, We'll walk hand in hand ----; Oh, deep in my ----, I do believe, We'll walk hand in hand someday. We shall ---- in peace, we shall live in peace, We shall live in peace someday; Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe, We shall live in peace.

6. North and south 7. Daisy roots 8. Frog and toad 9. Tea leaf

10. Trouble and strife


ANSWERS 2. deep 4. someday 6. live

5. Bread (bread and honey)

1. overcome 3. hand 5. heart

4. Bull and cow

1. Stairs 3. Phone 5. Money 7. Boots 9. Thief

2. Hat 4. Row 6. mouth 8. Road 10. Wife

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The Daily Sparkle Carer’s Notes

The Daily Sparkle • Carer’s Notes

17 - 23 Jan 2011

Thursday)18th)August)2011 PAGE)1)•)TODAY)IN)HISTORY)•)through'the'years'•)18th)August)1969 Woodstock Background: This was Woodstock, USA not Woodstock the village in Oxfordshire UK. It

was a festival that had been set up in 1906, but this was the first time it took the form of a hippie extravaganza. People say that, like the 60s, if you remember it you couldn’t have been there. Questions: Do you remember reading about or hearing about Woodstock? What other music festivals have you heard of? Have you ever been to one? Were you, or anyone you know, a hippie? What sort of clothes did hippies wear?

PAGE)1)•)THE)WAY)WE)WERE)•)from'Mary’s'point'of'view Impetigo Background: Impetigo was a horribly itchy and quick spreading skin disease caused by

bacteria. Like nits it was often associated with poverty and dirtiness, but in both cases if you came into contact with someone who had it you were at risk of getting it. It didn’t matter how clean you were. Gentian Violet was a strong antisceptic, bright purple in colour, that was painted on the skin. It was sometimes used for cuts and scrapes but it stung when applied. Questions: Do you remember seeing children with Gentian Violet on their skin? What sort of remedies would you use now? What did Gentian Violet smell like? Did you ever have cuts and scrapes treated with Germolene or iodine? What was that like?

PAGE)2)•)DO)YOU)REMEMBER?)•)from'Jimmy’s'point'of'view' Mince)and)Tatties Background: This is a simple, inexpensive and filling dish that was a staple part of the diet

in many Scottish households. The main constituents are minced beef (best or cheap depending on funds) and boiled potatoes which are served either as mash or cut into chunks. Diced swede and/or sliced carrots can be added if you wish! Questions: Did you have a particular meal that the family ate every week? What was your favourite meal? Did you ever have Mince & Tatties?

PAGE)2)•)OVER)TO)YOU)•)Readers’'Letters' Slang Background: Different regions have their own dialect and slang language. Sometimes they

are funny, and sometimes people from outside the area don’t know what it means. Questions: Can you remember any slang or dialect words from the area where you grew up? What did they mean? Did you ever hear slang words in another part of the UK? Did you understand them? Should we use slang, or the Queen’s English - or a mixture of both?

PAGE)3)•)QUIZ)•)Rhyming)slang PAGE)3)•)SINGALONG)•)We)shall)overcome

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