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Colombian / June 10th 1989 – Tuluá Valle / 3175021490 / Fore.89 / /


Estudies: • Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira– Industrial Engineering 10semester– Academic average greater than 4 Profesional XP: • Events Assistant – ACACCI – Vitória, Brazil – December 2011 to March 2012 – Support event management, monitoring partnership and fundraising for events. • Human Resources Trainee – COATS CADENA ANDINA S.A – Pereira, Risaralda – March to August 2011 – Support all the human resources activities, mainly related to the commitment of staff and health and safety.



AIESEC XP and Achievements:

a. GCDPPosition EP LCP NET Chair LCVP TM ICX Project Manager OCVP OGX ERA



Vitória - Brasil 2011 - 2012 Pereira 2011 Colombia 2010 - II Pereira 2010 Pereira Pereira

2009 2008

c. Main areas of XP: •

Organizational Management: with the EB DONE we strengthened AIESEC Pereira, increasing the X RA in 121% (73), the X RE in 52% (41) , the number of allies and restore the financial health of the LC. Operations: I have worked in all the corners, first as OCVP OGX, then as ICX Project Manager, as LCVP TM and LCP – Delivering all the processes involved in EP-TN RA-MARE, TM Processes and Strategies. Expansion: As chair of the National Expansion Team we develop a new framework for the expansion strategy, create the first expansion product and innovate the way of coaching the extensions – Extension Education Cycle and Extension Day Creation.


Location Ibague Bogotá Sao Paulo Pereira Bogota Manizales Medellin Cajicá Barranquilla Bucaramanga Bogotá Ibague Medellin Pereira

Date Oct - 2011 Sep - 2011 Jul - 2011 Jul - 2011 Jun - 2011 Abr - 2011 Dec - 2010 Oct - 2010 Jul - 2010 Mar - 2010 Dec - 2009 Oct - 2009 Jul - 2009 09 - 10 - 11

Role Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate Faci Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate Delegate Faci

5 Achievements in AIESEC: 1. LCP – 121% Growth in X RA – Alignment with national projects, Approach to the corporate sector, Approach to new universities, diversification of the programs portfolio. 2. LCP – 52% Growth in X RE – Alignment with X Peaks/Projects, Relations strengthening, Noncorporate focus, approach to new university. 3. LCP – Financial recovery year closed with more than 3'800.000 pesos – Successful NATCO, GIP accounts, X Growth, sustainable IGCDP Projects. 4. LCVP TM – Increase of the satisfaction of the LEC One of the best LTT at national level – Processes innovation, co-creation spaces, externals and professional support. 5. LCVP TM – 100% TM processes running/TM Pereira in the innovation cluster – LTT focus, Professionalization of the processes, co-creation and focuses on the effectiveness.



Why have you decided to apply for Colombia’s Member Committee?

Before I decide to apply to MC 12 – 13 of AIESEC in Colombia I had many impulses to do it and many to don’t, beyond doubt I just wanted to be conscientious and responsible with my personal and professional aspirations, keep in mind the benefits and sacrifices involved in the challenge - I wanted to take a break to close my academic cycle, to analyze other opportunities with AIESEC in the world, to live AIESEC from another perspective and place, to meditate with my family and explore other external opportunities, four words were key for that to happen to be an impulse to a total decision: I am number 41 - live my exchange in Brazil and be the "number" with which I closed my period with the EB DONE makes me look AIESEC from a different perspective to the daily local, living this served to reaffirm my desire to work to spread the impact of AIESEC in order that every young person in the word could be engage and developed --- since I assume to apply for MCVP this becomes one of my PURPOSES. My Life in ACACCI - professionally AIESEC is an organization that has given me a lot, I am an Industrial Engineer seeking to align my career and learning plan to the third sector, working in ACACCI and seeing the results of the projects run in my LC in 2011 concluded that I feel PASSION about it - as MCVP I can develop this passion as I learn more and contribute to AIESEC in Colombia can have presence in more regions of the country and become more impactful. AIESEC develop me as a leader and let me build a network with other 2000 in my country, thanks to this I have FAITH of the youth potential that my country has - I want to remain part of the change, in three years as AIESECer I create a strong bond with AIESEC in Colombia and I want to "compensate" all I got. I have CONFIDENCE in my strengths and skills to meet this challenge, I know who I am and I am being totally honest with my aspirations – otherwise it is also important all the support gave for the people I love, my family, my EB DONE, my friends, this makes me feel that a I am not assuming alone this challenge. CONFIDENCE – FAITH – PASSION - PURPOSES --- I am Andrés Forero and I am standing for MCVP of AIESEC in Colombia.


Which should be the behaviors for AIESEC in Colombia in 2015 to achieve the goals and approach more young people?

Innovative: always breaking the paradigms and going 100 steps further the network. Expert and professional: Quality system measurement in all our processes – Serious team leader program. Influent: Start behaving as a global youth voice. Accredited: Partners of AIESEC Colombia receiving a certification – e.g. compromise with the youth – the certification should be official and supporter for a governing body, “AIESEC is accredited in Colombia”. Collaborative: Connected and aware of the network needs – Collaborative growth.



Please list your top 3 Strengths and top 3 Weaknesses with brief explanation.


Team XP

MC Work The main challenge of being LCD Manager is to innovate the way AIESEC can expand their operations and can evolve fast, being open to change is being open to innovation, to learn when something is not working as expected and make it work, to knock a window if the door is closed - Keep moving not matter what.

Working in team means understand everybody concerns, feelings and ideas - being open to Open to change change in a team means to be ready to challenge owns concerns, feelings and ideas without affecting the climate of teamwork.



Keeping promises to my team, maintaining an objective view, being able to identify spaces and moments and not to incentivize team divisions.

to bring a logical and orderly work, to manage my team in a successful way, to keep a responsible track to the new expansion accounts and projects, to focus my job so that all extensions can have equal growth

100% committed and involved with the team vision.

Always committed to finishing all. Responsible and aware of the importance of work and the impact of the results that are entrusted me



Please check the AIESEC in Colombia path for get AIESEC 2015 and define what should be the role of your functional area in each year until 2015.

Extremely confident (Confiado)


Introverted thinking

Team XP

MC Work

In my experience as president I learned that I have errors in the time to track the team performance -I use to delegate and when the Being extremely confident I'm not very careful deadline comes ask for the result-, this is with some details of team work, I use to assume something that I am improving but is a that things must be as they are (when I see it challenge. I prefer to work under someone logical), but that can cause errors - it only allows pressure, be observed and demanded - this me to create an atmosphere of trust. allows work under an atmosphere of trust and creates independence between the team members. I tend to be obsessive and in most cases I When I want something to happen I focus on it expect to get immediate responses, and when until the end, I cannot stop until it is something not happened I use to turn impatient, completed, sometimes that can generate an so that can generate discussion or imbalance with other aspects. misunderstandings. Sometimes I do not take a fully active role in all discussions because I analyze the situation or points of view first but there are situations that that the team demands to have a fast response, anyway it allows me to conclude or reach a certain point. Also I am a shy guy, thing that challenges me when I am starting new friendship relations.

There are situations that demand a fast response and a more active role - but also thinking that way allows me to listen better and to propose to connect ideas.



Create a proposal for AIESEC in Colombia 12-13 plan where you include the next points – DOFA, three main strategies and external opportunities: Strengths


1. Membership understanding of AIESEC 2015 and successful adaptation of the ELD Programs.

1. LDP and TMP need

2. Program packaging - product diversification for each program, real projects based on exchange.

2. Leadership instabi

3. Strong ER at national level, overpassing expected results.

3.Lack on productivit

4. Expansion management focus.

4. Lack of a LC Develo

5. Connection with global network, peaks alignment, int. cooperation projects and relevance as top 10 countries in 2011.

5. Shy approach to co

6. X increasing, especially in IGCDP.

6. Processes still cen

7. IM and Alumni evolution at national and local level.

7. Delay in expansion

8. Sustainability of IG

9. LCs do not have a d Opportunities


1. New International agreements attracting inversion from multinational companies.

1. Ley 30 strikes affec

2. Change of the regional and local government.

2. Economy Crisis aff

4. Strengthening of the National and Regional Economy - 6th economy of the world in south America.

3. Increase of the pre

5. Alumni Network.

4. Dependence of som

6. Potential unexplored regions of the country to grow.

5. Misperception of t

7. Easy connection to new stakeholders thanks to social media management. 8. Diversification opportunities to connect to the external sector - Y2B and JNLJ


e ELD Programs.

1. LDP and TMP need to be more professional.

s based on exchange.

2. Leadership instability at LC level (EBs rotation all the year)

and relevance as top


orld in south America.


3.Lack on productivity of the membership and gap between LCs. 4. Lack of a LC Development Model. 5. Shy approach to corporate sector locally. 6. Processes still centralized. 7. Delay in expansion results. 8. Sustainability of IGCDP projects. 9. LCs do not have a defined final model. Threats 1. Ley 30 strikes affecting LCs performance. 2. Economy Crisis affecting companies in Colombia. 3. Increase of the presence of other organizations offering international XP. 4. Dependence of some stakeholders - ex: Universities in some LCs. 5. Misperception of the brand because bad delivery ot the value proposition.



Create a proposal for AIESEC in Colombia 12-13 plan where you include the next points – DOFA, three main strategies and external opportunities:



* To define an extension development model - by clustering necessities and defining a clear framework to become LC (Stages and minimums) * Direct Support (Presence and Capacity) - NST Focused on support extension operations, DT CEEDers/Envoys and MC * Extensions fast Coaching (By LCD Corner), LC "padrino" evolution to extensor Growth and Sustainability (Effective LC and direct support (More involvement by MC-LC partnership) and Clear Support) * Review of the processes and minimums to become full status entities and the extensions - review/follow up system. * National Education Cycle for Extension Support - Extension Weekends and Some Clustered Content for Extensions in National Conferences. * Creation of an expansion model where the MC-LCs cooperate to expand their operations to new markets (Sharing the expansion responsibility by LCs Managing Expansion Accounts)

* Review of the expansion model (For new Entities)

* Deliver new ways of expansion - Regional Expansion (In places where AIESEC can´t have presence as an LC in a short term period)

Results * Strengthening the sustainability of new entities.

* Increasing the number of exchange XPs per extension. * Extensions driving impactful results and a fast opening process. * Effectiveness in the way an extension evolve to a Full Status LC. * Increasing of the quality of the ELD Programs per extension.

* Creation of new entities on a fast way.

* Define a framework to respond to the reactive demand (People Looking for AIESEC) and to make more effective the pro-active demand (AIESEC Looking for people)

* Adapting the expansion product for a fast response.

* Packing and standardization of expansion products for Students, Universities and Organizations.

* LCs increasing their operational results thanks to expansion projects.

* Education trainings, booklets and guides for LCs who wants to start or support an expansion initiative and for the people leading this.

* Effective relationship Management for expansion projects.

* LCD Corner (NST and MC LCD) directly supporting the expansion initiatives - Operations execution and follow Up.

* Capitalizing on new networks, markets and issues.

* To work in synergy with marketing, BD, Alumni and Finance to explore and invest in new markets where AIESEC can expand their operations by projects.

* Capitalizing on networks, markets and issues in a different way.

* To packing the projects opportunities by the ELD Programs, especially GCDP or GIP - setting up the desired results and guidelines.

* LCs exploring new ways to growth --- Increase of the delivery of ELD programs.

* To set up a framework to support regional projects execution - LC (LCs) partner selection and operations execution/follow up * External positioning for student and organizations in (Project Manager, CEEDer/Envoy or NST Manager) places where AIESEC can have presence as a full LC.

External opportunities LCD can approach: 1. Change in local and regional government and stability of




2. New free trade agreements attracting international investment, strengthening of regions and economic sectors - 3. Reform of the ley 30 “educación superior” in Colombia, spaces of co-creation and new requirements for universities (not go too deeply into topics of internationalization so is a point of improvement) – and 4. “Plan de desarrollo Nacional” –



Give a brief description of the current state of the AIESEC Experience (3 phases) for AIESEC in COLOMBIA. a. Propose two strategies to be implemented for each of the 3 stages of the AIESEC Experience, which allow to reach the 3 wheels. (Specify the connection).

The big challenge of AIESEC is to engage and develop every young person in the world, all of this being a global youth voice, a first-choice partner and generating positive impact. Our last AIESEC XP was very static; the refreshment will let us create different connections with our stakeholder by value proposition or strategies for engagement and to generate a long connection. -

Being a global youth voice will be able if the Engagement of our stakeholders With AIESEC is delivered on a correct way, it is just a matter of build credibility through our actions. o Colombia: There are no clear strategies to delivery this stage, some projects were run as JNDL and the Y2B but weren´t not framed with clear objectives and its impact could have been better. o Strategies: 1. Expansion projects to explore new territories where AIESEC can be present but not as a full local entity in a short time period, this will let us spread our physical reach faster / 2. EwA portfolio to run events, activities or projects at local and national level.


The experiential leadership development phase will let us to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership, making us a first choice partner. o Colombia: There are clear frameworks and strategies to delivery these programs, the LCs are generating new initiatives to adapt it to their markets. There are not clear strategies of up-selling. o Strategies: 1. Portfolio and processes focused to incentive up-selling, “career plan packaging” / 2. Intensive analysis of the market of all the AIESEC cities to have a suited portfolio for all the programs, this will encourage the innovation in all the LCs.


Create a LLC through high-quality AIESEC XPs will enable us to ensure a positive impact throughout an AIESEC member life. o Colombia: We are running activities to engage our Alumni network but still presented a gap to achieve impactful results through them and a truly long life connection. o Strategies: 1. Alumni network goals and “plan” to support the operations of AIESEC / 2. Programs and portfolio of benefits for Alumni, this segmented by the interest of them.



How would you support the growth of the extensions in Colombia according to MC Services and National Education Cycle, to make them more sustainable and give them the support needed to be full membership LCs in short time? Describe widely. (Keep in mind that we can have more than 6 new extension by the end of the MC 11/12 term).

1. Identify bottlenecks and setting improvements: Stage



Group of interest

* Not representation of AIESEC in the new city - name and brand can´t be used. * External relation activates just can be rune if exist MC or NST availability and resources. * AIESEC is just recognized when the interest group becomes extension.

* LC extensor as evolution of LC "Padrino": LCs taking a defined role in interest group or extensions growth would shorten their path to become a full LC - Direct support (Day by day LC activities), ER and positioning activities, experience sharing, investment and organic expansion (LCs self-driving expansion projects).

LCD Corner (MC LCD + NST) and Extensor LC.

* There are not clear steps to follow to become and LC - extension development framework.

* Analysis of the state of the extension entity to create an extension development model. * Creation of a framework with stages to reach as steps to become a full status LC.

LCD Corner (MC LCD + NST) and Extensor LC.

* Extensions accomplished in less time the minimum criteria to become a full LC. * Extension receives support specialized and adapted to the reality defined by the stage where it is.

* Extension education cycle is not effective.

* Extension days and/or weekends - at least before national events. * Extension education cycle linked to the extension development model - Virtual and physical (coach and functional coaching visits). * Extensor LC, LCD Corner (MC LCD + NST) and functional NST support.

LCD Corner (MC LCD + NST), Extensor LC and functional NST.

* Smart and effective educational cycle for extensions. * Correct connection of the extensions to the national strategy. * Clustered Support.

* Many mistakes in day by day processes that stop the fast growth and sustainability.

* DT CEEDers or envoys to support day by day activities - in key dates as Recruitments and Summer and Winter RA-MA, and to support external relations and continuous learning process.

LCD Corner (MC LCD + NST) and DT CEEDer/Envoy

* Fast obtaining of expertise by the extensions. * Getting results on a larger scale and faster. * Effective learning.

* Define a clear framework of support, people involved and Increased the support for the extensions through extensor LC, NST and functional NST.

LCD Corner (MC LCD + NST), Extensor LC and functional NST.

* Clear support and tracking. * Process agility.



* Communication Issues, sometimes the extension needs a fast response and due to MC capacity is difficult. * Poor support between entities

2. Identify the role of the supporters and responsibilities:


* Search for regional growth opportunities (eg. At the Valle del Cauca between Cali and Tuluá) to LCD Corner. build regional projects and support extension growth.

Results * Fast positioning of the AIESEC Brand in the new city. * Capitalization of allies for the future extension. * Sustainability and exceeds of the minimum criteria to became extension. * Effective management of financial resources (Investments). * Fast learning process for the future extension.

* Getting results on a larger scale and faster. * Obtaining of expertise by the extension.



Design one product of expansion to sell in different universities and organizations. Please describe the costs, benefits characteristics, etc.

Type of product: LC extensor initiative. AIESEC Rosario wants to partner-work with the LCD Corner to support the expansion initiative of AIESEC in Tunja . The opportunity is identify with the Universidad de Boyacá. Characteristics of this products: - The LCs can start a new expansion initiative or being an extensor LC leading an initiative settled by the LCD Corner. - If the LC takes the decision to support an expansion initiative it is totally responsible of all the actions and consequences of the AIESEC activities in that city --- operations and positioning – of course with the direct support of the LCD Corner and other NSTs. - The extensor LCs must have a minimum structure to drive with quality all the expansion activities. - The LCD Corner with directly support the activities and inversions required to achieve a new LC in short time. - E.g.. As is showed in the product sheet above AIESEC Rosario does the approach to this university.



Design one product of expansion to sell in different universities and organizations. Please describe the costs, benefits characteristics, etc. Benefits: • •

• •

AIESEC positioning and operations run will be faster thanks to the support of the extensor LC. The LC history and partners will work as a presentation letter for the new university – credibility and accreditation. Thanks to the extensor LC expertise the results for the project of LC will be faster and the quality of the EwA and ELDP will be good. Support for future LCs, visits, external relation activities and coaching will be easier and cheaper. External relations and accounts tracking will be easer.

The cost: •

a. Which organizations would you approach to support the

As is defined in the budget of the product sheet 62’763.155 for one year – including 2 IGIP, 5 IGCDP, 5OGIP , 5OGCDP, support for IC attendance, execution of the local events and a big percentage of the administrative fee. Also the MC and the Extensor LC should be considered a budget for visit Tunja constantly and some contingency. relation strategies for the expansion b. External product proposed:

creation of new entities, what kind of products and programs would you sell? Organizations


* IGCDP to support the social projects of "Plan de desarrollos" Mayor Office/Governors * IGIP for administrative support or project managment. * OGIP y OGCDP para la movilidad internacional juvenil de la ciudad. Chambers of * IGIP to incentive the international investment in the city, administrative Commerce and proceses or strengthen an specific economic cluster. Gremios * IGCDP if they want to improve the PYMES sector or NGOs. Universities

All the programs and products adapted to academic offer of the university.

Other LC/MC partners

To aproach the contac and the work experience - e.g. Frisby as a national partner can support expansion initiatives in all the cities where are located.

Alumni Organizations or contacts in the city Other Youth Organizations

Support of the Alumni network to expand AIESEC - The product depends on the tipe of organization. * TM, TL, OCDP and OGIP portafolio - they are a talent mine, so they could be the first leaders of AIESEC in that city.

Basically the external relation strategies are 3: •

Extensor LCs --- they will support the operations running and account management of the key partners of the city. NST divided in a territorial way to have more presence in the new cities, e.g. Cucuta Expansion Project supported by an NST of Bucaramanga – the NST can do an effective tracking to the account management of the extension and will support directly the extensor LC. Effective LC services as analysis and segmentation of the new city market., tracking tools and follow up.


c. New ways of expansion: 1. Implementation of the LC extensor role - LCs with a direct participating in the expansion projects. 2. LCs as extensor but with projects in cities where AIESEC can have an office in short term. 3. Regional projects between LCs – e.g. Pereira and Manizales managing a regional project also to be run in Cartago and Armenia. 4. Internal expansion – Comities increasing their capacity by expanding their operations to new universities or sectors of the city – e.g. initiative to open a new LC in a city where AIESEC have already presence.

10 Way

National Conferences

Trainings Weekends / Summits

How would you support the growth of the extensions in Colombia according to MC Services and National Education Cycle, to make them more sustainable and give them the support needed to be full membership LCs in short time? Describe widely. (Keep in mind that we can have more than 6 new extension by the end of the MC 11/12 term). Message

* Alignment of local committees to national and international strategy. * Sharing between entities network connection and GCP sharing.

* Delivery of functional strategies to the membership. * Synergy between corners.



* Content is clustered but not enough. * Agenda management and delivery demands much time of the MC. MC + LC Host * RTC is not a powerful event. (Logistics) * Small percentage of the network attends (Due to financial issues or quota limit). * Some delegates see events like parties. * There are not included in the National Educational Cycle. MC + NST * They are made in busy seasons during EB elections and before RTC. (Overload of the MC capacity).

* Connection of the LCs with the National Strategy and to focus the local operations. LC Visits * Improvement of the LC MC + EBs (Coaching) Management to achieve impactful results. * Soft Skills development (EB) * Coaching focused on addressing specific needs or Virtual Coaching MC + NST + aligns strategies. / Functional Project * Support and track Coaching Managers. processes or projects implementation. * Local inductions and trainings. Local Spaces * Local spaces for delivery of (LIM, LPM, LEC, the national and international EBs Transition…) – strategies to the Practical. membership. * EwA and connection to the ELD Programs.

Improvement * Review of the National Educational Cycle - deletion of events as RTC to summits (are more impactful). * Resurrection of a team like the NTT, direct support to the MC for agenda management and delivering - Could work in synergy with the LCD Corner to create impactful content. * Alignment of the National Educational Cycle to a LCD Model and the value preposition of the ELD Programs. * Centralization of the National events in a city, national OC and continuous partners - event cost reduction (fee reduction) and increase the delegate quota - depends on the negotiation. * Include the summits in the National Education Cycle - with a specific data. * Deletion of RTC for summits inclusion in the NEC.

* There is not a clear framework or model of LC Development. * Sometimes the content is subjective to the coach perspective. * Gaps in follow up and continuity of the visits.

* Implementation of a LC development model with a sober analysis of the reality of the LCs. * LCD Model with clear stages to clustered the LC and set a focused content -- this will also help on the follow up.

* Low attendance to virtual trainings (sometimes there are LCs who not attend). * Due to LC financial issues sometimes they can´t invest in more trainings when are needed.

* Attendance to trainings as a minimum to participate in national projects or strategies. * MC has invested in trainings, keep doing it.

* Sometimes the quality of the message and experience are poor. * There are gaps in the connection with the ELD programs. * The content of these spaces are not standardized or aligned with an LCD model.

* Standardization of the inductions and local trainings and alignment to a framework based on the LCD model. * Diversification of the experience portfolio for inductions and clustered inductions for ELD programs to improve the quality. * Professionalization of the Team Leader program as key manager of the other programs.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”. Albert Einstein

MC LCD Manager 12 -13 APP - Andrés Forero  

MC Colombia APP

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