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Luxorious electronic devices

In a survey made to young people randomly found that twelve out of fifteen people have a luxury electronic device and the remaining percentage of people want to have one but the question is do you really need to have a device of these? Well eigth out of fifteen respondents gave an

affirmative answer to that question while seven said no, then what is the importance of these objects in the world, some people just want to own one for fashion or luxury , well now we are surrounded by them and in many cases are essential objects that make our lives a little bit easy in many ways , this has given birth to new industries not only to make these objects but to make them work better , who has not heard of the rivalry between Apple and Samsung to create a better smartphone but there is also competition which operating system is better in these devices iOS , Android , Windows , or are others who are entering the competition? At first, Apple 's iOS was the leader but those values have changed over time and the emergence of new competitors,now ten out of fifteen people prefer to use Android and the last place is occupied by windows chosen by only one person out of fifteen respondents, who said he had a device with this operative system. So what is the cause of the success of this new industry ? The answer is equally simple and it is limited to the devices can and can not do. The creators and developers of these objects perfect them in order to be better than the others, this brings new applications, the succeed of one or another operative system depends of the availability and accessibility of these applications , that is why some people are willing to pay money for apps although these are not the most necessary, the survey showed one out of fifteen people pay for useless applications for your Smartphones or tablets still a minority. Everything is moving and changing, not only the phones do it also many applications to catch up with the new technology that brings the devices in which will work, this is why consumerism is

created by always having the last device due to it will always be the most complete in every way , ten out of fifteen respondents want to have a newer one and the remaining people already have one of the latest gadgets , but sometimes one is not enough as these elements complement each other and this can be seem as ten out of fifteen have between one and three devices and only a few have more than three while a small group wants to have one. But at this point the economy plays a big factor in how easy it is to get one of the new smart devices on average seven out of fifteen respondents changes their electronic devices once between one and three years , while seven out of the remaining eight take longer two years to change one of their devices , however not all wait so long one person of all respondents affirm change even one of their smart devices in less than a year to get it . Certainly this plays an important role in the economy but back to the original question. How necessary are these objects for us ? Well as this varies greatly depending on the person , four out of fifteen people said they spend more than three hours using these devices while the remaining respondents who use at least 3 hours per day with the majority but what matters is, what they do at this time ? , well the uses are the same in the mayority of cases, in fact most young people use them to chat , check email , play games, send messages and take pictures but a minority give him other uses either in school or at work . In conclusion, if a smart device is needed or not depends heavily on the use that the person who owns one of these electronic devices decide to give him, what is certain

is that every day these tools are more present in our lives and now a world would be unthinkable without them as some people say they feel naked when they do not have one of these in their hands , this would suggest that currently whether or

not required only know that every day we are more dependent on these devices. So now it is your turn to answer the question, Do you really need an electronic device luxurious?

by Freddy ByJhonn Gordillo , Andres Gutierrez Feria , David Paredes.

Luxorious electronic devices  
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