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ALLY IV Tablet PC medical cart


Cancer Is a word that everyone fears,. It stands for disease, pain and death. It is becoming increasingly common and effects almost every one in some way wether personally or through friends and family. Many survivors have created foundations and support groups to help support the victims of cancer. Lance Armstrong’s foundation is both educational and inspirational challenging us to help ourselves and our loved ones to fight with all of our power.

Strength to fight the long uphill battle, and confront the obstacles ahead.

The Livestrong network provides information regarding physical and mental well being.

Spirit to remember that recovery is not unreachable.

Through the Livestrong network stories of healing are told and hope is spread through the success of others.

Community for days when it feels like you are alone in the world

The Livestrong network connects patients who could be in the next room or on the other side of the world


Cart Almost everything in a hospital is on wheels. Mobility for equipment is necessary for efficiency and versatility. The IV cart is one of the most common in the hospital and is crucial in cancer treatment. Almost 80% of cancer patients go through some sort of chemo therapy which can take up to 8 hours during a single session. It is one of the most painful aspects of cancer treatment and forces the patient to watch poison drip into their body. Chemo therapy would be an ideal time for patients to have access to the Livestrong network as well as a tool to entertain and distract.

“Almost 80% of cancer patients go through chemo therapy which can take up to 8 hours during a single session.�

social networking




The apple iPad was the ideal candidate for our project being one of the only personal tablet PCs designed mostly for entertainment, focusing on ease of use and personal interaction. The capabilities of the iPad corresponded flawlessly with the idea of connecting patients to the Livestrong network as well as providing an escape from the painful world of chemo therapy.

contacts connecting









literature word processing





Veil: creates a visual barrier between the patient and the

chemo bags

Pole: powder coated steel,

telescopes to adjust to all heights

Surface: bent, powder coated

aluminum works as a duel workspace that separates the worker from the patient


Ally IV The Ally IV Cart is set up to function as not only a chemo therapy IV cart but as a companion providing a more relaxing treatment, inviting the patient to connect to the live strong network, or just enjoy ones time with the many features of the iPad.


Ally IV Cart  

Connecting the livestrong network to chemo patients with tablet computing