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ACTIVITY PLAN (PP III) Activity Plan Nº: Grade/Class: Number of Ss: 32 Date of lesson: Time of activity: Length of Student-Teacher’s 3 4th grade F / M November the 23th, activity: name: School: Antares de Level of English: 2016 11:25 90 minutes Andrés Rojas Alerce Basic Age Group: Guide Teacher’s name: Type of school: Course book Unit: 9-11 Eliset Rivas Subsidized Main Objective: By the end of the lesson, the students will be better able to relate vocabulary of jobs with tools, and answer appropriately when somebody ask them what they want to be in the future. Grammatical Contents: Present Simple Past Simple


Lexical Contents: Vocabulary regarding jobs (teacher, dentist, vet, astronaut), tools (rocket, screwdriver, lens) circus (ringmaster, magician, prance) and zoo (zookeeper, feed, look for)

Description of Activity/Methodology (student centered)


Time (min)


The learners will review the contents they have seen during this semester -Whiteboard brainstorming vocabulary. Then, the teacher will write some questions and answers on the whiteboard based on the contents, and the students will orally repeat them after the teacher have said them.

10 minutes


The learners will form groups of 4 or 5 members, and practice the questions orally.

40 minutes

Checking Learning

The teacher will evaluate each group choosing randomly one student to make one of the questions and the rest will answer to that question.

40 minutes

Activity plan summary 4th grade