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How To Market A Hair Salon

You're About To Learn Insider Secrets Of How To Market A Hair Salon That A Great Number Of Salon/Spa Business Owners Would Likely Never Learn About When It Comes To Advertising (and Marketing) And Creating Large Money With Their Own Salons!          

Thursday, June 03, 2010 11:52:27 PM

RE: How To Market A Hair Salon

From: Michael Colosi

his might really be one of the most critical website(s) you've actually read, the potential future success of your hair salon/spa could quite possibly rely on it.

Allow me to share with you what you'll likely be amazed by on the inside ... In my industry exclusive salon advertising and marketing insider report I'll show you: A way to steer clear of the 5 primary mistakes that virtually every beauty and salon operator makes. A way to help get potential customers to talk you up in a big way--sixty-five percent of new customers will originate from referrals! Â The way to break free from the price competition wars and learn how to secure the highest paying clients. Easy methods to "setup" your advertising so that it can be on daily automatic pilot without much effort from you. Tips on how to put an end to using up your hard earned money on useless promotions.

"So now, if that is not enough, look at what else I write about in this incredible salon/spa report": How you can pursuade your future clients to only use you when they are searching to purchase the services you provide. This magic formula is very efficient. It should totally enhance the means by which potential consumers perceive you, speak to you and spend money at your salon. To know how to crate a "subtle advertising force" working for you all waking hours of every day. Simple methods to have the "Miracle 7" marketing campaign techniques operating for you without any management on your part. Simple methods to effectively get recorded or written testimonies from your clients. How you can get suppliers and merchants in your area desperately wanting to advertise for your business.

Stop! I Am Only Getting Started.....I Expose A Lot More....For Instance.... The right way to "cross sell" with many other companies in your area. This unique system by itself can insert a small fortune in your back pocket this year. Gain the knowledge to use the 3 most effective means to generate potential clients with the internet. Learn how to have all of the "technology things" completed for you even if you do not have a PC in your salon. How you can quickly boost your prices by ten percent with VIRTUALLY NO negative effect. And precisely why lowering your selling prices is like suicide to your spa or salon. Take your major revenue (the total income you made a year ago) and increase it by ten percent. That increase shall be in YOUR bank account every year from this point on.   A way to produce more cash with less concerns, and stress--by eliminating "the 4 stupidest promotion blunders" made by beauty shop and salon owners.

And This Too....... The way to "generate more cash" by means currently hidden in your directory of clients. Methods to generate extremely fast cash increases in twenty one days or less! Tips To Produce An Instantaneous Cash Infusion In 21 Days Or Less! Tips to boost the regularity that your clinets check out your salon for what they want and need each and every year.

Find out how to determine what your shop's Unique Selling Position (USP) is. As soon as you and your clients know this you'll have an unbreakable grasp on your valued clientele's business forever. Â

.....And Many More Insider Tidbits That You Will ONLY See In My Report!

Simply Fill Out The Form Below To Get Immediate Access To My Free Salon and Spa Massive Profit Generating Report! Contact Information Email * First Name * Last Name * Company Street Address1 * Street Address2 City * State/Province * Zip/Postal Code * Phone * Fax Send My Report Now!

And It Goes Without Saying, But We Will Say It Anyways: "We Do NOT Share Your Info With Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere"


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How To Market A Hair Salon  

How To Market A Hair Salon

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