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a better environment for our pets and their owners. Congratulations on a terrific, informative magazine. Allison Davis, by email To receive advice on when the magazine is uploaded to our website, be sure to enter the online competition that appears in each edition. When submitting their entry, entrants agree to receiving email updates. Once advised, you will then be able to fully download Your Pet Magazine from the website – Ed. Leo is king

After reading the story about Jessie the Beagle in Your Pet, I felt compelled to write and tell you all about Leo Lionheart. Working as a volunteer with 4 Paws Animal Rescue on the Sunshine Coast, a voluntary group of dedicated animal lovers who rescue cats and dogs from the local pound prior to being euthanased, I see many horrific and tragic sights when it comes to lost, abandoned, surrendered and homeless cats and dogs. But none was as pitiful as when we saw Leo. He was emaciated, riddled with fleas and had a bad case of ear mite. Despite Leo’s bad condition, he was very affectionate and outgoing. We knew he had a lot of potential to make a loving household pet so I took the challenge of battling his health conditions. Every day for two months his ears were bathed and he was shampooed, combed, medicated, and given the works. Now the results speak for themselves. Leo no longer scratches all day. His coat is thick and glossy and he has a lot of condition in his body. In every shape and form, Leo personifies the wonderful cartoon character ‘Garfield’ with his laid back, ‘love ‘em or leave ‘em’ personality. You couldn’t get a better and much more loving cat than Leo. I too say that Leo is a treasure.

Annelies Craig, Sunshine Coast, QLD Annelies Craig has won a copy of the My Family and Other Animals DVD which is available from ABC Shops, ABC Centres, ABC Online and DVD retailers.

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