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New Medicare Codes for Extended-Wear Holter Go Into Effect in 2021




Our streamlined solution can help with challenges of traditional extended Holter devices to help you deliver optimal patient care.

A Turnkey Option for Continuous Extended-Wear Monitoring The new 2021 Medicare codes for extended-wear Holter monitoring are expected to drive interest among physicians in offering extended-monitoring to more patients. To respond to this interest, we are pleased to announce our new ePatch Direct program, a streamlined solution that may resolve the workflow and reimbursement challenges of traditional extended Holter devices and make it easier than ever to realize the benefits of accurate, extended monitoring for your patients and practice.

ePatch Direct ePatch Direct reinvents the monitoring purchase model with a flexible, buy-as-you-go option that includes:

Patient Support Single-Use Monitor with a simple ordering and processing workflow

throughout their prescribed monitoring period

Clinical Analysis Package that eliminates the need for your practice to hire trained Holter staff

Easy Continuous Monitoring Means: We Make it Easy to Get Started • Order online—a single kit or a bundle • No contracts • No minimum orders • No disruption to existing practice workflow

We Make it Convenient for Patients • ePatch is comfortable to wear and water resistant, creating minimal impact on active daily living • Patient support hotline to answer questions or concerns while wearing the device • A step-by-step instructional guide is included in every kit • 24/7 access to online patient instructional videos

We Give You Clear Insights to Optimize Care • Access to a robust report covering up to 7 days of continuous wear • Report includes a narrative summary and insights provided by certified cardiac technicians

Getting Started Is Easier Than Ever How ePatch Direct Works BioTel Heart frees practices from the burdens of typical Holter management. Now, you can prescribe our continuous extended-wear Holter monitor, ePatch Direct, in 4 simple steps:

Physician Ordering and Application • Purchase your kit online


• Enroll your patient in our secure online portal • Apply the ePatch to your patient

Patient Monitoring

02 Step 2

• Your patient wears the ePatch for up to 7 days of continuous monitoring • Your patient sends the ePatch monitor directly to BioTel Heart through the provided prepaid shipping envelope at the conclusion of their reporting period

BioTel Heart Reporting • BioTel Heart processes the data and provides an easy-to-read report upon receiving the patient’s monitor


• Access each patient’s report through our secure portal • Recieve optional post-monitoring phone notifications for adverse events

Physician Review and Billing


• Review the report, including the narrative summary provided by a BioTel Heart certified cardiac technician • Determine treatment pathway based upon insights provided • Your practice bills insurance for reimbursement

ePatch Direct Pricing $225 for single kit $999 for 5-kit bundle

• Free 2-day shipping • No contracts • No minimum orders

Order online at ePatchDirect.com

Everything Your Patients Need for Successful Extended Monitoring

Providing Insights to Guide Patient Care

With our comfortable-to-wear Holter monitor and on-demand support, you can rest assured that your patients are both compliant and taken care of.

We provide clear reporting of up to 7 days of continuous monitoring to help inform patient care.

Easy-to-Wear Holter Monitor Ideal for patients experiencing symptoms that range from daily to every 1-2 weeks, the ePatch Direct extended-wear Holter monitor provides continuous monitoring for up to 7 days and offers key benefits to ensure patient compliance and a reliable reading of your patient’s condition.

Your Patient’s Detailed Report Captures*: • Premature ventricular contraction (PVC) morphology summary

• Minimum of 1 unifocal morphology and Holter Monitoring Report (Tel) 877-593-6421 (Fax) 877-939-0700 maximum of 4 multifocal morphologies

• Detailed atrial fibrillation table •

Application is as simple as snap, peel, and stick

Small, lightweight sensor has minimal impact on daily living

With a 1-year battery life, the sensor offers continuous monitoring during the prescribed period

• •

• Pause summary

Referring Physician: TEST TEST Ordering Physician: ectopy summary 00/00/0000 (Age: • 81)Supraventricular/ventricular Rx Dura�on: 14 Days Male • Isolated/single ventricular beats, bigeminal Diagnosis (ICD10): R00.2 - Palpita�ons patterns, and trigeminal patterns 00/00/0000

Pa�ent Name: Up to 7-day heart rate trending Date of Birth: Gender: Representative event reorganization MRN: Full disclosure event data Report Date:

• Critical event data are organized first

• Discrete data points, including Study analyzed beats, total Summary PVCs, PVC Burden and detailed atrial fibrillation Dura�on 13d 20h 59m (AF) event summary table



Atrial Fib/Flu�er

Max HR

133 bpm 9:10 01/16

Min HR

47 bpm 12:39 01/09

Avg HR

82 bpm

Total Beats


Diary Entries


Pt. Triggers


*New reporting features coming in Q1 2021

Adhesive patch is water resistant, allowing your patient to shower, exercise, and sleep while wearing the device


• Heart rates displayed as min, average and max



125 bpm 15:56 01/22

Pause Summary

Slowest Heart


port nitoring Re Holter Mo x) 877-939-0700 3-6421 (Fa

Pause 877-59 (Tel)(≥2000ms)


133 bpm 09:10 01/16


None Found

Longest Pause

ysician: Referring Ph ysician: Ordering Ph : Rx Dura�on D10): sis Diagno (IC

TEST TEST 0 (Age: 81) 00/00/000 Male

ent Name:

Pa� th: Date of Bir Gender: MRN: Report Date:

Arrhythmias Fastest


59m 20h59m 13d20h 6d �er Atrial Fib/Flu 0 01/16 133 bpm 9:1 01/09 39 47 bpm 12: bpm 82 1,464,355

Min HR Avg HR Total Beats s Diary Entrie Pt. Triggers



No Need to Hire Additional Staff for Patient Support Managing patients on extended monitoring can be a time-intensive process for your regular staff. With ePatch Direct, we take care of that for you so you can focus on patient care. Patients are given a step-by-step instructional guide in their ePatch kit and will have 24/7 access to online instructional videos. Our patient support hotline is available to answer any questions or concerns they may have while being monitored.

Hours are Mon-Fri 8 am-8:30 pm EST; Sat 8 am-4:30 pm EST

AF Burden AF Events

AF HR Range Longest AF

rt Slowest Hea


0 Longest

Pause 1




00d 00h 00m

ary icular Summ Supraventr PACs SVT Events



Summary 2%


PVCs VT Events


Physician Co


None Found

Supraventricular Summary PACs


None Found

SVT Events



None Found

Ventricular Summary

47 Findings: 154, Min HR 59m 82, Max HR 20h 59m 6d 20h er: Avg. HR den = <0.1% nitored 13d Pa�ent Mo Atrial Fib/Flu� ; Total AF bur nt rhythm was a HR range of 104 – 133 Predomina e(s) with �m dy 1 stu ed AF occurr during the bpm re not found est run 125 Pause(s) we with the fast ed 5 �me(s) SVT occurr the study found during of 0% VT was not den Bur h PAC 440 PACs wit h PVC Burden of 2% s wit 31,145 PVC




00d 00h 00m

Longest AF

125 bpm 15:56 01/22

AF Summary


AF HR Range


ms) Pause (≥2000 se Longest Pau

AF Burden AF Events

133 bpm 09:10 01/16


ary Pause Summ

No Need to Hire Additional Longest None Found Pause Staff for Results Analysis

AF Summary

0 00/00/000

ary Study Summ Dura�on Rhythm Max HR

7 Days 14 Days pita�ons R00.2 - Pal



VT Events



You will have access to a clear, narrative summary provided by a certified cardiac technician and the Fastest None Found insights needed to guide patient care without VT needing additional staff to analyze patients. Preliminary Findings:

Pa�ent Monitored 13d 20h59m 59m 6d 20h Predominant rhythm was Atrial Fib/Flu�er: Avg. HR 82, Max HR 154, Min HR 47 AF occurred 1 �me(s) with a HR range of 104 – 133; Total AF burden = <0.1% Pause(s) were not found during the study SVT occurred 5 �me(s) with the fastest run 125 bpm VT was not found during the study 440 PACs with PAC Burden of 0% 31,145 PVCs with PVC Burden of 2%

Physician Comments:




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