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Opening A Hair Salon Checklist

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Thursday, June 03, 2010 11:58:03 PM

RE: Opening A Hair Salon Checklist

From: Michael Colosi

his will very well be the most significant websites you could have possibly examined, the potential future profitability of your hair salon/spa might count on it.

Allow me give you an idea of what you're

about to discover after you read this report ... In my incredible and highly sought after salon marketing and advertising insider report I am going to disclose: Proven methods to eliminate the five most challenging faults that just about every salon proprietor commits Simple methods to get clients to refer you like crazy--65% of new customers will occur from referrals! Â The way to get awayfrom the "lowest price wins" ware and draw in more desirable (higher paying) potential clients. Easy methods to "layout" your promotion so that it will be on persistent auto-pilot without requiring much involvement from you. A way to end wasting revenue on ineffective commercials and useless ads.

"So even if that isn't enough to satisfy your thirst for success, and you're hungry for more, check out what else I write about in this amazing report": Ways to school and train your potential customers so these customers only think of you anytime they are seeking to invest in the products you provide. This strategy is very important. It's going to totally transform the manner by which potential consumers notice you, speak to you and do business with you. Easy methods to have a "silent salesforce" out creating more new business for you all day, every day. How one can have the "Fortuitous 7" selling delivery programs operating for you without the need for any guidance on your part. Methods to almost instantly get glowing recommendations via your potential clients.

Learn how to get shops and eateries in your city desperately wanting to promote for you.

Hang on! I Am Just Beginning To Get Started.....I Reveal Far More....Like: Find out how to "cross sell" with a few other companies in your city. This single strategy on its own can transfer an additional $10k into your back pocket right now. Learn about the 3 tactics to acquire buyers with your website and the Internet. Learn how to have much of the "techie things" accomplished for you so as you would not even need to own a laptop or know how to use one. Tips to promptly raise your prices by ten percent with HARDLY ANY negative effect. And precisely why cutting down your prices is like a death knell to your salon biz. Take your major product sales (the overall funds you gathered last year) and multiply it by 10%. Those extra funds will be in YOUR banking account yearly starting today.   The best way to create additional "revenue outlets" that make sense.

PLUS....... How to get more revenue with fewer hassles, a reduced amount of pressure--by shooting dead "the four most unbelievably brainless promotional faults" completed by hair and spa salon owners. How you can locate "positive cash flow" money centers buried in your current list of clientele. The way to create an immediate cash flow SURGE in 21 days or less!  

Proven methods to enhance the regularity that your prospects come into your salon for appts each and every year. How can one check what your parlor's Unique Selling Position (USP) is. As soon as you and your valued clientele comprehend this you have a veritable choke-hold on your customers's business for life. Â

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Opening A Hair Salon Checklist  

Opening A Hair Salon Checklist