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petarazzi The Greencross Vets/Triple M dogs breakfast in Brisbane had dogs and their owners drooling over the breakfast menu and howling at The Cage radio breakfast show.

Daisy looks dapper all dressed up for breakfast.

Shetland Sheepdog Zeke clowns around with owner Erin Gibson.

Peter Williams and German Shepherd Sarah enjoy their breakfast date.

Leanne and Tallula Southon-Whitton were up bright and early with their two Shitzus, Chester and Slash.

Your Pet Mag’s Miffy (left) and Bonny rub shoulders with The Cage breakfast show hosts (from left) Sully, Ian Skippen, George and Marto.

Kate Jenian and her assistant dog Dexter were perfectly matched for breakfast.

Marie and Geoff Staples with their happy early risers Tess and Nkita (Bichon Frise X Tibetan Spaniel).

Dr Harry and celebrity dog trainer Steve Austin were joined by thousands of two and four-legged friends for ‘dogaccinos’ at the Jacksons Landing dogs breakfast in Sydney. All agreed the inaugural event was a barking success!


Your Pet Magazine issue 10  

YPM issue 10 2007. Devoted to pets and their owners.