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alapagos is located some 600 miles off west from Ecuador mainland - It’s a group of volcanic islands straddled by the Equator where 19 big islands, some islets and more than 100 small rocks emerged out of the ocean some 5 million years ago. Created by volcanic activity - The Galapagos archipelago is one of the most important places on earth where marine currents blend producing a unique marine life. This geographical position - Located at a major junction of several ocean currents produce unique underwater characteristics, where about 20 percent of which is found on earth you just found in the Galapagos. Eventually strong currents characterize the diving in the islands and drift dives are common during an underwater excursions so diving in the Galapagos deserves proper preparation and good trained divers. In many places, divers may encounter descending currents and safety stops are often made in blue water with no references and demand appropriate buoyancy control so we could suggest our guests to take during your dives a Peak Performance Buoyancy PADI Training to improve your diving skills while diving in the islands.


Surface conditions can be choppy so signaling devices are highly recommended. While it’s possible to arrange land based dive and snorkeling adventures, live-aboards allow divers to reach the more distant sites in comfort. In fact, you can reach many of the best dive sites only via a live-aboard. But keep in mind that daily tours are also available from Puerto Ayora | Santa Cruz Is and from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno | San Cristobal Is connecting the best diving sites in the middle section of the Galapagos. Diving places where you discover other species and have closer contact with unique marine life while enjoying a beautiful underwater encounter. From Santa Cruz, diving at North Seymour is one of the most espectacular experiences in the middle part of the Archipelago, here you have the opportunity to dive with many white and black tipped reef sharks, pass by marine turtles resting areas and enjoy some hammerhead sharks swimming away. During your surface interval have fun with playful sea lions approaching your boat or lay down warming your body after your first refreshing Galapagos Dive. Once in the water for the second time, find at 18 meters some large schools of barracudas, snapper and other reef fish that are also in abundance all around rocky reefs while spotted eagle rays glide through the channel along sandy bottoms.


In San Cristobal, Dive in Kicker Rock which is a rocky formation located some 45 minutes from Puerto Baquerizo. Two vertical walls rise some 150 meters from the ocean creating a small channel full with marine life ! On the cliffs settle many boobies, frigates and tropic birds that can be observed all year round. Underwater you dive in a channel with a sandy & rocky bottom inhabited by many schools of different species of fishes, marine turtles and sharks - White tipped, Galapagos and Hammerhead sharks are considered a local attraction in the area.

Scuba Galapagos has been for many year innovating programs and providing experiences for travelers that seek for ultimate adventures. “We want to create lifetime experiences that live forever in your mind Our commitment with you and social responsibility is the core of our concept” said Andres Cadena - Product Designer & Quality Manager of Scuba Galapagos. So, we’ll guide you planning your next Galapagos adventure. No matter it’s a live-aboard cruise, daily diving departure or a combined activity. Let us give you the best tips to discover piece by piece this wonderful natural reserve full with endemic animals and surprises in every step.


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