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Objectives Use your inventive thinking and knowledge to create a mid-century modern style kitchen that meets the client’s needs within the allotted space. Follow the NKBA Kitchen Planning Guidelines with Access Standards.

Client Wish List

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• A small sitting area that will accommodate a television, small end table with good lighting and room for her comfortable 20” W X 19.5”D Black existing recliner lift chair property of client Electric sausage stuffer which she will be bringing with her that will need to be mounted permanently Sitting space to operate the sausage maker. Cooktop, microwave, wall oven, dishwasher, and pot filler Recreate a midcentury modern theme Radiant heated flooring throughout the space


Concept board no larger than 12” x 12” • Reduced size plan showing the location of your entry (kitchen with sitting area or bathroom) • Separate design statements detailing your creative solution for your kitchen and/or bath projects • Following the NKBA Graphic & Presentation Standards (1/2” scale) • Floor Plan (fully dimensioned with specifications) • Mechanical plan (fully dimensioned with legend) • Construction Plan (fully dimensioned with legend) • Elevations of significant walls (fully dimensioned) • HVAC plan • ADA Accessible

Andres Saavedra Interior Design Portfolio  

In this portfolio you will find samples of my work not just for Interior Design but also for Automotive Color and Trim. Thanks for watching