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Oct - Nov 2006




The Ministry team for the annual sports evangelism retreat in Cuba. Osmani Sosa, the leader of the ministry at left.

Successful 3rd Annual Sports retreat in Cuba... Cuban pastor literally carves church out of his backyard...

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with even sugar in short supply in an island nation built on sugar. In Cuba it is illegal to buy or In the midst of this insell property and the government security, we were dehighly restricts new church buildlighted to find many ing. Due to this fact Pastor Emilio, churches prospering as a long time friend of our ministry, never before. We had has spent the past 2 years chiselfull capacity services in many churches. Russell ing a church out of his backyard. was blessed to help bapAfter Emilio’s congregation outCuban Churches persevere tize 12 people in a church we grew his mother-in-law’s porch, he in hardships! have worked with for 12 years. started working on the only other During a week’s time, we were Progress continues with the space available for a church buildable to visit several churches over drug rehab farm outside of Haing. Hundreds of man hours have the western half of the island. vana. The lead couple continues been spent using a chipping ham- There is much uncertainty about meeting and overcoming opposimer to carve into the side of the the future based on Castro’s tion, especially since this is the first hill. Through it all many people health. Since Castro stepped Christian rehab program we know are coming to Christ in this power- down, new hardships have of in Cuba. emerged as the government strugful ministry. gles to hold onto power. Shortages of basic items are increasing

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Oct - Nov 2006

Leaders of Sports Ministry from throughout Cuba at the annual retreat

Andres with new, Cuban friend! Russell met Andres in Cuba 11 years ago when he was ministering there with his father. Now as a grown man, he returned to minister in the country that helped change his life.

Sports Ministry makes powerful impact in Cuba... In October, we celebrated the 3rd Annual Sports Retreat in Santa Clara, Cuba. Over 75 leaders from throughout the island converged in the center of the island for 4 days of ministry. One group of leaders traveled starting at 2 am, then by car, 14 hours in the back of a dump truck, standing constantly, and finally walking 8 miles to arrive the next day at 2 am. I have made this same trip by car in 8 hours. Needless to say, they paid a high price to arrive at the annual meeting.

Over 12 denominations with 60 local churches are now part of this ministry which has seen another 5,000 people give their hearts to Jesus this year. Everyone said this year’s retreat was the best ever. Because of your generosity, LIM was able to underwrite the costs for this retreat for the 75 people including travel, food, and lodging. Glory to God!

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Osmani, Jeidi & Jennifer Four days after giving birth to Jennifer, while Osmani was still in South Africa, Jeidi was rushed to the hospital with a life threatening infection due to portion of the placenta remaining in the uterus. She fought for her life both physically as well as spiritually due to the fact she was sharing a room with a dying woman whose mother was a Santeria witch. Through witchcraft they tried to exchange the dying woman’s life for Jeidi’s life. Day and night, she felt the demons’ attacks against her. She continued finding relief through openly singing praises to God. Finally she got a breakthrough and complete healing.

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Kerry, Russell and Yolanda with Lucy at missions conference in Spain. “Lucy” is one of the Colombian missionaries who is in Pakistan reaching the Pakistani women through earthquake relief efforts.

Oscar and Miriam have been missionaries in North Africa for 17 years. Oscar and Miriam are Honduran missionary heroes. LIM sponsored their 3 sons to attend the conference in Spain. They had not been out of Africa for over 1 1/2 years.

Latin Impact Ministries News Letter Oct-Nov 06  

Missions News Letter fro Latin Impact Ministries. October - November 2006