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: Enterasys Networks 2B0-011


: ES Router Configuration

Version : R6.1

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1. Which two L3 multicast routing protocols does the X-Pedition Router support? A. PIM-SM B. IGRP C. EIGRP D. DVMRP Answer: AD 2. What are the two Queuing Management policies on the X-Pedition Router? A. Strict Priority, Control Policy B. Control Policy, Precedence Policy C. Strict Priority, Weighted Fair Queuing D. Control Policy, Weighted Fair Queuing Answer: C 3. During the boot process, what are all the physical ports initially added to? A. default VLAN B. configured VLAN C. protocol-based VLAN D. Physical ports are not detected during boot process Answer: A 4. What is the second step to gain access to an X-Pedition Router when the password is unknown? A. Copy the startup file to a backup B. Power cycle the router C. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL D. Rename the active file to bootup Answer: A 5. When an L3 interface is created on the X-Pedition Router and associated with a single port, which type of VLAN is created? A. Implicit Port based B. Implicit Subnet based C. Explicit Bridged-Protocol based D. No VLAN is created or required Answer: B 6. Which two types of VLAN ports are supported on the X-Pedition Router? A. Access and Full Duplex B. Control and Hybrid C. Trunk and Control

D. Access and Trunk Answer: D 7. Which one of the following statements best describes the L2 operation of the X-Pedition Router? A. It acts as a Store and Forward switch. B. It acts as a Simple Cut-Through switch. C. It acts as an Adaptive Cut-Through switch. D. It acts as a Store and Cut-Through switch. Answer: A 8. Which two of the following descriptions are characteristics of the X-Pedition Router? A. Routing is performed by hardware B. The addition of new interfaces affects routing performance C. Forwarding and lookups are performed on each individual module D. Implementing Quality of Service and/or security Access Control Lists decreases performance Answer: AC 9. What of the following would cause the X-Pedition Router to go into Boot Prom Mode? A. a loss of power B. an invalid system image during bootup C. an invalid startup configuration during bootup D. Removing the PCMCIA card when the control module is operating Answer: BD 10. What is the slot numbering scheme for the XP8000 (formerly the SSR8000)? A. bottom left slot 0 to top right slot 7 B. bottom left slot 0 to top right slot 8 C. bottom right slot 0 to top left slot 7 D. bottom right slot 0 to top left slot 8 Answer: A 11. Which type of VLAN does the X-Pedition Router define that works at L3? A. SNA B. IP and IPX C. DECnet and IPv6 D. Bridged-Protocols Answer: B 12. Which of the following protocols does the X-Pedition Router route? A. IP, IPX B. IP only; all other protocols bridged

C. IP, IPX, DECnet, and Vines; all other protocols bridged D. IP, IPX and AppleTalk routed by ASICs; DECnet and Vines routed by software Answer: A 13. How many Queue Priority Levels are on the router? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer: D 14. What is the first step to gain access to an X-Pedition Router when the password is unknown? A. Press the ESC key B. Power cycle the router and press the ESC key to enter BootROM mode. C. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL D. Rename the active file to bootup Answer: B 15. Which two methods can be used to load an operational system image to the X-Pedition Router? A. Load from a file on an FTP Server B. Load from a file on a TFTP Server C. Load from a file in the pc-flash/boot/ directory D. Load from a file in the in the int-flash/cfg/ directory Answer: BC 16. What is the X-PEDITION Router's default metric for redistributing routes into RIP? A. 0 B. 1 C. 14 D. 16 Answer: D 17. What is the default output-mac-encapsulation for an IPX interface on the X-Pedition Router? A. ethernet_ii B. ethernet_snap C. ethernet_802.2 D. ethernet_802.3 Answer: A 18. Which of the following types of vlans are supported? A. ip, ipx, icmp, and arp

B. ipx, dec, apollo, and net-bios C. mac-based, policy-based, ip and ipx D. ip, ipx, port-based, and bridged-protocols Answer: D 19. Which two types of VLANs may be created on the X-Pedition Router? A. Trunk B. Access C. Port-Based D. Protocol-Based Answer: CD 20. Which command in enable mode displays the files in the int-flash/cfg/ directory? A. file dir slot0: B. system dir slot0: C. file dir bootflash: D. system show bootflash: Answer: C 21. Which command displays the detailed information of all RIP packets sent and received? A. rip trace sent packets B. rip trace received request C. rip trace packets detail D. rip trace packets sent-received Answer: C 22. What are the three major steps required to create a L3 Protocol-based VLAN? A. Create the VLAN, add physical ports, and assign a policy B. Create the VLAN, make the trunk port, and assign a policy C. Create the VLAN, make the trunk port, and add an IP address to the VLAN D. Create the VLAN, add physical ports to the VLAN, and add IP/IPX address to the VLAN Answer: D 23. Which command can change the X-Pedition Router system contact name to "User One? A. set User_One system name B. set system name "User One" C. system set contact "User One" D. system set administrator User_One Answer: C 24. Which command displays the contents of a stored configuration file on the monitor screen?

A. file type <filename> B. file show <filename> C. system show <filename> D. system type <filename> Answer: A 25. What does the command system show version display? A. the printed circuit board revision B. the image selected for next boot C. the Boot Prom version and software version D. the hardware and software version of the Line Cards Answer: C 26. Which command example enables RIPv2 on an interface? A. rip add version 2 B. rip set version 2 C. rip add interface version 2 D. rip set interface version 2 Answer: D 27. Which CLI command defines an ospf area as a Stub Area? A. ospf set area <32 bit address> stub B. ospf add interface <designator> stub C. ospf create stub-area <32 bit address> D. interface set ospf area <32 bit address> stub Answer: A 28. In bootprom mode, which command displays the X-Pedition Router configuration files on the internal flash? A. ls /bootup/pc-flash/ B. ls /int-flash/cfg/ C. file dir int-flash/cfg/ D. system show bootup/cfg/ Answer: B 29. Which command implements QoS weighted Fair Policy? A. qos set queuing-policy weighted-fair B. set qos queuing-policy weighted-fair C. queuing-policy set qos weighted-fair D. set weighted-fair queuing-policy qos

Answer: A 30. Which command (from Enable mode) saves the current running configuration to the startup configuration file? A. save active to startup B. copy active to startup C. copy scratchpad to startup D. copy running-config to startup-config Answer: B 31. Which prompt indicates Enable mode? A. > B. # C. ! D. (enable) Answer: B 32. Which command sets access privileges for remote SNMP management? A. system set snmp community <community name> B. set community <community name> snmp privilege C. snmp set community <community name> privilege < keyword> D. snmp set target <IP of target> community <community name> status enable Answer: C 33. Which command displays the IP Route Table on the X-Pedition Router? A. ip show routes B. show routes all C. show ip route-table D. ip-router show route-table Answer: A 34. Which command copies the default startup file to a backup file in ROM Monitor mode? A. cp /startup/cfg B. copy /startup.cfg

/backup/cfg /backup.cfg

C. cp /int-flash/cfg/startup


D. copy /int-flash/cfg/startup /int-flash/cfg/backup Answer: C 35. When multiple images are on an X-Pedition Router, which command selects the next boot image? A. system select image <image name> B. system image choose <image name>

C. system choose version <version name> D. system image select version <version name> Answer: B 36. Which command example configures a static route on the X-Pedition router? A. ip add route gateway B. ip add route nexthop C. ip create route gateway D. ip create route nexthop Answer: A 37. Which CLI command is used to create the OSPF backbone? A. ospf create area backbone B. ip-router create ospf area C. interface create ospf area backbone D. ospf area create interface <designator> Answer: A 38. Which of the following commands will configure RIP on an IPX interface? A. rip add interface all B. rip add interface <ipx interface number> C. rip add interface <ipx network number> D. no command is required, rip starts when the ipx interface is created Answer: D 39. Which CLI command defines an OSPF router-id? A. global set router-id <32 bit address> B. ip-router global set router-id <32 bit address> C. interface set router-id <32 bit address> global D. router-id <32 bit address> set interface <designator> global Answer: B 40. Which command displays the output of the RIP Trace command on the terminal monitor? A. rip trace on B. rip trace start C. set rip trace-state on D. ip-router set trace-state on Answer: D 41. Which CLI command is necessary to begin the OSPF process? A. start ospf

B. ospf start C. ospf set enable D. enable ospf state on Answer: B 42. Which CLI command associates an interface to an OSPF area? A. area <area id> add interface <ip address> B. interface <ip address> set to-area <area id> C. ospf add interface <ip address> to-area <area id> D. interface add ospf to-area <area id> <ip-address> Answer: C 43. Which CLI command would configure an IP address to the loopback interface? A. interface add ip lo0 address-netmask <ip-adress/mask> B. interface create ip lo0 address-netmask <ip-adress/mask> C. interface set ip loopback0 address-netmask <ip-adress/mask> D. ip add interface loopback0 address-netmask <ip-adress/mask> Answer: A 44. Which X-Pedition Router command copies the startup configuration file to a server? A. copy startup to tftp-server B. copy active to <IP address> C. copy startup to <IP address> D. copy active to tftp-server Answer: A 45. Which method can be used to enter Boot Prom mode on the X-Pedition Router? A. Press ^C keys while booting B. Press ^Z keys while booting C. Press ESC key while booting D. Type Boot-Prom command in Enable mode Answer: C 46. Which command is used to transfer an image to the X-Pedition Router? A. copy ftp flash <ftp-server ip address> <path and file name> B. copy image flash <tftp-server ip address> <path and file name> C. system image add tftp-server <tftp-server ip address> file-name <path and file name> D. system ftp image <ftp-server ip address> <path and file name> Answer: C 47. Which command example configures a default route on the X-Pedition Router?

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