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Our focus has not changed, however, it has expanded! We’ve never seen so much fruit in as we are seeing now! We are experiencing a convergence of all that God has taught us and done in our lives; empowering a generation awakened to God’s possibilities and dreams both locally and globally. We know God has more great things in store for and through us in the near future! Katieʼs graduation day Dear Friends and Supporters, As I was recently traveling through the Peruvian jungle, I felt a strong urging to write you because of a lack of direct communication with many of you in recent years. Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, Kerry and I began to experience a dramatic increase and acceleration in our lives and ministries. The best way to describe it is that about 3 years ago we saw a speeding train racing down the tracks; we reached out and miraculously grabbed hold of the train and have been holding on for the ride of our lives. God has been taking us on an amazing journey, giving us unexpected opportunities and influence in areas that we never thought possible. For many years, our focus was Latin America, primarily Cuba, then we began extend our tent pegs by mobilizing Latin American missionaries to the Muslim world. In the past few years, we have been led to invest in our local community as well through our ministry to young people and helping in the restoration of a local church. We have had the privilege of organizing and hosting 4 conferences which have had a direct impact on the advancement of God’s kingdom in South Florida.

Aaron, our oldest son, is in his junior year in college; Katie just started ministry school in California; and Adam is a junior in high school. Our home is like Grand Central Station at times as we host missionaries and ministers and their families on a continual basis. Regular ministry and leadership meetings take place here as well. Because of the increase in responsibilities and opportunities, we have less time than ever to adequately communicate with you or travel to see you all face to face. And, most importantly to thank you personally for helping make this all possible. We know that most of you have been going through some of the most trying financial times of your lives. It has been challenging for us as well, but, with grateful hearts, we recognize all that has been accomplished because of your generosity, faithfulness, and spiritual and financial support. It’s almost impossible to express in words how appreciative we are for all you have done as you continued supporting our ministry. Even as you have been so supportive of us, we want to be supportive of you. Please let us know how we can stand with you for breakthrough in your needs and challenges. You can do that by writing us at We will include you in our regular times of intercession and prayer.

LIM Letter Sep. 2010  
LIM Letter Sep. 2010  

Latin Impact Minsitries Letter September 2010