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Name For Dry Cleaners

Even Without Knocking On One Single Door, Mike Coburn Added An Additional 47 Buyers To His Dry Cleaning Route In His First 2 Weeks Using The Colosi Dry Cleaning Promoting Method!            

Friday, June 04, 2010 12:46:43 AM

RE: Name For Dry Cleaners From: Greg Colosi

You're About To Learn How To Get Brand-New Dry Cleaning Clients And Continue To Keep Them Loyal Without Having To Use Frequent Couponing Or Almost Any Other Sorts Of Regular Advertising And Marketing Techniques That Won't Work.... Especially In Hard Times!  

Doug Sanders generated 119 new customers to his route in 11 weeks using Greg's system!

Kent Wales in Spokane, WA added an extra 10 new consumers last week simply because of the Colosi dry cleaners advertising “no door knocking” method! Ken & Pat McKenzie beginning from scratch, added an extra 147 route consumers in their first 2 months! Bill Raines added 15 shoppers in 5 weeks!

Daryll Starr has 232 new route buyers mainly because of Greg Colosi's Technique! David Whitehurst has added over 500 shoppers in 1 year! Ben Fiengold added an additional 8 buyers last week! Mike Coburn added an extra 47 users to his dry cleaning route in his very first 2 weeks employing the Colosi dry cleaning marketing process!

Wouldn't You Like A Guaranteed Way To Attract Prospects To Your Route Without Needing Or Even Knocking On One Single, Solitary Door?

I Have 80 Dry Cleaners/Dry Cleaning Professional Just Like You That Are Making Use Of The Colosi Dry Cleaner Promotional Procedure To Get Additional Customers In A Month Than They At One Point Would Pick Up Almost All Year.

In this Free Report I discuss my biggest techniques for obtaining and holding onto excellent dry cleaning prospects...PLUS:    

Simple methods to have the life-style you deserve, work less, come and go whenever you please and get all of the "moolah" to go along with that.

A way to eliminate throwing away money on ineffective advertising campaigns, coupons, flyers, door-hangers, bag drops, money mailers or just about anything you are using. Simple methods to "set up" your own dry cleaner’s marketing to ensure it is actually on 95% auto-pilot without having much maintenance from you. A way to increase your sales of your existing route by 21% utilizing one hassle-free tactic that usually takes 3 minutes a week to set up. The right way to avoid the 5 major promotional mistakes that the majority of dry cleaners commit when attempting to create a route.

The best ways to begin getting brand new route customers virtually within just a couple of days! Methods to generate considerably more money with very few head aches, less stress and anxiety - by shooting dead the "4 dumbest dry cleaning advertising mistakes" commited by dry cleaner owners. Take in the "right" kinds of clients who aren't going to be just looking for the lowest price. Provide value vs. price and nevertheless earn a handsome profit. Along With The Best Surest Method For You To DOUBLE YOUR DRY CLEANING BUSINESS!  

Supercharging Sales & Earnings for your dry cleaning business truly got quite a lot easier. Learn precisely how. Take a split second... fill in the form beneath, to instantly get a hold of your free report disclosing my most effective tactics for gaining brand-new dry cleaning clients and

retaining their loyalty without the need of constant discounting.  

Pick Up Your Individual Copy Of My ProfitProducing F-R-E-E Report!

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Name For Dry Cleaners  

Name For Dry Cleaners

Name For Dry Cleaners  

Name For Dry Cleaners