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How to search a form on BY: OGX TEAM AIESEC IN COLOMBIA @Uniatlantico

This Tutorial is aims to GIP and GCDP EP’s looking for Traineeships …

Now let’s start‌ We all know that platform has changed and for now there is a new way to look for TN forms on Up next are the steps that u need to follow as an EP in order to find them.

1st. Log in with your E-MAIL already registered and password. We strongly recommend to verify if pop-up are already unblocked.

This is how welcome screen looks ‌

2nd Go to the top part of the welcome screen, click the down arrow key and select forms.

Now you need to take a TN ID in order to put it on the tab search … but.. Where do I take it from???? EASY.. From the Available Form Tracker (AFT) What is this? Is an IT tool provided to EP’s that help them to find TN’s available in the platform filtered as them requirement. Here is the link that you have to download to get the AFT If what mentioned above Does not work please follow the next steps 1. Log in in 2. Select files from the list and the click on advanced search. 3. Type on title - Available form tracker 4. Select Global scope as AIESEC International and then click on search at the bottom.

This how an user filter the AFT E.g. Filter GIP TN’s for education field work. 1st Step OPEN the AFT and click on the TAB “RAW TN”

Go to type of exchange..

Select GIP from the filter and click on accept..

Now you can select from “Core activity list” Education , NGO’s, foundations and cultural institutions.

Now go to tab “Country” and select as many countries you are interested. Plus-- Major countries Demanding education EP’s from Colombia according some records. ----Brazil, Egypt, India, Poland, Russian federation and Turkey .

Lets pick one of the TN ID and put it on the Tab search‌


Now it would auto populate a POP-UP with the information about the TN selected. LC that is Raising the TN.

ALWAYS check the TN status. It MUST be AVAILABLE if you Want to apply for.

This let you know what kind of job you are going to perform.

TN manager INF this is the one you have to mail if you get interested.

Other things of interest for a EP in a TN ‌

Thanks in advanced for your attention ‌ We hope this TUTORIAL have been really helpful for YOU Byeee

Tutorial of how to search TN's in  

Tutorial of how to search TN's in

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