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Reflection about my guide-teacher’s movement The day was November the 9th, 2016. That day the fourth grade students had an evaluation and the teacher made a review before it. During the first minutes the guideteacher did not move so much when explaining the content. She actually moved near the whiteboard. I think it is not always necessary to move a lot inside the classroom, but I also feel she could move a little bit more among the students when asking (at least for me it is useful). She started the second part of the class (practice) by telling them to form groups. While the students were practicing she was making eye contact with some students who were misbehaving. Thanks to this, those students stopped to misbehave (at least for some minutes). Probably, they felt pressured due to the eye contact. At that moment the guideteacher were behind her desk. When the evaluation started, she moved from one group to another. While evaluating, she made eye contact with those students in the group who were giving the evaluation. Some students felt incommodious during the evaluation and probably this was because they felt pressured due to the guide-teacher’s eye contact. Some other were happy because she had smiled at them after the test. In the end, her movement, eye contact and body language were not so much but those were effective. The only point I would suggest is to move a little bit more among the students. In this way, we can assure that every student is paying attention to our speech.

Reflection about my guide teacher's movement  
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