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5 practical tips or activities I.





Group work: this type of activity has been used the most during this semester (in both fourth and eighth grade). The idea is to make students form groups in order to collaborate in the formation of questions and answers based on the topic of the class. This activity works very well, but it will depend on the class. Poem composition: this was very interesting for me. Students have to create/compose a poem using the lexical content seen in classes (e.g.: future with “will” and/or “be going to”). My guideteacher used this twice in this semester. In my opinion, students are not interested in this. Presentations: I know this activity is used a lot (I could even say this is overused) and students do not learn much about their topics since they memorize and do not feel confident (therefore, they do not enjoy it). What I would do –instead of giving them predetermined topics- is to let them talk about what they want (either their favorite soccer team, music style, their lives, etc.). In my viewpoint, students would enjoy the activity more. Drills: another very used activity. In my personal opinion, it is useful for checking their pronunciation but I do not like it. I did it once with the eighth grade and some more with the fourth counterpart. This is useful with the first grades of a school (I would say up to fifth grade). Real play: I want students to produce something with little information. I would like to try this activity in a future class. I think students would enjoy it.

5 practical tips  
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