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Read the text and answer the questions. It is the afternoon and the family is at home. Anna’s parents are in the dining room, writing letters, her father is sixty five and her mother is sixty. Her uncle and aunt are in the sitting room; her uncle is two years older than Anna’s mother and tree years younger than Anna’s father: her cousin Ben is reading a book and her cousin Rita is watching TV. Anna’s best friend is Katherine, she is in the garden playing with her dog, its name is Lucas. Anna’s brother and sister are playing with their trains in the attic. Anna’s dog is in the yard, its name is Jack, it is a clever dog but it is naughtier than Katherine’s dog. William´s in the kitchen. He’s making coffee with two of his cousins. Anna´s in her bedroom, reading a comic. Check (√) True or False. For the statements that are false, write the correct information. True 1. Anna’s uncle is younger than her mother. 2. Anna’s dog is more obedient than her best friend’s dog. 3. Katherine is playing with Anna’s dog. 4. Anna’s dog is not intelligent.

5. Anna’s cousins are making coffee in the kitchen.


Reading exercise  

Reading exercise