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t takes an incredible number of very intelligent, dedicated and hard-working people to create, install and service the products you’ll find in this water treatment systems catalogue. But just one of them to create this 2010 cover. Drink responsibly!


he human body — young or old, laughing or crying, kissing or hugging, singing or dancing — is about 60% water. ClearWater Systems has been Bermuda’s most trusted source for clean and crystal clear drinking water technologies for more than a decade. We install, maintain and service only brand name, world class equipment so you can be sure that you and your family are drinking the safest, cleanest, clear water.


So if we’re looking after 60% of you, all you have to do is love, laugh, kiss, cry, dance, sing and hug with your other 40%.

After more than a dozen years developing Bermuda-specific solutions for residential and commercial water treatment, ClearWater Systems remains proactive researching & testing new technologies. We’re working harder than ever to help reduce the number of plastic water bottles in Bermuda’s waste stream and to promote sustainable, low or no waste filtration systems so that we can all limit our impact on this fragile island environment. Our all new, no-waste hollow fibre KwikIII™ under counter cartridge system, our almost magic “Water from Air” appliances and our environmentally-friendly Biostim™ foodservice & hospitality solutions are examples that did not even exist a few short years ago.

“Despite having the island’s best selection of water treatment hardware, appliances and technologies our clients continue to rave year after year about our dedicated, friendly and professional technicians.” We promise to help you make the best choices to protect your health and ensure your family’s safety by providing you with current and accurate information and a comprehensive range of services and products. We test each and every product ourselves to determine its compatibility and effectiveness under Bermuda’s often temperamental and unforgiving climate and conditions.

We promise to treat you fairly; to respond to your requests promptly; and to keep you and your family’s health and safety as our top priority by servicing your water treatment equipment promptly and professionally.

Chris Merritt, General Manager ClearWater Systems Ltd.

Paul E. Claude, President & CEO Bermuda’s very own Liquid Group of Companies


reverse osmosis plant

COMMERCIAL filtration

COMMERCIAL UV & Filtration

ource water, or water handled by a POINT OF ENTRY system is filtered and treated upon entry to the building in the pump room and then delivered to rest of the structure.

Systems that incorporate ultraviolet disinfection (UV) are the most popular POINT OF ENTRY systems in Bermuda because bacteria is safely neutralized when it comes in contact with the UV light. Our patented UVB product line is designed to provide

microbiologically safe water at flow rates specific to your usage. Multiple UVB configurations are able to handle larger water volume requirements like commercial and industrial applications and homes with multiple bath and kitchen requirements.

These systems are designed, sold, installed and serviced throughout Bermuda by ClearWater Systems.


ClearWater POINT OF USE treatment systems can be configured to remove sediment, taste, odour, chlorine, microbiological contaminants and dissolved mineral salts (TDS).

These systems work extremely well for both residential and commercial properties in Bermuda. Most operate entirely on water pressure. ClearWater’s “Water from Air” appliances and many of our countertop and free-standing cooler products (pages 6 - 7) can also be classified as POINT OF USE .



ater treatment systems are divided into two categories. “Point of Use” systems are installed right at the specific location where you

need safe, clean, clear drinking water. “Point of Entry” systems provide filtration and treatment (or a combination of the two) for specific zones or entire buildings.

If you find yourself buying between eight and ten loads of water a month, you should consider a reverse osmosis (RO) system which draws from your existing water supply. Depending on their size and

configuration, RO systems can produce hundreds or even thousands of gallons a day from well water or from the sea.

• • • •

Taste & Odour Sand, Silt & Rust Lead & Chemicals Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) • Herbicides, Pesticides & Insecticides • Cysts

The KwikIII operates entirely on water pressure, even low water pressure — in other words it requires no electricity under normal house pressure conditions. The KwikIII, unlike some under counter systems, has the unique benefits of not requiring a storage tank and its hollow fibre cartridge does not restrict the passage of precious minerals that are found naturally in Bermuda tank water.

Water comes in contact with many impurities on its way to your tap — impurities that can produce foul taste and odours, ruin your enjoyment of foods and beverages and potentially pose risks to your health.

Even if your home is supplied with municipal water it may still contain impurities and dissolved solids. People buy bottled water as a result of these quality concerns but it’s expensive, heavy, awkward, inconvenient and eventually, just more trash.


• Wastes no water • Uses no chemicals or electricity • 3-STAGE KWIK-CHANGE™

• 5 Micron Carbon Block Cartridge • 5 Micron Sediment Cartridge • 0.1-0.3 Micron Hollow Fibre Cartridge


more than 95% of contaminates (1) Filters from BOTH air and water. No more bottles to lift or store!

IW-750 has a 7 stage filter system and (2) The can be easily connected to house or office water supply when humidity is low.

gallon onboard storage. Requires no (3)3plumbing. Just plug it in and turn it on.



• • • • •

Automatic shut off Reverse Osmosis & Ultraviolet technology Antibacterial & antifungal filtration Energy saving function Settings allow water to be dispensed cold, hot or at room temperature

• High quality, great tasting pure water • Completely portable

The latest technology reduces or eliminates chlorine, taste, odour, lead and cysts.


Our systems filter, chill and ensure your water stays fresh — not stale from a bottle or reservoir.

Enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot or sparkling water.

Filters are replaceable in seconds, without any tools — without even turning off the water supply.

Say goodbye to costly bottled water coolers.

Some filters can produce the equivalent of 8,000 16 ounce bottles. Options include sparkling carbonation, hot & cold, SleepMode™ and safety features like ChildLock™.

Add a flavour burst to your water with SPLASH™ 100% natural flavourings for plain and sparkling water. Just one spray per glass and you’re enjoying the refreshing taste of lemon-lime, berry or orange. Each bottle flavours approximately 200 8oz. glasses.


Build-up of grease & organic matter can cause odours, slow drainage, blockages, backups & insects in commercial drain lines and equipment.

These problems can occur in sinks, garbage disposals, soda dispensers, dishwashers, urinals and commodes. They can be costly — both in terms of maintenance and repair expenses AND may ultimately impact on your facility’s reputation. Traditional solutions, like hydro-jetting, bleach, free enzymes, emulsifiers and caustics can cause damage to plumbing lines, septic systems and the environment.

THE CLEARWATER SOLUTION ClearWater’s BioStim™ products are formulated using environmentally-friendly ingredients. They contain no caustic chemicals, free enzymes or emulsifiers that can cause damage to plumbing lines, lift station equipment or septic systems. They infuse drain lines with multiple strains of naturally occurring bacteria every 15 minutes coating them with eco-friendly grease eaters. The results are equal to or greater than larger 5-gallon bucket systems and virtually eliminate the need for maintenance hydro-jetting.


Bioremediation is the use of naturally occurring microbes to digest waste and convert it into harmless substances. ClearWater System’s BioStim® solution utilizes this science to reduce or eliminate grease & organic build up related issues for food service, hospitality, municipal and commercial facilities.

Effective against pathogenic viruses, bacteria and protozoa, UV disinfection is accepted as the preferred choice for drinking water disinfection.

ClearWater stocks a wide range of UV equipment, systems and replacement bulbs for all your water sterilization needs.

STANDARD UV SYSTEMS: Drinking water disinfection systems for residential or light commercial applications of a high water quality. MONITORED UV SYSTEMS: Drinking water disinfection systems for residential or light commercial applications of an unknown water quality.

ClearWater’s all new Reverse Osmosis Permeate Pump can maximize your RO system’s efficiency by reducing the back pressure from your storage tank and allowing the system’s working pressure to remain consistent reducing waste water by up to 80%.

How UV sterilizers work: Ultraviolet light wavelengths are shorter than visible light and carry more energy — enough to kill microorganisms. As water passes through the unit the UV light rays penetrate the water, killing bacteria and viruses. ClearWater’s Viqua UV units are a simple, effective bacteria treatment. They eliminate over 99.99% of pathogens, from Cryptosporidium and Giardia to E. coli.


pectra Solar Water Treatment Systems employ reverse osmosis, solar and wind technology to purify thousands of gallons of safe drinking water a day. This new “green� technology can treat fresh, brackish or sea water.

The Spectra Solar Fresh Water System shown below (right) employs ultrafiltration to treat contaminated fresh water.

A self cleaning ultrafiltration membrane removes all viruses and bacteria without requiring toxic chemical treatment.

Complete and ready to deploy, it provides up to 5200 gallons of clean, potable water per day from any nonsaline water source. Powered by solar and/or wind power, it can also plug into the electricity grid or a generator.

This compact and hardened system is built entirely of non-corroding materials for low maintenance and long operational life and is ideal for remote, emergency, off the grid applications.

The Prefiltration module has three automatic back flushing pre-filters for higher turbidity applications. The system comes complete with a bore hole delivery pump, three automatic flushing pre-filters, batteries, inverter, solar panels, controls, and optional wind generator.

Powered by solar and/or wind energy, these systems can run 24 hours a day with no fuel costs. They can also be connected to Belco or a backup generator.


The brackish water treatment system shown to the immediate right (without the optional trailer) has three auto-backflushing prefilters for higher turbidity and can deliver up to 4000 gallons a day.

Fresh Water System (model SSFW) shown here

Brackish Water System (model SSBW) shown here

Without rivers, a rainy season or fresh water lakes, Bermuda depends on the weather for water. The quality of tank water depends largely on how well a property owner maintains the water system — the roof down spouts and the tank. When water is scarce, the need to ensure good tank maintenance is more critical than ever. It’s important to recognize that Bermuda is not what it was 100 years ago. There is now more airborne pollution — carbon particles from vehicle exhaust that are deposited on our roofs and ultimately make their way into our water tanks. There has also been an increase in storm activity which adds salt water spray and plant and animal debris to tank water. These are compelling reasons to clean your tank regularly, but you can take another step to ensure the water that you, your family and coworkers are drinking is clean, clear and bacteria free by installing a water treatment system.

KICK THE BOTTLE & START SAVING TODAY! Do your part by reducing plastic in Bermuda’s waste stream.

Have “always on” drinking water that’s as safe or safer than bottled water.

Under your counter or throughout your whole house or commercial building.



. RD

You want your family to drink safe, clean, clear water, but you’re tired of lifting, lugging, storing and paying high prices for heavy, awkward water bottles. You’ve heard the stories about dangerous chemicals used in the production of some water bottles and you know the environmental damage that water bottle production and disposal can cause. It just takes an e-mail to or a call to ClearWater at 236-3388 to arrange a free water quality evaluation by one of our professional technicians to determine the best water treatment system for your home or office. We can provide you with a system that fits neatly under your counter or one that treats all the water in your home or office so that your drinking water is clean, safe and clear — for a fraction of the cost of bottled water! way Path and we can help! RailBottle” You can “Kick the

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This catalogue was printed using canola-based inks on ChorusArt Gloss paper which is 55% Recycled Fibre (30% Post-Consumer), Acid Free and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled certified. By doing so, we were able to save 535 lbs. of wood, 782 gals. water, 162 lbs. carbon emissions, 47 lbs. solid waste and enough energy to power an average American household for 2 days. Source:

ClearWater Systems Catalogue 2010  

ClearWater Systems has been Bermuda’s most trusted source for clean and crystal clear drinking water technologies since 1997.