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EMR Integration Improves Workflows and Saves Money at NY Heart Center Business Challenge

NY Heart Center The NY Heart Center operates out of seven locations in Central and Northern New York, including its main location at Hill Medical Center in Syracuse, NY. The NY Heart Center offers a wide range of on-site diagnostic services to area hospitals, with a goal to see patients in a timely manner and to report clinical findings to the referring physician as quickly as possible.

Efficiency, safety and workflow benefits provided by EMR Integration have allowed NY Heart Center to reduce the manual process of accessing reports from 3-4 hours daily for three locations, to only 35-45 minutes for all seven locations. By saving at least 20 hours a week, staff now performs more revenue generating tasks. NY Heart Center

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As a private practice, the challenge for NY Heart Center has been to provide high-quality patient care in a cost-effective environment. Given that the NY Heart Center was working with paper patient records for its EKG monitoring program, it was apparent that this costly and time-consuming process needed improving. Clinical staff spent hours each day printing, scanning and uploading the data to its EMR system. The costs for paper and toner were high, and additionally, all of the paper patient records had to be stored in individual patient folders, many of which had stacks of reports for every EKG transmission. The NY Heart Center sought a value added service for its cardiac monitoring program that could provide the service component and integrate patient reports within their EMR system. BioTel Heart provided the EMR Integration.

Results The integration allows staff easy access to all EKG patient reports published on the provider’s physician portal for retrieval and subsequent import into their EMR system. This flexible, user driven process supports workflow, communication and collaboration between facilities and referring physicians, which leads to improved patient care. For NY Heart Center, the value with EMR integration is threefold, as it has freed up time for staff to do other things that helps bring in additional revenues, it has saved money on printing supplies and space required for filing storage, and it has improved reporting times for referring physicians.

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EMR Case Study  

EMR Case Study