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DATE 16/06/2014


1 She always goes to swim after school. 2 He usually goes to a central park with his friends and eat taco ball. 3 He sometimes goes out with some friends to play games, chat in Facebook etc. 4 She always goes someplace with his friends or other people. 5 He usually eats a snack and starts laptop for play games. 6 She always goes to the home to eat. 7 She often goes out with a friend 8 She usually goes to the home to eat and look TV. 9 She often sleeps in the morning. 10 He usually goes to the home and starts his laptop for chat. 11 He usually goes home and start his computer for chatting and playing video game.. 12 She ever goes to the house to eat and after sleep. 13 he ever goes to the home and Eat a little snack watch some tv and sleep in the night. 14 he usually looks for work. 15 she sometime goes to the home to relax for a few minutes, then she go with your dog to the park 16 he always goes to the home eat something, watch tv then do homework. 17 she always goes to the home to eat snacks and do homework and wait for supper. 18 she always goes to the home Eat watch tv and catch up in his work. 19 she often go the house and Goes on the computer, to check email, talk to friends, and update Facebook etc. 20 she always goes to the bathroom after go to the house. 21 he always goes to the go and after goes to the house. 22 she always goes to the ice cream and after goes home. 23 he always comes home and stays on your computer to enter Facebook. 24 The comes home and takes the dog. 25 she comes home does her homework eats and sleeps.

1 I always study in the night 2 I usually play video game in the laptop. 3 I never eat vegetables 4 I always listen to music. 5 I generally come to the class. 6 I often lock the tv. 7 I sometimes eat rice. 8 i generally cook in the kitchen. 10 I always bath me 11 I always change clothes 12 I always sleep late. 13 I often listen radio 14 I always read my book.

15 I always play the video games in my house 16 I never comb my hair 17 I never stand hunger 18 I never yo nunca me aburro 19 I always think of my mom 20 I sometimes want to scream 21 I never feel cold 22 I ever hot simpre 23 I never say groserias 24 I never have pets 25 i sometimes song my favorite topic.

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Activity 1 1  

Elaborated by Andres Felipe Bautista