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2 important learning experiences I.


Not to translate from English to Spanish or vice versa: When I started this practice, I used to translate some ideas for students (for instance: I translated their answers from Spanish to English). I had told my guide-teacher I had been doing this, and she told me not to do it because students would not make an effort for understanding English (and most important, they would not think in English). After that experience, she asked me not to speak in Spanish to make students think or make an effort for understanding the foreign language. Since that moment, I had started to speak in English with students and it actually worked. It had been difficult at first (I was used to speaking in Spanish sometimes with them) but then it was familiar for me. To be in an older class: My first practicum experience was with a fifth grade and I was used to being in that class. When I had heard I was going to be with eighth and fourth grade, I felt nervous (especially with the eighth one). The first classes I seemed pretty nervous because I did not know them. With time, I realized they are good students. We have developed a rapport that I never thought I would do after some classes. They have considered me for their doubts. I think I really was a teacher for them and that makes me feel great. This experience showed me I do not have to be afraid of older grades.

2 important learning experiences  
2 important learning experiences