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You're About To Study Salon Advertising Strategies That The Large Majority Of Salon/Spa Proprietors Will Definitely Never Learn About When It Comes To Advertising (and Marketing) And Producing Large Income With Their Salons!          

Thursday, June 03, 2010 11:58:43 PM

RE: Salon Advertising

From: Michael Colosi

his may very well be the most vital webpage(s) you could have ever examined, the upcoming profitability of your hair salon/spa might possibly depend on it.

Allow me to give you an idea of what you're about to master on the inside: In my extremely special and outstanding salon advertising and marketing insider report I will uncover: Simple methods to avoid the five primary problems that almost every salon owner creates. How you can get valued clientele to refer you like crazy-65% of new prospects will happen from word-of-mouth! Â A way to break free of price competing and avoid the "lowest priced value challenges" and acquire greater potential clients at a higher net. Find out how to "layout" your advertising so that it's on 90% auto-pilot without much supervision from you. Find out how to prevent wasting cash on ineffective advertising campaigns.

"So, if that isn't enough, look at what else I go into in this astounding salon report": Why you should coach your prospective shoppers so that these individuals only consider you whenever they are planning to buy the services you have available. This approach is potent. It will absolutely improve the style customers notice you, chat with you and deal with you. Proven methods to have a stealth and "quiet salesforce" out working for you 24/7. The way to have the "Special 7" marketing and advertising systems running for you whilst not having any engagement on your part. How you can almost instantly get written recommendations through your potential clients without nary any effort. How can one get suppliers and dining establishments in your vicinity eagerly desiring to promote for your


Hold it! I Am Just Getting Warmed Up.....I Disclose Much Much More....Including: How you can "cross-sell" together with various business in your vicinity. This one strategy by itself can add an additional ten thousand dollars in your bank account this season. Study the (ONLY) three tactics (that work) to receive potential customers originating from the world-wide-web. To know how to get all of the "techie stuff" carried out for you, making sure that you do not even need to own a computer system or know the best ways to benefit from a PC in your business. Methods to immediately boost your prices by 10% with ABSOLUTELY NO undesirable results. And the reason why cutting down your fees is like committing suicide to your salon. Take your gross sales (the total income you compiled last year) and exponentially increase it by 10%. That additional money shall be in YOUR bank account every year from now on.     The way to produce additional "earnings streams" that make common sense.

PLUS....... A way to produce more revenue with a lot fewer hassles, a lesser amount of stress--by firing dead "the 4 most unbelievably dumb marketing slipups" done by hair and spa salon managers. Tips on how to "squeeze out every penny and cent" concealed in your list of potential consumers. Why you should build an immediate cash flow upturn in 21 days or less!

Find out how to enhance the regularity that your potential customers patronize your salon for offerings on a yearly basis. Find out how to find out what your salon's Unique Selling Position (USP) is. The moment you and your valued clientele comprehend this you have an undeniable LOCK on your buyer's business FOREVER. Â

.....And I Saved Some Of The Best Stuff That You Will ONLY Get To Read About In My Report!

Simply Fill Out The Form Below To Get Immediate Access To My Free Salon and Spa Massive Profit Generating Report! Contact Information Email * First Name * Last Name * Company Street Address1 * Street Address2 City * State/Province * Zip/Postal Code * Phone * Fax Send My Report Now!

And It Goes Without Saying, But We Will Say It Anyways: "We Do NOT Share Your Info With Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere"

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Salon Advertising  

Salon Advertising

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