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Name: Andrés Camilo Valencia Reina Nationality: Colombian Date and Place of birth: January 29th, 1987 Bogotá, Colombia Address: Cra 12c No 151 35 - Int 10 Ap: 203 Telephone: (+ 57 1) 6263954 Mobile: (+ 57) 3014569283 Personal E-mail: AIESEC E – Mail: MSN ID: Skype ID: andres.valencia.

Jul 06 – Aug 07 - REDA Group Administration faculty / Rosario University Make table of discussions and conferences with industrialist and ambassadors about internationalization and general business themes. Knowledge: Understand the importance of different topics about globalization, innovation and development. Jan 06 – Nov 08 - Dental Laboratory Countable Advisor / familiar business Organize and develop countable tasks to improve the financial management of business. Knowledge: Guarantee financial management in order increase to the daily, weekly and monthly movements to have an excellent approach with all stakeholders

Dedicated to all those who contributed to this wonderful experiencie… Thanks always for your support!

ER member Mar /Jul ´06

Jan /Dec ´07

Feb /Dec ´08

Jan/Dec ´09

ER Coordinator Aug /Dec ´06

Feb/Dec ´08

Jun/ Present´10

OCVP ER CONAL ´07 Oct /Jan ´07

Feb/Dec ´08

Aug/Present ´09

2006 2006 2006 2007 2007 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 2010

NATS TDM National ER Meeting CONAL SDL LDC NPM LDC 50th Anniversary National External Relations Meeting National Projects Meeting TTT– NST Meeting LDC II PM – NPM LDC I PM – NATCO RTC LDC NATCO RTC

San gil, Santander Santandersito, Cundinamarca Bogotá D.C. Bogotá D.C Cali, Valle del Cauca Tocaima, Cundinamarca Ibague, Tolima Suesca, Cundinamarca Bogotá D.C. Bogotá D.C. Bogotá D.C. Bogotá D.C. Villa de Leyva, Boyacá Villeta Cundinamarca La vega Cundinamarca Medellin Antioquia Tequendama, Cundinamarca San Gil, Santander Barranquilla, Atlántico Montería, Córdoba

Delegate Delegate Facilitator OC Delegate Facilitator Delegate Facilitator OC Facilitator Facilitator Delegate Facilitator Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate Facilitator Facilitator Facilitator

2009 2010


Guatemala City, Guatemala Lima, Peru

Delegate Delegate

Through my positions (Coordinator, VP, NST, LCP, MCVP ICX, GST) I had the opportunity to integrate different stakeholders to the AIESEC exchange Processes guarantee the financial sustainability and the positioning of the AIESEC, to improve the quality of the AIESEC experiences and increase the approach with the corporate and non corporate sector. Through my latest teams as a Coordinator, VP, NST, LCP, MCVP I had the advantage to take different tools, knowledge, and experience managing different teams in different environments. The experience guarantee the administration of high performance teams having members with a results oriented vision, motivation, and always ensuring the execution of our philosophy and strategy. I had the opportunity to be part of the development of two LCs (Rosario – EAN) and also of AIESEC In Colombia as a MCVP of ICX. Developing different actions, processes, and strategies to increase the operations and deliver more AIESEC Experiences. I have obtained the experience to implement actions for improving the organizational culture, results and the quality of the experiences in each member. Also be coach in functional areas increasing the quality of the processes at national and local level.

Exchange Management and external relations: Best ER LCVP in august 2006 and January 2007 and January of the year 2007 of AIESEC in Colombia, developing a national good case practice of the ER process, making the sale of the project Pasión por exportar- AIESEC Rosario in November of 2007, developing the strategy of implementation to the PRM at national level and help and support to increase the performance (Number of calls, visits ,training and TN raised) in the year 2008 in the center zone (All LCs of Bogotá) in a 50%. As a LCP of AIESEC EAN increase the relations with the 7 universities and many stakeholders increasing the approach with the external environment to guarantee the results in members 70, exchanges (12 Incoming exchanges realized, 1 new TN Taker) , learning, financial sustainability (More than $11.000.000 COP for 5 months aprox) and leadership. As MCVP Running more than 14 International cooperation's supported by the NIXT also take advantage of the summer and winter exchange peaks through DT CEEDer strategy improving the legality through the new system of inmigration. Coaching Execution: Through my positions I had the opportunity to be coach in different topics for more of 12 LC’s of AIESEC in Colombia to improve the results in processes as external relations, talent management, conference development, exchange management (ICX OGX) and other topics.

Conference Development: Develop and support more than 35 conferences and training days at local and national level in the academic and organizational way in different topics (As MCVP, NST, LCP, LTT Coordinator, Facilitator, conference manager, OC and Chair), Increasing the quality of the experiences in many members of AIESEC in Colombia.

Processes Structuration and international cooperation: Improve the effectiveness of the ICX Process at national level to guarantee the execution of the sales forces and the international cooperations ensuring the quality and the results for all LCs and extensions of AIESEC in Colombia. (Integration with M&C, TM, F&A, New immigrational system, new princing policies , agreements generation, more than 13 international cooperations running)

LC Development: I contribute with the development of AIESEC Rosario, AIESEC EAN and the LCs coaches through my knowledge and experience in order to increase the performance and the impact in the AIESEC network. Increasing the results of members, number of exchanges, quality of the processes and support the development of excellent organizational cultures.

Quality Management: Increase the quality of the delivery in ICX and OGX guarantee the best experiences for the AIESEC members and deliver the best people and resources to improve processes as matching, EP or trainee preparation, reception and integration, follow up and others.

Strengths In take the best decisions in order Experience , Support the implementation of different to ensure the execution of the Knowledge & team strategies and guide each member of the team, international and national management generate connections and synergy strategy Quality & Innovation

Be in continuous movement with new strategies Go outside of he comfort zone in and ideas ensuring the sustainability for the the current processes and carry organization the organization to another level

Lead always through the example, transmitting Push all the strategies day by day Attitude & Energy the best energies to motivate all members of the and ensure the execution team. Improvement Points Stop the velocity of the execution in the team Improve the quality in the delivery Perfectionist members of the works Stop the execution of the team and can´t If I continue improving I can Personal advance in the tasks execute the task with more Effectiveness quality Impatient Affect the behaviors of other team members Deliver the works in orther to the deadlines

Relation between MC and LC Governance Content and quality of our conferences Commitment and passion for AIESEC of our members Financial health and structure Leadership generation TM structured processes Connection with the international Network National Education Cycle

 The same structures stop the growth and the volume of the results Extreme centralization of processes and decision making processes Connection with the state (Executive, Legislative) Connection with the external environment Alumni strategy engagement Legal processes New IT solutions  Any members has low motivation

Markets opportunities Public relations execution New government initiatives Multilateral organization initiatives in the IGN Social Media engagement Intelligent investments with the LC resources Increase the LC alignment with the international and national initiatives Gradual decentralization in administrative procedures Long term vision – road map AIESEC 2015 Increase our corporative culture Global young unemployment

 Warranty law (Hiring with the government) Stop the growth for the excessive centralization ICETEX Relation Old AIESEC local entities liquidation Legal agreements of AIESEC in Colombia LC Financial reality Bad positioning Changes in the immigration, migration rules for ICX and OGX Low retention rate for members Old national partenrs that had a bad experience with AIESEC

 OGX processes and execution

Guarantee the communication of the AIESEC impact through our current and future skateholders

Ensure the continues and stronger connection with the alumni network communicating the impact of them AIESEC should have a presence in all external target events in the private and public sector as a MCP Continuous sensibilization for our members on the impact of AIESEC in the current and future context Participate in the legislative and guvernamental agenda through projects and initiatives Have a continuous education cycle of our vision and philosophy for all members Search panerships with the media networks Have a continuous system of recognition and engagement in our activities for current parners Monitoring the impact of our actions and the impact of our alumnis in the current context Continuous generation of content for the press and the media Ensure the spot of Colombia as destiny to make the exchange of other country members to enable the international cooperations Continuous contextualization about economical, political, social, Technological, Ambiental and Demography topic for all members of AIESEC in Colombia

Have the innovation as a constant in all processes and works inside the organization

Ensure the innovation inside of all processes of the organization Have organizational bodies only for develop the investigation and the innovation for our processes and product. Rewards and recognition for the innovation and creativity at national and local level Use of proffesional consultancy companies to adapt the new ideas for the external environment and the Macro process of the organization (AIESEC Brand, Strategy &Identity, subsystems) Improve the listening skills in al levels of the organization Change the current organizational communication to improve the leves of empowerment in the membership  Engage each one of the stakeholders to co create and identify new opportunities (Through focus groups, etc) Continuous campaings of competetion to promote and aling the ideas in order to our vision and organizational philosophy Retake the leadership of generate new processes and ideas in the in the global network Have a continuos monitoring of the external environment to take advantage of the new organizational trends AIESEC can be professional and also fun at the same time to improve the inspirational leadership Less centralization in the processes to give way for the innovation adn creativity

Live the diversity

Ensure always the organizational performance, delivering the best experiences for our stakeholders

Continue the implementation and the innovation in Dual XPs projects (L+X, X+L) Increase the number of LR strengthening the middle management strategies Exchange projects with the guvernamental sector in ICX and OGX in each governorate, mayor and the national goverment Strengthening the strategy of expansion (New cities, New extensions) LCs with great investments on the exchanges projects Strengthening the accomplishment of the minimums of service in each stage and part of the AIESEC Experience New IT solutions for increase the efficiency in the administrative procedures Knowledge management as a policy of management in all entities of AIESEC in Colombia Co creation in the planning process between MC and LC Strengthening the financial model to guarantee the reserves and the capacity of invesments Strengthening the investments on international cooperations Continue rewards and recognition for our OGX teams and sales forces teams Strengthening the legal framework of ICX through continuous professional consultancy Strenthening the National Support Teams strategy with more people and with more relevance Investments for the NSTs on conferences, CEEDers, Trainings, etc





Dual Xps






Exchanges (MC 11 12)








Strong National education Cycle //Suitable finances for the LCs

Take advantage International Trade agreements of Colombia Approach chambers of commerce in each city, multilateral organizations, gremmie, etc Make partnerships with consultancy firms Manage strongs relations with the alumni engage all in the AIESEC activities Show the impact in the organization through the experiences of members, enablers, supporters and alumni Participation in the legislative and governmental agendas Investment of the government on infraestructure, Housing, Education in order to the five pillars of the Juan Manuel Santos program Agendas of competitiveness for the next year in Colombia Intergremmie committees, spots for young representation Alumni network for enable the experiences Search an impactfull Board of Advisors to increase our external relevance Make exchanges projects with administrative departaments of the current government as Colciencias

Product Leadership


Cost Stage

Costumer Challenges

Introduction to Lack of professionalism in the AIESEC delivery Lack of accompanying in the first months of the experience Taking No life challenging experiences Responsibility No continuous training in personal effectiveness Good profile in the wrong side Leadership Role Exchange

Heading the future

Quality improvement solutions Refreshh and innovate in all process of TM Execute the mentorship and the coaching strategy Improve the training in soft skills for the leaders Make a clear expectation setting Improve the talent planning processes and recruitment processes Training in Soft skills, leadership skills Push the Middle management strategy to growth Fulfill the minimums of quality of AIESEC in Colombia. To improve the quality we net to set minimums and make a continue follow up.

Lack of knowledge in leadership skills and soft skills (delegation, empowerment, etc) Lack of quality in the delivery processes Lack of professionalism and effective communication with all stakeholders for Since many years ago this stage was Carrere products and give more for heading forgotten without any strategy or for the future stage action Improve the connection with companies Push the implementation of dual experiences in X+L and L+X Improve the mentorship strategy


Influence in the AIESEC contribution The influence in the external environment is more day by day, through this the organization increases its impact in the student market and increases the top of mind in the universities of all country

The influence in the external sector (Corporative, Non corporative, governmental) increases the positioning of the AIESEC brand for enablers and supporters ensuring new partnerships for the organization in the mid and long term

Influence in stop the growth of the organization, stop the innovation and creativity of new processes or ideas, stop the development of all members or AIESEC in Colombia

Influence in Structures

Since many years ago the organization saw the opportunity of growth and put more attention in OGX, for this reason in this moment more resourses is in the OGX side (2 VPs, More financial resourses, MC services, etc) AIESEC in Colombia saw the need to change the structure at national and local level to increase the execution and the approach to the external sector for this reason the organization will have 2 VPs at local level and a great staff at national level to obtain new results and projects with many enablers. AIESEC in Colombia has good administrative procedures, but the MC is overloaded with many operational work, for this reason is important that the LCs increase the capacity in the processes and in the execution align with the national and international trends

Influence in processes The administrative, induction, selection , matching processes should change to manage a high volumes of exchanges ensuring the best quality and the effectiveness of AIESEC in Colombia’s experiences. The marketing, talent management, administrative processes should adapt more for the TN Taker flow. This allows more capacity of execution of the sales forces at local level and guarantee the results in other to the market and exchange trends Is a high influences because makes them more slower and its stop the organizational performance. For this reasons the training and the empowerment for the LCs is the best opportunity to growth with quality and a big scale.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Stop the investments for the office Infraestructure Stop the investments in stationery Stop other invesments in order to the planned budget Stop other outcomes as TIC’s investments, awards, etc Execute a strategy of collect the accounts receivable Search New ER parners to support the cash flow and close hot accounts Search support in the parner bank through a loan with the best condtions

The first four steps are necesary to ensuring the focus on the money for the basic operations of AIESEC in Colombia as Salaries, International Representation, legality and taxes. The ER strategy is important to ensuring always the inputs for the cash flow and have the power to pay the basic costs and the possible interest of the loan. Finally i will take a loan because is one strategy that guarantee live the cash flow of the organization and generate the capacity of make new investments and ensure the operations. Also is importan have in mind the incomes of the LCs and also the ER execution to support in the short and the mid term the possible interests of the bank.

Organizational numbers Exchange Realizations Members Leadership Roles Dual XPs Local Committees: Cities we are present

Position in global Rankings

•Extensions •Other relevant

Each member of AIESEC in Colombia knows and apply each day the AIESEC Way and the organizational strategy to increase the impact and guarante the generation of change agentss. Strong stages with clear metodologies of talent development ensuring the quality of each experience. AIESEC in Colombia is Recognized as the best organization on international exchanges. Also AIESEC in Colombia has clear, easy and structured processes tu ensure the effectivenes and the quality. With strongs parnerships and excellent models of investments to ensure the sustainability of the organization in the long term With mobile technologies and the best it solutions to convert the administrative procedures easy and clear Standardized processes to guarantee the development of each member since Introduction to AIESEC until Heading for the future Strong corporative governace, planning and management processes toimprove the legal mechanisms to make easy the follow up and esure the organizational performance Recognized by all parners as the best student organization in the country, helping with solutions of the curren social economic issues and topics.

Change the mindsets of AIESEC in Colombia about the exponential growth, change the local structures, Increase the approach with exchange projects for the government, Sale projects based on new products of ICX and OGX, Give strong training for Middle management and EB Roles to manage big teams, Make strong international cooperation's to ensure the supply of TNs an EPs

Is time to take advantage of our unique experience! It time to celebrate the obtained experience, Its time to appreciate the past, confident in the future and live the change and the innovation right now! The organization ensure the evolution with your personal change, your contribution is the essence of this organization is the hearth of the vision‌. The you want to change and innovate? Let’s doit to make the best CO CREATION inside AIESEC! Live your own experience!

Application MCP of AIESEC in Colombia  

Application MCP of AIESEC in Colombia

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