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WENDY DONOVAN I am a resident of Wolfville's core; local business owner (dmA Planning & Management Services); active in my profession; a mother, a wife, a recent grandmother; an avid gardener; walker with my one year old dog Tommy; and, probably much like you, committed to this community. Some of my accomplishments and affiliations present and past include:

VOTE Saturday, October 20th 2012

Proponent of Imagine Wolfville Trustee of Orchard Valley United Church Involved with Mud Creek Rotary Resident representative on the Mayor’s Community Living Committee


Board Member Recreation Nova Scotia President Society of Directors of Municipal Recreation of Ontario I spent the first 20 years of my career as a municipal employee and the last 18 as a recreation planning consultant. I believe this experience in municipal government and the private sector is my greatest strength. I have worked with municipal staff and Councils across Canada on a wide range of planning projects. I understand municipal government. I have balanced budgets, supervised municipal staff, and have a proven track record in securing funding and bringing major capital projects to communities where I have worked as an employee and as a consultant. I am also a successful business owner and understand the importance of small business to the local economy. I was born in New Brunswick, grew up in Ontario and, 8 years ago, made the choice with my husband to move our home and our business to Wolfville. It is important to me to “be the best I can be”, and that is what I wish for Wolfville. I will bring my energy and enthusiasm to the role of Councillor. I am committed to careful deliberation on all the issues that will come before Council.

On Saturday October 20th 2012, I would be honoured to have your vote. Follow me at: If you would like to assist with my campaign, please let us know by calling 542-2908 ext. 27.

Town of Wolfville If you need a drive to the Polling Station on election day please call 542-2908 ext. 27 and we would be happy to arrange for transportation to and from the polling station.

I am committed to…

Neighbourhoods where permanent residents and students respectfully co-exist This is not a new issue and progress has been made, but there is much more to be done. Property standards, noise, and litter bylaws can be improved, and better enforcement is required. The Town and the University must continue to work on strategies to address harms associated with alcohol. Better controls on rental properties are needed. This needs to be a priority of the next Council.

Spaces where residents of all ages can congregate, socialize, recreate and learn Two years ago I was part of a small group of community residents that assessed the Town’s churches, municipal and library spaces to see how these facilities could better support community activities. Most of these existing facilities had significant shortcomings with respect to accessibility, flexible use, and financial viability. Imagine Wolfville was launched to promote shared use of facilities, partnership, and improved indoor spaces. It is a small but growing idea. In September the New Booker School – the first International Baccalaureate School for primary and middle school children in Atlantic Canada, will open in the (former) United Church Manse on Seaview Avenue. I hope they will be the first of many partners to participate in the vision of Imagine Wolfville.

A walkable / bikeable community One of the things I value most about living here is the ability to walk to work, to shop, to schools and community services, and to stop and talk to acquaintances old and new. This opportunity for healthy living and visitor attraction will only get better with commitment to a linked trail system, support for active transportation initiatives, and promotion. We need to look seriously at the draft Parks and Open Space Master Plan and Transportation Study to assess the priorities for implementation of recommended initiatives over the next Council term.

A strong local economy Successful communities have vibrant, diverse and stable businesses and residential areas in their central core. Through planning, policies and partnerships we must ensure Wolfville retains existing and attracts new businesses to its downtown; offers more for the tourist; and remains an attractive place to live. A strong core is one of the key elements of a sustainable local economy. The Town’s draft Economic Action Plan calls on us as residents and businesses to seize the opportunities around us, and build on those opportunities to ensure that Wolfville achieves the sustainability we so greatly desire and the national and international recognition that will be fundamental to our successful future. We need to pursue opportunities for a more diversified tax base. This action plan provides many positive and exciting ways to do that. The services we want as residents can’t be provided on the residential tax base alone. As a business owner I also know we can’t unfairly burden local businesses. We need balance, we need innovation.

“These are important issues to me, and describe the type of community that I believe Wolfville should be – if you agree, I hope I can count on your vote.”

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Campaign brochure Wolfville Municipal Council 2012