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Reflection about my supervised activity My first impression after my supervision was: the class overpassed my expectations. It was not perfect, but I feel I did well. Before starting with the class, I felt very nervous, not because of the students’ behavior (I knew they were going to behave well) but for my own development at the class. I had thought I was not going to be able to do the class as I expected. I reviewed the contents many times, planned the parts of the class, prepared the materials, etc. I even thought I needed something more for the class due to the nervous. During the class, I had started feeling more relaxed: the class was going well, the students were participating (even more than I expected), and my guide-teacher helped me with the activity. I also tried to engage and motivate the students by making them laugh and being like a funny teacher (I think I reached it). Those were the good parts of the class. What I feel I did badly was to take more time than I planned for the class (around 55 minutes) at the beginning and the final part of the class, and the fact that I was hyperventilated (even one of the students realized it and had told me to take it easy). After the class, I was happy: I could do a class where the students participated (and I think many of them enjoyed the activity), they paid attention and understood what they had to do (at least many of them). Of course it was not the perfect class (as I wrote before, I made some mistakes), but it was better than I could think during the last week. The suggestions I would say for myself are: take it easy, trust in your own knowledge, and BE careful with the time.

AndrĂŠs Rojas, PIP III 09-11-2016

Reflection about my supervised class  
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