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Are you sick and tired of “advertising salespeople” stopping in your salon or spa or bothering you on the phone telling you the next best way to get you lots of new customers? And you don’t even want to listen to their pitch because of all the FALSE PROMISES you’ve been subject to over the years. Plus NOTHING has ever worked and you’re tired of throwing your hard earned money down the “black advertising hole” AGAIN.

Are you puzzled as to why your website (if you have one) is not doing jack as far as getting you new customers?

If you already have a website, are you bewildered as to WHY when your potential customers search on Google, MSN or Yahoo can’t find you?

Are you tired of riding the salon/spa rollercoaster … busy one week, then wondering what the hell happened the next week?

Do you get ticked off because sometimes your employees make more than you do, go on more vacations than you do, come and go as they please, didn’t put a penny into the business and don’t have any of the risks and stress that you have, day in and day out?

Is that “word of mouth” advertising that you rely so heavily on leaving your salon or spa empty at times and your phone more silent than you would

Do you feel pressured to pay the stupid yellow page company their outrageous fees every year because you’re afraid of not being in their book?

Have you “HAD IT” working 60+ hours week after week after week and no extra money to show for it?

Are you fed up that your chairs are NOT filled day after day like everyone told you would be if you just “give the business time”?

Are you scared to death to raise your prices because you think your customers will go somewhere else to get their services you offer?

Have you had it with everyone giving you advice (including family members) on how to be more successful at your business?

Do you break into a cold sweat when you drive by one of your close competitors salon or spa and see all the bays full and no empty parking spaces?

If you answered YES to one or more (maybe all) of these questions, then this special report is just for you. If you know deep down that you deserve to make a lot more money, I’ve proven to make my salon and my members salons and spas website bring in more than 35 new clients EACH MONTH and how I do it is radically different from anything you have ever seen. I am willing to tell you how to do the same so that you can turn your salon or spa into a massive-profit money making machine like mine.

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