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1. Where and when did you study? “I studied English pedagogy at Magallanes University in 1999”. 2. Why did you decide to study pedagogy? “I decided to study pedagogy because the other careers I wanted to study (like architecture or actress) were not available in that university”. 3. How many years have you been teaching “I’ve been teaching for 12 years”. 4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Chilean education system? “Unfortunately Chilean education system doesn’t have a strength (for me). Now, the main weaknesses that this system has are three: method, teachers aren’t well prepared at university (only theory and zero practice), and the fact that they don’t know how to develop the learning process. It’s like they’re preparing robots”. 5. How could you improve Chilean education? “Promoting them to make a self-critic, that is to say, analyzing my method everyday if it’s working. If it’s working, keep it. If not, change it”. 6. Are Chilean teachers failing in educating our children? Why or why not? “Yes, most of them. At least regarding English pedagogy, they fail (mainly) with being so obsessed with theory (specifically grammar)”. 7. What is the most important aspect at teaching students? “In general, the most important aspect is to make them think they can succeed”. 8. Based on your experience, what is the biggest weakness of Chilean students? “The biggest mistake is due to Chilean education system: it makes them focus on marks rather than learning itself”. 9. Where was your first teaching experience? “In this school, Antares de Alerce”. 10. Are you happy with your decision of being teacher? “Yes and No. Yes because this school believes in me, and let me develop language based on my methodology. No because Chilean system is still making mistakes, and we MUST change it”.