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SHERLOCK HOLMES On the twelfth of February, the 5th and 6th level students went on an excursion to the Rigoberta Menchú theatre in Leganés (Madrid). At the theatre the students saw the play Sherlock Holmes. The play was about a detective called Sherlock Holmes who investigated a murdered. Holmes had a servant whose name was Watson. Together they went to the Baskerville’s House. In the house there was a rich person who was murdered by a big black beast. Then, Sherlock’s servant and Henry both fell in love with a pretty girl.

All of a sudden, Holmes and Watson heard some noises. They thought the beast was killed by the police but they were wrong. At the end, the beast appeared in the house and that is the story of Sherlock Holmes. The ending was a little bit strange.


Belén Magaña, Lucia Carmona , Andreas Wolf and Mario Rivera (5º)

Sherlock Holmes  
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