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PRESS RELEASE 11 January 2012 LISTEN TO  THIS:  A  CELEBRATION  OF  POPULAR  MUSIC   Metal  are  delighted  to  present  a  series  of  events  centred  on  the  importance  of  popular  music  to  the   formation  of  people's  identities  and  sense  of  place,  developed  and  presented  by  author  Daryl  Easlea  and   academic  Andrew  Branch.         Taking  place  in  Chalkwell  Hall,  Southend  on  Sea,  Listen  To  This  will  place  a  specific  focus  on  the  local  in   relation  to  national  and  international  popular  culture.    Special  guests  will  be  in  attendance  at  each  event  to   discuss  their  work  and,  in  some  cases,  perform.       Listen  To  This  will  reflect  on  past  era-­‐defining  moments  in  popular  music  and  culture  with  a  local  South-­‐ East  Essex  perspective.  The  evenings  will  culminate  in  a  concert  at  Village  Green  2012.       This  Must  Be  The  Place:  Music,  Social  Spaces  And  Ways  Forward  For  Southend’s  Music  Scenes.    Friday  24   February  2012.    7.30pm  –  10pm   Dr  Feelgood:  The  Esplanade,  January  1973;    Junk  Club  formed  Royal  Hotel  2002   Special  guests:  musician  Wilko  Johnson;  musician,  producer  and  writer  Will  Birch,  and  academic,  journalist,   cultural  historian,  Dr  Andrew  Calcutt     Boys  Will  Be  Boys  And  Girls  Will  Be  Girls:  Popular  Music  And  Gender.   Friday  16  March  2012.  7.30pm  –  10pm   David  Bowie  at  Eastwoodbury  Lane,  August  1970;    Blur,  Cliffs  Pavilion,  June  2009   Special  guest:  local  author,  musician,  music  critic  and  Slits  biographer,  Zoe  Howe.  More  guests  TBA.     Tribalism  And  Difference:  Subcultures  And  Scenes.   Friday  20  April  2012.    7.30pm  –  10pm   The  Who  at  Kingsway,  Hadleigh,  Jan  1967;    Depeche  Mode:  Crocs  June1981   Special  guest:  Dean  Chalkley,  renowned  photographer  and  director  of  the  recently  released  Northern  Soul   film  homage,  Young  Souls.  More  guests  TBA.     Everybody  Dance:  Music,  Meaning  And  The  Body.   Friday  18  May  2012.    7.30pm  –  10pm   Jackie  Wilson  at  Zero  6,  1972;    Chris  Hill  first  plays  at  The  Goldmine  1973   Special  guests:  internationally  acclaimed  sociologist  and  musician,  Professor  Les  Back;  hugely  influential   soul  DJ  and  music  promoter,  Chris  Hill  and  journalist,  music  critic  and  percussionist  par  excellence,   Snowboy.     Listen  To  This  in  concert  at  Village  Green   Saturday  30  June  2012   Timings  and  venue  at  Village  Green  to  be  confirmed.       Tickets  cost  £5.00.    Available  from  or  by  calling  01702  470700.       For  more  information,  please  contact  Sean  Mcloughlin  on  or  01702  470700  

EDITOR’S NOTES     METAL   Metal  was  founded  by  Jude  Kelly  OBE  in  2002  and  was  created  as  an  artistic  laboratory  to  champion  the   need  for  continual  investment  in  artistic  investigation  and  the  development  of  innovative  ideas  that  could   shift  the  thinking  in  the  UK  cultural  sector.  We  provide  innovative,  multi-­‐disciplinary  residency  space  for   artists  from  the  UK  and  overseas  in  Liverpool  and  Southend  on  Sea.  Alongside  providing  space  for  artists   and  thinkers  to  develop  their  ideas  and  further  the  philosophy  of  their  work,  we  are  interested  in  how  this   artistic  process,  and  the  practice  of  artists  can  input  into,  and  potentially  influence  political  and  social  issues   of  the  day.     Through  our  artistic  programme  we  draw  out  evidence  and  ideas  for  a  better  understanding  of  the  artist’s   role  in  civic  life,  and  ensure  that  these  are  shared  with  a  wide  and  diverse  set  of  partners.  These  ideas  are   showcased  and  disseminated  on  a  regular  basis  through  residencies,  exhibitions,  events,  performance,   discussion  and  publications.           ANDREW  BRANCH   Andrew  Branch  lectures  in  the  School  of  Arts  and  Digital  Industries  at  the  University  of  East  London.  His   research  interests,  broadly  defined,  centre  on  the  politics  of  popular  culture  and  the  formation  of  classed   identities.  He  is  particularly  interested  in  making  sense  of  how  people  use  music  as  a  way  of  soundtracking   their  desires.  His  recent  publications  have  focused  on  the  links  between  the  accumulation  of  educational   capital  and  the  consumption  of  popular  music.  Andrew  is  currently  working  on  a  monograph  on  glam  rock,   which  among  other  things,  makes  him  feel  nostalgic  for  the  years  he  spent  as  an  adolescent  miming  to   David  Bowie  records.  His  website  is  located  at:       DARYL  EASLEA   Daryl  Easlea  began  writing  professionally  in  1999  after  a  long  career  in  music  retail  and  then,  belatedly,   university.  After  graduating  in  2000,  he  became  the  deputy  editor  at  Record  Collector,  where  he  remains  a   regular  contributor.  His  work  appears  regularly  in  Mojo  and  He  has  compiled  and  annotated  over   300  CDs  (his  favourite  being  50,000  Fall  Fans  Can't  Be  Wrong:  39  Fall  Greats),  DJs,  comperes,  broadcasts   and  was  born  to  dance.  His  book,  Everybody  Dance:  Chic  &  The  Politics  Of  Disco  was  published  by  Helter   Skelter  in  December  2004  and  was  voted  NME's  third  best  book  of  2005.  His  second,  The  Story  Of  The   Supremes  accompanied  the  Supremes  exhibition  at  the  V  &  A  in  May  2008.  Talent  Is  An  Asset:  The  Story  of   Sparks  was  published  by  Omnibus  Press  in  April  2010,  while  Crazy  In  Love:  The  Beyoncé  Knowles  Biography   was  published  in  October  2011.      

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Listen To This @ Metal Culture  

Listen To This @ Metal Culture