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With Out Banging On One Single Door, Doug Sanders generated 119 new clients to his route in 11 weeks! Using The New Dry Cleaning Marketing And Advertising Method From Greg Colosi!            

Friday, June 04, 2010 12:28:57 AM

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Keep Reading, Simply Because You Are About To Find Out How To Generate Spanking New Dry Cleaning Customers And Always Keep Them Loyal Without The Need Of Repeated Discounting Or Any Similar Conventional Marketing And Advertising Techniques Which Really Don't Work.... Especially In Tough Times!  

Bill Raines added an additional 15 clients in 5 weeks!

Doug Sanders generated 119 new clients to his route in 11 weeks! Kent Wales in Spokane, WA added an extra 10 new customers last week entirely because of the Colosi dry cleaners marketing “no door knocking” procedure! 181 NEW paying customers in total! Ben Fiengold added an additional 8 clients last week!

Ken & Pat McKenzie starting off from scratch, added 147 route customers in their very first 2 months! Daryll Starr has 232 new route users for the reason that he's using Greg Colosi's Method! David Whitehurst has added an additional over 500 buyers in 1 year! Mike Coburn added an additional 47 buyers to his dry cleaning route in his initial 2 weeks using the Colosi dry cleaning marketing and advertising program!

Are You Interested In A Guaranteed Strategy To Attract Consumers To Your Route Even Without Knocking On One Door?

I Have 80 Dry Cleaners/Dry Cleaning Professional Just Like You That Are Utilizing The Colosi Dry Cleaner Marketing And Advertising Procedure To Get A Good Deal More Customers In Thirty Days Than They Would Once Grab The Whole Year.

Within this Free Report I expose my biggest ways for gaining and keeping high caliber dry cleaning clients...PLUS:    

Techniques to obtain the life style you deserve, work less, come and go any time you please and obtain all of the cash to go along with that. The way to discontinue throwin away money on

ineffective ads, coupons, pamphlets, door-hangers, bag drops, money mailers or whatever you are implementing. How you can "set up" your dry cleaner’s advertising and marketing to ensure it is on 95% autopilot devoid of much participation from you. A way to increase your sales of your existing route by 21% using one simple tactic that requires 3 minutes a week to put together. Methods to stay clear of the 5 most significant advertising mistakes that almost all dry cleaners make when trying to develop a route.

How you can begin obtaining brand new route customers literally within just a couple of days! The way to earn considerably more money with few problems, less stress and anxiety - by shooting dead the "4 stupidest dry cleaning advertising and marketing mistakes" commited by dry cleaner owners. Distinguish your business to catch the attention of more upscale consumers to your dry cleaning venture. Pull in the "best" kinds of customers that are definitely not just searching for a bargain. Not To Mention The Swiftest Surest Method That Will DOUBLE YOUR DRY CLEANING BUSINESS!    

How many route customers would you like to bring in this week, month and year? It is achievable using the "Colosi Dry Cleaner Marketing Model”. Request my report and I am going to show you the way in which each of these dry cleaners did it. Go ahead, fill out the form and you'll get my free

report by email right away.  

Get Your Individual Copy Of My RevenueGenerating F.R.E.E. Report!

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Dry Cleaning Advertisement  

Dry Cleaning Advertisement

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