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Reflection: summary activity with the 4th grade With this grade, things were different. I feel more confident with this grade than the eighth since kids tend to obey what teachers ask for. Before the planned activity, I felt very relaxed: I had talked with my guide-teacher about how the activity could be and she had given me some ideas, so I took both the suggestions and the guide-teacher’s methodology for the lesson planning. During the activity things were getting better: students behaved very well and were very participative. Despite this, I felt a little bit nervous at the beginning of the class. The activity was simple: to review the 6 contents seen during the semester and give students a question and its respective answer per content (those questions and answers were also seen before). I had distributed the class in this way: 10 minutes in the beginning, 40 minutes for the middle, and 40 for the last part. I had the same problem as in my supervised activity: the time per part (for instance: I spent 15 minutes in the first one, 60 in the second counterpart, and 30 in the last). In spite of this issue, and after the activity, I felt I reached what I had planned. The students overpassed my expectations (and that was something I had thought they would do). I am so thankful with my guide-teacher because she has been helping me with every activity. The only suggestion I would say for myself is: next time, THINK more about the distribution of the time.

Reflection about my 2nd planned activity  
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